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Genealogies of the David REID and Evelyn SCHROEDER families
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New York



Latitude: 40.714352800, Longitude: -74.005973100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 GALE, Sarah (Sallie)  1 Dec 1825New York I36301
52 GATES, Lanard  Abt 1809New York I29504
53 GAY, George  Abt 1848New York I29653
54 GOODRICH, Mary A.  Abt 1833New York I29434
55 GRANT, William  Abt Nov 1833New York I29533
56 HAMBLIN, Francine A.  Abt 1846New York I29651
57 HAMBLIN, Herman  Abt 1807New York I36890
58 HAPPACH, David D.  Abt 1813New York I36865
59 HATCH, Charles B.  Abt 1808New York I48150
60 HAVENS, Joseph  24 Jul 1813New York I29505
61 HILL, Thomas  Abt Dec 1845New York I45250
62 HIMELBURGER, Elizabeth  Abt 1829New York I36273
63 HMIEL, Michael David  13 Mar 1961New York I56285
64 HOYT, Ann E. (Celia)  Abt 1848New York I44668
65 HOYT, Carlos  Abt 1866New York I44672
66 HOYT, Daniel Edson  Abt 1839New York I44665
67 HOYT, Emily S.  Abt 1845New York I44667
68 HOYT, Gardner C.  Abt 1829New York I110
69 HOYT, George C.  Abt 1842New York I44666
70 HOYT, Ira J.  Abt 1832New York I44662
71 HOYT, Laura M.  Abt 1837New York I44664
72 HOYT, Sarah E.  Abt 1833New York I44663
73 HUBBARD, Charles Beryl  13 Sep 1842New York I44673
74 HUGGINS, Almira Adella (Millie)  Abt Jun 1852New York I54404
75 HUGGINS, Almira S.  Abt 1849New York I55977
76 HUGGINS, Cornelia E.  Abt 1845New York I55976
77 HUGGINS, Henrietta F.  Abt 1843New York I55975
78 HUTCHINS, Wallace  Abt 1840New York I45436
79 JOHNSON, John T.  Abt 1852New York I45787
80 KENDALL, John Jackson  Abt 1856New York I52429
81 KIRSCHER, Jacob L.  15 Feb 1846New York I44617
82 KNOX, Frederick Raymond  5 Nov 1900New York I57364
83 LEE, Reuben  11 Apr 1826New York I29615
84 LILLIE, George  Abt 1846New York I36305
85 LILLIE, Hannah Elizabeth  29 May 1841New York I22968
86 LILLIE, James  Abt 1858New York I36307
87 LILLIE, Levi  Abt 1860New York I36308
88 LILLIE, Lucy  Abt 1863New York I36309
89 LILLIE, Nancy M.  Abt 1826New York I36310
90 LILLIE, Pratt  Abt 1851New York I36306
91 MATTOON, Martha Ann  Abt Feb 1848New York I36364
92 MCCOURTIE, David  Abt 1842New York I36915
93 MCCOURTIE, Ellen  Abt 1844New York I145
94 MCCOURTIE, Frances (Fannie)  Abt 1845New York I36916
95 MCCOURTIE, Jacob  Abt 1813New York I36912
96 MCDOUGAL, Jane  Abt May 1844New York I45382
97 MILLER, Mary Jane  24 Dec 1838New York I45730
98 MILLIMAN, Sarah  11 Apr 1808New York I46865
99 MITCHELL, Elsie  Abt 1855New York I53623
100 MITCHELL, Georgianna  Abt 1866New York I36953

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
51 STREETER / FOSTER  Abt 1810New York F24721
52 TOBEY / BUTTS  Bef 1840New York F37708
53 TOBEY / MATHER  Abt Jan 1837New York F37713
54 WALKER / PINNEY  Abt 1862New York F32352
55 WHITE / WELS  Abt 1845New York F32264
56 WINTON / CRANE  Abt 1857New York F36636
57 WOOD / LILLIE  Abt 1840New York F20696

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