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Genealogies of the David REID and Evelyn SCHROEDER families
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Monterey Co., California



County/Shire : Latitude: 36.313620100, Longitude: -121.354163100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COPLEY, Andrew Jackson III  7 Jul 1889Monterey Co., California I49783
2 COPLEY, Elden Broder  1 Nov 1923Monterey Co., California I49787
3 COPLEY, Irving Jackson  15 Jul 1925Monterey Co., California I49788
4 DAUGHERTY, Ruth  31 Mar 1928Monterey Co., California I48280
5 DODD, Wesley Hall  13 Apr 1914Monterey Co., California I37106
6 HEBRARD, Charles Sylvester  28 Feb 1872Monterey Co., California I36869
7 HEBRARD, Eugene John  2 Jun 1887Monterey Co., California I48311
8 HEBRARD, Henry (Harry) Hepolet  10 Aug 1876Monterey Co., California I36870
9 HEBRARD, Matilda  Abt 1874Monterey Co., California I36867
10 HEBRARD, William J.  10 Sep 1877Monterey Co., California I36868
11 KELLEY, Jerrold H.  1 May 1918Monterey Co., California I46969
12 KENT, Persis Anna  20 Jan 1878Monterey Co., California I38011
13 MANSFIELD, Robert Edward  20 Apr 1930Monterey Co., California I46854
14 PLASKETT, Albert A.  Abt 1873Monterey Co., California I36834
15 PLASKETT, Annie I.  1 Feb 1880Monterey Co., California I36841
16 PLASKETT, Charles Leroy  17 Jul 1883Monterey Co., California I37982
17 PLASKETT, Cora F.  6 Sep 1876Monterey Co., California I36839
18 PLASKETT, Edward A.  18 Nov 1881Monterey Co., California I46909
19 PLASKETT, Francis M.  Abt Nov 1874Monterey Co., California I36835
20 PLASKETT, Helen Waltand(?)  Abt Nov 1890Monterey Co., California I37988
21 PLASKETT, James William  6 Apr 1878Monterey Co., California I36840
22 PLASKETT, Jesse Hamlin  Abt 1881Monterey Co., California I37987
23 PLASKETT, Lawson M.  26 Nov 1883Monterey Co., California I46906
24 PLASKETT, Leonidas Braxton  6 Apr 1885Monterey Co., California I37981
25 PLASKETT, Louis Leslie  9 Feb 1896Monterey Co., California I37990
26 PLASKETT, Lucy C.  Abt Mar 1886Monterey Co., California I46907
27 PLASKETT, Mary M.  Abt Aug 1879Monterey Co., California I36837
28 PLASKETT, Nellie Loretta  26 Jan 1893Monterey Co., California I37989
29 PLASKETT, Sarah (Sadie) Melissa  1 Feb 1889Monterey Co., California I37983
30 PREWITT, Leonard (Leo)  29 Aug 1901Monterey Co., California I46889
31 REID, Phyllis J.  14 Aug 1924Monterey Co., California I553
32 SANS, Gerald (Jerry) Winfield  14 Feb 1924Monterey Co., California I1913
33 SCHROEDER, John Harold  31 Jan 1930Monterey Co., California I1244
34 SCHROEDER, Kenneth Delbert  22 Apr 1928Monterey Co., California I1243


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNES, Sarah M.  26 Sep 1923Monterey Co., California I36823
2 BENNETT, Martha Corrine  13 Feb 1931Monterey Co., California I36831
3 COPLEY, Elden Broder  19 Aug 1994Monterey Co., California I49787
4 DODD, Clarence Willis  3 Aug 1945Monterey Co., California I561
5 HEBRARD, Charles Sylvester  2 Sep 1952Monterey Co., California I36869
6 JOHNEN, Joseph John Jr.  13 Apr 1991Monterey Co., California I59519
7 KELLEY, Patsy Lee  10 May 1954Monterey Co., California I46970
8 LOVELL, Andrew A.  31 Aug 1966Monterey Co., California I44445
9 LOVELL, Grace Catherine  13 Sep 1961Monterey Co., California I551
10 LOVELL, Lillian Ann  17 Jul 1943Monterey Co., California I36900
11 LOVELL, William Ira  1 Feb 1945Monterey Co., California I44438
12 MAGGINI, John  4 Feb 1959Monterey Co., California I1959
13 MANSFIELD, Curnell Montgomery Paul (Buddy)  Abt 1926Monterey Co., California I46888
14 MCELHANEY, Lieut. John N. C.  Bef 1910Monterey Co., California I1983
15 MCLEAN, Allan  1 Jun 1913Monterey Co., California I47157
16 PATTERSON, Elsie A.  25 Mar 1956Monterey Co., California I36375
17 PLASKETT, Byron Gianavil  18 Mar 1911Monterey Co., California I36825
18 PLASKETT, Charles Henry  4 Jan 1921Monterey Co., California I36833
19 PLASKETT, Charles Leroy  4 Apr 1953Monterey Co., California I37982
20 PLASKETT, Jesse Hamlin  12 Jul 1934Monterey Co., California I37987
21 PLASKETT, Sarah (Sadie) Melissa  29 Jan 1957Monterey Co., California I37983
22 PLASKETT, Wesley Barnes  4 Feb 1959Monterey Co., California I46908
23 PLASKETT, William Dudley  19 Aug 1949Monterey Co., California I36832
24 PLASKETT, William Edward  28 Apr 1952Monterey Co., California I36829
25 PREWITT, Leonard (Leo)  5 Dec 1901Monterey Co., California I46889
26 RAMAGE, Jefferson Davis  22 May 1914Monterey Co., California I266
27 RAMAGE, Pernecie B.  Bef 1920Monterey Co., California I262
28 REIWERTS, Lana Christine  28 Dec 1980Monterey Co., California I49786
29 SANS, Olive H.  9 Feb 1936Monterey Co., California I47160
30 SAYLER, Charles Ordell  5 Aug 1942Monterey Co., California I29970
31 WILLEMS, Mary Elizabeth  1 Oct 1976Monterey Co., California I59518


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COPLEY / PLASKETT  Abt 1912Monterey Co., California F33569
2 COPLEY / REIWERTS  Abt 1922Monterey Co., California F33572
3 DODD / HALL  29 Jul 1913Monterey Co., California F205
4 HALL / DAKE  2 Jul 1892Monterey Co., California F30561
5 MANSFIELD / DIGGS  4 Nov 1916Monterey Co., California F31602
6 MANSFIELD / OLSEN  13 Dec 1976Monterey Co., California F31721
7 MANSFIELD / ZOELLIN  Abt 1902Monterey Co., California F1518


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 COPLEY / PLASKETT  Abt 1922Monterey Co., California F33569
2 DODD / SMITH  Abt Sep 1970Monterey Co., California F426