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King City, Monterey, California



City/Town : Latitude: 36.212743900, Longitude: -121.126028700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRONZICH, Martha Jean  26 Oct 1955King City, Monterey, California I46982
2 BURDEN, Charles W.  18 Aug 1920King City, Monterey, California I2018
3 COPLEY, Darl  Abt 1915King City, Monterey, California I49785
4 KELLEY, Patsy Lee  2 Apr 1938King City, Monterey, California I46970
5 MANSFIELD, Cyril Asa  11 Dec 1904King City, Monterey, California I46905
6 MANSFIELD, Kenneth Zoellin  2 Oct 1903King City, Monterey, California I46842
7 MANSFIELD, Lt. Muriel Joy  18 Nov 1906King City, Monterey, California I46863
8 MANSFIELD, Rollo A.  11 Jan 1905King City, Monterey, California I46852
9 MANSFIELD, Thomas Emil  23 Feb 1949King City, Monterey, California I46924
10 REID, Barbara Ann  15 Oct 1941King City, Monterey, California I61351
11 REID, Cedric McClure  17 Dec 1909King City, Monterey, California I530
12 REID, Harold Robert  2 Aug 1916King City, Monterey, California I552
13 WOLLESON, Lorenz Marion  7 May 1967King City, Monterey, California I47014


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRONZICH, George  8 Mar 1985King City, Monterey, California I46981
2 BRONZICH, Martha Jean  22 Jul 1981King City, Monterey, California I46982
3 COPLEY, Andrew Jackson III  14 Aug 1976King City, Monterey, California I49783
4 COPLEY, Irma Adeline  1 Jul 2007King City, Monterey, California I49784
5 COPLEY, Irving Jackson  5 Jun 1999King City, Monterey, California I49788
6 GARCIA, Margaret Ramona  4 Apr 1968King City, Monterey, California I37972
7 LANDER, Marcia Nevada  26 Apr 1975King City, Monterey, California I46853
8 LOVELL, John F.  17 Aug 1966King City, Monterey, California I44444
9 MANSFIELD, Alta Bernice  7 Jul 2000King City, Monterey, California I46914
10 MANSFIELD, Asa Z.  12 Oct 1905King City, Monterey, California I36818
11 MANSFIELD, Curnell Horatio (Horry)  27 Jul 1906King City, Monterey, California I1960
12 MANSFIELD, Cyril Asa  5 Nov 1907King City, Monterey, California I46905
13 MANSFIELD, Edwin Edgar  13 Feb 1948King City, Monterey, California I36816
14 MANSFIELD, James Gillespie Blaine  28 Nov 1954King City, Monterey, California I37979
15 MANSFIELD, Kenneth Zoellin  5 Feb 1984King City, Monterey, California I46842
16 MANSFIELD, Rollo A.  2 Dec 1986King City, Monterey, California I46852
17 MANSFIELD, Walter Marion  3 Dec 1993King City, Monterey, California I37973
18 MANSFIELD, Walter Plaskett (Pete)  30 Mar 1963King City, Monterey, California I36821
19 OLSEN, Muriel Marida  2 Nov 1988King City, Monterey, California I47032
20 PHILLIPS, Cynthia  23 Aug 1932King City, Monterey, California I38014
21 PLASKETT, Mendocina May  7 Aug 1936King City, Monterey, California I36737
22 ROHRBACK, Gladys Marie  19 Jul 1975King City, Monterey, California I47009
23 SANS, Carl Ezekiel  30 Jul 1924King City, Monterey, California I29972
24 SANS, Edward Robert  20 Dec 1958King City, Monterey, California I47158
25 WOLLESON, Lorenz Marion  8 Oct 1968King City, Monterey, California I47014
26 ZOELLIN, Eva Lena  6 Aug 1973King City, Monterey, California I37994


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MANSFIELD / GARCIA  29 May 1908King City, Monterey, California F25093
2 MANSFIELD / KENT  15 Jun 1897King City, Monterey, California F25870
3 MANSFIELD / MADERO  6 Dec 1900King City, Monterey, California F25090
4 MANSFIELD / MELENDY  23 Sep 1929King City, Monterey, California F31580
5 REID / MANSFIELD  3 Sep 1908King City, Monterey, California F24
6 SLYNGSTAD / MANSFIELD  11 Apr 1942King City, Monterey, California F31636