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Genealogies of the David REID and Evelyn SCHROEDER families
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Los Angeles Co., California



Latitude: 34.052234200, Longitude: -118.243684900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, James Douglas  27 Nov 1949Los Angeles Co., California I48236
2 BAKER, Steven Charles  3 Jun 1951Los Angeles Co., California I48237
3 BONETT, Donald Chester  18 Apr 1924Los Angeles Co., California I49789
4 BOURQUE, Rachael Elise  24 Nov 1986Los Angeles Co., California I47084
5 BUCK, Nancy J.  14 Feb 1916Los Angeles Co., California I54449
6 CLARK, Margaret Crystal  Abt 1912Los Angeles Co., California I49756
7 DAVEY, George Keith II  22 Dec 1951Los Angeles Co., California I56590
8 DICK, Carlton Roy  25 Jun 1930Los Angeles Co., California I637
9 FLETCHER, William G. Jr.  4 Jun 1915Los Angeles Co., California I49749
10 FRIESEN, Sharon Ann  10 Oct 1946Los Angeles Co., California I706
11 FRIESEN, Theodore (Ted) Wayne Jr.  6 Mar 1939Los Angeles Co., California I705
12 HANSON, Christina Louise  13 Sep 1979Los Angeles Co., California I53182
13 HARTLEY, Thomas Chalmers  15 Sep 1928Los Angeles Co., California I45477
14 HARTMAN, Virginia L.  31 Jul 1923Los Angeles Co., California I46886
15 HERZOG, Albert Reinholdt  26 May 1933Los Angeles Co., California I56098
16 HILL, William Randolph  19 Dec 1930Los Angeles Co., California I47320
17 JOHNSON, Esther F.  30 Aug 1924Los Angeles Co., California I47096
18 PECK, Suzanne Lesley  4 Mar 1948Los Angeles Co., California I47657
19 PETRUCCI, Robert John  20 Jan 1951Los Angeles Co., California I49386
20 REMPEL, Sharon Ann  29 Oct 1947Los Angeles Co., California I56708
21 TURNER, Kristen Michelle  26 Sep 1988Los Angeles Co., California I47090
22 WARREN, Arthur Adelbert  30 Sep 1929Los Angeles Co., California I59308
23 ZENOR, Richard Kent  30 Mar 1934Los Angeles Co., California I16318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Cecilia  29 Jun 1962Los Angeles Co., California I45395
2 ALGOTS, Zefer E.  21 Dec 1969Los Angeles Co., California I533
3 ALSOBROOK, Lena Francis  3 Jan 1983Los Angeles Co., California I53103
4 AXFORD, Lynn Edward  8 May 1957Los Angeles Co., California I44431
5 BICKER, Rev. Simon Frederick  24 Oct 1948Los Angeles Co., California I48582
6 BOURQUE, Rachael Elise  24 Nov 1986Los Angeles Co., California I47084
7 BULLER, David W.  8 Jul 1956Los Angeles Co., California I55876
8 BULLER, Elisabeth  24 Dec 1955Los Angeles Co., California I30299
9 CARLOCK, Llewellyn Llewis (Louis) Raphael  13 Aug 1952Los Angeles Co., California I38007
10 CHERRY, Mary Louise  1 Feb 1954Los Angeles Co., California I36967
11 CLEMENTS, Charlotte Frances  12 Jul 1953Los Angeles Co., California I4870
12 DARRACH, Florie Jane  10 Apr 1990Los Angeles Co., California I45366
13 DAUGHERTY, Ruth  15 Jun 2011Los Angeles Co., California I48280
14 DAVEY, George Keith II  18 Oct 1955Los Angeles Co., California I56590
15 DEYLE, Jay William  28 Sep 1959Los Angeles Co., California I45690
16 DODD, Leslie L.  9 May 1988Los Angeles Co., California I563
17 ENGLAND, David Eugene  6 Jan 1989Los Angeles Co., California I37699
18 FRIESEN, Abraham (Abe) C.  5 Nov 1965Los Angeles Co., California I477
19 FRIESEN, Alvin Leo  6 Mar 1994Los Angeles Co., California I52988
20 FULLER, Vern  2 Jun 1973Los Angeles Co., California I45023
21 GARTLAND, William C.  29 Jun 1978Los Angeles Co., California I43770
22 HICKSON, Phyllis Marguerite  7 Jul 1976Los Angeles Co., California I36847
23 HODGES, Lucille  16 Jul 1941Los Angeles Co., California I22823
24 HULL, Jonathan Duffy  26 Aug 1932Los Angeles Co., California I58708
25 ISAAC, John Robert  22 Jun 1961Los Angeles Co., California I55266
26 JANZEN, Jakob  11 May 1940Los Angeles Co., California I21764
27 JOHANSSON, Hannah Albertina  12 Mar 1947Los Angeles Co., California I44455
28 KIEHN, Daniel D.  8 Dec 1960Los Angeles Co., California I34949
29 KLASSEN, Sarah  27 Aug 1945Los Angeles Co., California I600
30 KUHNLE, Elouise Beatrice  4 Jun 1941Los Angeles Co., California I45360
31 LEIGHTON, Arthur Campbell  16 Jan 1958Los Angeles Co., California I48045
32 LELACHEUR, Julia Ward  15 Jan 1964Los Angeles Co., California I6902
33 LEMEN, Alfred (Fred) James  6 Apr 1983Los Angeles Co., California I37023
34 LILLIE, Annis Maria  19 Feb 1949Los Angeles Co., California I36259
35 LILLIE, Ella E.  28 Aug 1940Los Angeles Co., California I48044
36 LILLIE, Guy Carpenter  29 Nov 1944Los Angeles Co., California I29590
37 LOVAY, Maurice A.  22 Jul 1969Los Angeles Co., California I37991
38 LYNN, Cleora  29 Oct 1991Los Angeles Co., California I43768
39 MADERO, Carmen S.  10 Nov 1969Los Angeles Co., California I37992
40 MATTOON, Florence Lum  8 Nov 1968Los Angeles Co., California I54912
41 PARK, Lillian Rose  6 May 1990Los Angeles Co., California I28904
42 PLANN, Enoch Arden  7 Dec 1956Los Angeles Co., California I47738
43 PLASKETT, Leonidas Braxton  5 Jan 1954Los Angeles Co., California I37981
44 PLASKETT, Nellie Loretta  5 Apr 1966Los Angeles Co., California I37989
45 RAMAGE, Isadore  6 Dec 1954Los Angeles Co., California I36534
46 REDD, Robert Florance  19 Jan 1942Los Angeles Co., California I54913
47 SAILORS, Lora Eleanora  3 Jun 1941Los Angeles Co., California I45689
48 SANTACRUZ, Alfredo D.  10 Dec 1977Los Angeles Co., California I44457
49 SPARROW, Marlin Olmsted  6 Feb 1958Los Angeles Co., California I44456
50 THAYER, Emma Adelaide  2 Jun 1941Los Angeles Co., California I29637

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 LARSON, Bror Hjelmer (Hilmer) Gustav (George)  20 Feb 1928Los Angeles Co., California I57262


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BONETT / DICHIERA  26 Jun 1948Los Angeles Co., California F39441
2 DAVEY / LATOCKI  17 Feb 1957Los Angeles Co., California F38085
3 DICK / WARKENTIN  8 Dec 1951Los Angeles Co., California F17006
4 ELSENPETER / McLEOD  16 Jul 1932Los Angeles Co., California F38379
5 FRIESEN / WARFEL  22 Jun 1946Los Angeles Co., California F462
6 HUESKER / GRAHAM  26 Apr 1962Los Angeles Co., California F4522
7 LUNDEEN / MYERS  27 Jun 1975Los Angeles Co., California F37002
8 MACRORY / HALE  Abt 1930Los Angeles Co., California F1551
9 MENZIES / BUCK  16 Dec 1949Los Angeles Co., California F36678
10 MUNSON / PARK  23 Nov 1950Los Angeles Co., California F20127
11 PETERSON / MATTOON  20 May 1960Los Angeles Co., California F36999
12 QUIRING / RENEAU  Abt 1935Los Angeles Co., California F39884
13 REDDINGER / BULLER  3 Nov 1939Los Angeles Co., California F37627
14 REMPEL / ADRIAN  20 Jun 1938Los Angeles Co., California F33235
15 REMPEL / SCHROEDER  16 Jun 1984Los Angeles Co., California F33232
16 SCHROEDER / SCHULTZ  21 Feb 1974Los Angeles Co., California F39963
17 STUIBER / ANDERSON  15 May 1947Los Angeles Co., California F30625


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 HARTLEY / DOCKSTADER  Abt 1935Los Angeles Co., California F31737