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Genealogies of the David REID and Evelyn SCHROEDER families
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Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas



City/Town : Latitude: 38.203065000, Longitude: -97.519206500


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADRIAN, Helena  13 Oct 1895Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I18975
2 BECKER, Jacob J.  14 Jun 1886Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I42818
3 EPP, Abraham Regier  4 Jul 1896Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I24899
4 EPP, Linda  10 Oct 1905Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I30695
5 FLICKNER, Elda Elizabeth  12 Jan 1920Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I60448
6 FLICKNER, Viola  2 Nov 1905Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34039
7 FRANZ, Robert  1 Mar 1928Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I47289
8 HOLDEMAN, Ezra K.  13 Sep 1886Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I39115
9 JOHNSON, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  1 Apr 1888Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33367
10 JOHNSON, Helena  28 Feb 1887Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I51014
11 KAUFMAN, Arene Mae  18 Oct 1924Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35090
12 KAUFMAN, Edmund G.  26 Dec 1891Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33589
13 KOEHN, William (Willie) B.  1 Jul 1900Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I41182
14 RATZLOFF, Wilbert John  3 Jun 1927Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I1192
15 REGIER, Helena R.  10 Aug 1882Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I59134
16 REGIER, Sarah  6 May 1879Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I32937
17 RICHERT, Maria  30 Jul 1887Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I19019
18 SCHMIDT, Cornelius J.  29 Jun 1893Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I31422
19 SCHMIDT, Maria  20 Feb 1886Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I19520
20 SCHROEDER, Menno George  17 Jul 1915Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I18843
21 SCHULTZ, Friedrich  8 Feb 1888Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34982
22 STUCKY, Andrew A.  21 Aug 1876Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34969
23 STUCKY, Jacob B.  17 Aug 1875Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I57661
24 THIESSEN, Aganetha  26 Aug 1879Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I36170
25 THIESSEN, Rev. John J.  25 May 1893Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I29432
26 THIESSEN, Justina  10 Mar 1884Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I21209
27 THOMAS, Helena  13 Aug 1882Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34975
28 UNRAU, Marvin  13 Nov 1909Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35690
29 UNRAU, Peter V.  29 Nov 1880Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I22503
30 VOGT, Anna G.  6 Nov 1898Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I42806
31 VOGT, Bernhard (Barney) W.  14 Apr 1900Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I17125
32 VORAN, Christina  15 Sep 1889Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I59678
33 WALL, Peter J.  24 Mar 1889Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I51119
34 WEDEL, Amelia Christina  20 Jun 1885Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34038
35 WEDEL, Herman S.  25 May 1887Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I59679
36 WEDEL, Ruth Maryette  12 Aug 1924Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I59691
37 WIENS, Kerry Reed  26 Dec 1964Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I24156
38 ZERGER, David J.  18 Mar 1882Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33596
39 ZERGER, Homer J.  31 Mar 1924Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33594
40 ZERGER, Peter  7 Nov 1902Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34040


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARCHELUS, Maria  Abt Jul 1896Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33616
2 BECKER, Maria  Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I30939
3 BEHR, Anna  Abt Sep 1986Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35083
4 BLOCK, Emma Lula  4 Feb 1981Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I31234
5 DICK, Martha  26 Sep 2002Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I36048
6 EDIGER, Eva Bertha  7 Nov 1973Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I26470
7 EDIGER, Martin A.  7 Mar 1999Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35224
8 FAST, Maria  7 May 1955Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I19853
9 FRANZ, Bertha  12 Feb 1990Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I23286
10 FREITAG, Johanne  1 Sep 1897Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34946
11 FRIESEN, Helena  3 Mar 1943Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I15686
12 FRIESEN, Marie E.  28 Aug 1965Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I57662
13 GERING, Christian D.  8 Dec 1907Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35069
14 GERING, Jacob D.  1 Jul 1915Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34024
15 GERING, Katarina  Abt 1884Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34964
16 GERING, Maria  23 Feb 1934Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34026
17 GOERING, Andreas  12 Nov 1901Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I59681
18 GOERING, Katharina  10 Mar 1888Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I59680
19 GOERING, Katharina  20 Jun 1933Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35099
20 GOERING, Maria  14 Apr 1889Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I59684
21 GOERING, Matilda  29 May 1984Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35094
22 GOERING, Veronika (Freni)  21 Aug 1913Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I57664
23 GOOSSEN, Alvin D.  22 Nov 1997Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I20086
24 GRABER, Barbara  1 Mar 1928Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34856
25 JANZEN, Arnold Jacob  10 Dec 2002Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I36047
26 KAUFMAN, Daniel D.  14 Oct 1929Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35100
27 KAUFMAN, Daniel D.  22 May 1983Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35093
28 KAUFMAN, John Peter  11 Feb 1953Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33587
29 KAUFMAN, Joseph N.  21 Feb 1928Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34857
30 KAUFMAN, Maria  5 Nov 1879Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34785
31 KAUFMAN, Peter  24 Mar 1911Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33530
32 KAUFMAN, Peter P.  23 Dec 1887Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34783
33 KLASSEN, Aganetha  1 Aug 1916Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I30043
34 LOGANBILL, Earl Edwin  20 Jun 2004Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I42246
35 LOHRENTZ, Peter  13 Mar 1900Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I17651
36 LORENTZ, Katharina  21 Aug 1884Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I17646
37 NEUFELD, Jacob B.  26 Apr 1967Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I21257
38 PREHEIM, Maria  5 Oct 1878Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34063
39 RATZLAFF, Peter R.  18 Aug 1886Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I15383
40 REGIER, Cornelius  27 Jul 1911Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I17902
41 SCHELLENBERG, Aelt. Abraham  11 Apr 1920Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I17645
42 SCHMIDT, Benjamin J.  1 Nov 1889Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33900
43 SCHMIDT, Jacob E.  9 Jun 1898Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I21824
44 SCHRAG, Anna  2 Apr 1930Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33529
45 SCHRAG, Carolina  15 Mar 1958Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33588
46 SCHRAG, Katherina  25 Mar 1944Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34067
47 SCHRAG, Magdalena  17 Feb 1880Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33610
48 SCHROEDER, Henry P.  8 Jul 1963Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I18845
49 SCHROEDER, Johann H.  20 Aug 1939Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I30932
50 STRAUSZ, Anna  25 Jul 1915Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34025

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DICK, Minnie Marie  4 Sep 2007Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I57659
2 FLICKINGER, Andreas  Abt Oct 1889Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34033
3 FLICKINGER, Johann  Abt Feb 1890Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34031
4 FLICKNER, Peter A.  Abt Sep 1928Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34028
5 FLICKNER, Viola  28 Jun 1967Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34039
6 GEHRING, Anna  Abt Oct 1953Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35071
7 GERING, Christian D.  Abt Dec 1907Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35069
8 GERING, Jacob C.  Abt Feb 1927Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35068
9 GERING, Jacob D.  Abt Jul 1915Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34024
10 GERING, Katarina  Abt 1884Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34964
11 GERING, Maria  Abt Feb 1934Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34026
12 GOERING, Katharina  Abt Jun 1933Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35099
13 GOERING, Matilda  Abt May 1984Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35094
14 GOERING, Peter  Abt Apr 1925Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35097
15 GOERING, Veronika (Freni)  Abt Aug 1913Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I57664
16 GRABER, Barbara  Abt Mar 1928Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34856
17 GRABER, Elizabeth  Abt Oct 1907Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35095
18 GRABER, Maria  Abt Jun 1944Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35067
19 GRABER, Peter Christian  Abt Apr 1903Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I39680
20 KAUFMAN, Anna  7 Nov 1967Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33595
21 KAUFMAN, Daniel D.  Abt Oct 1929Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35100
22 KAUFMAN, Daniel D.  Abt May 1983Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35093
23 KAUFMAN, John Peter  Abt Feb 1953Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33587
24 KAUFMAN, Joseph  Abt 1896Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34965
25 KAUFMAN, Joseph N.  Abt Feb 1928Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34857
26 KAUFMAN, Maria  Abt Nov 1879Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34785
27 KAUFMAN, Maria  Abt Dec 1911Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35073
28 KAUFMAN, Peter  26 Mar 1911Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33530
29 KAUFMAN, Peter P.  Abt Dec 1887Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34783
30 KREHBIEL, Anna  Abt Jan 1904Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34036
31 KREHBIEL, Johann  Abt May 1889Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34881
32 KREHBIEL, Karolina  Abt 1880Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35103
33 KREHBIEL, Katherina  Abt Mar 1900Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I39681
34 PREHEIM, Maria  Abt Oct 1878Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34063
35 RIES, Elizabeth  Abt 1908Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34887
36 SCHRAG, Anna  Abt Mar 1895Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33613
37 SCHRAG, Anna  Abt Apr 1930Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33529
38 SCHRAG, Carolina  Abt Mar 1958Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33588
39 SCHRAG, Jacob  Abt Jul 1928Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33526
40 SCHRAG, Katherina  Abt Mar 1944Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34067
41 SCHRAG, Magdalena  Abt Feb 1880Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33610
42 SCHRAG, Maria  Abt Apr 1945Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35075
43 STRAUSZ, Anna  Abt Jul 1915Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34025
44 STRAUSZ, Fredrich (Fritz)  Abt May 1894Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33611
45 STRAUSZ, Freni  Abt Jun 1919Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33531
46 STRAUSZ, Katherina  Abt Sep 1923Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35070
47 STUCKY, Barbara  Abt 1904Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34021
48 STUCKY, Benjamin  Abt May 1907Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I57663
49 STUCKY, Benjamin B.  Abt Jan 1964Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35082
50 STUCKY, Benjamin J.  Abt Nov 1925Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35074

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 FLICKNER, Elda Elizabeth  23 Jun 1935Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I60448
2 FLICKNER, Jonathan (Jonas) P.  25 Apr 1897Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34037
3 HINZ, Heinrich H.  6 Feb 1898Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I42781
4 KAUFMAN, Arene Mae  21 Jun 1940Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35090
5 KAUFMAN, John Peter  Abt 1880Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33587
6 NEUFELD, Maria J.  Abt 1893Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I60149
7 SCHMIDT, Elmer Arnold  Abt Jun 1917Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I30028
8 SCHRAG, Carolina  Abt 1883Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I33588
9 SCHRAG, Maria  Abt 1880Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35075
10 STUCKY, Benjamin J.  Abt 1880Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I35074
11 STUCKY, Eldo Cornelius  31 May 1925Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I57660
12 STUCKY, Jacob B.  17 Apr 1892Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I57661
13 VORAN, Christina  18 Jun 1905Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I59678
14 WALTNER, Freni  Abt 1883Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34888
15 WALTNER, Magdalena  Abt 1878Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34869
16 WEDEL, Amelia Christina  8 Oct 1899Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I34038
17 WEDEL, Herman S.  5 Jul 1903Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I59679
18 ZERGER, Veronika ‘Freni’  Abt 1889Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I59690


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 HINTSCHEL, Amelia  Abt 1892Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas I49015


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 JANZEN / FLICKNER  25 Nov 1938Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas F40567
2 JANZEN / UNRUH  6 Oct 1891Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas F27260
3 JOHNSON / KOEHN  23 May 1886Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas F23146
4 REGIER / LOHRENTZ  6 Jun 1922Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas F13758
5 REGIER / SCHELLENBERG  7 Jul 1895Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas F12974
6 STUCKY / FRIESEN  21 Oct 1906Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas F38815
7 WEDEL / GOERING  19 Feb 1879Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas F40089
8 WEDEL / VORAN  13 Apr 1913Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas F40086
9 WEDEL / ZERGER  8 Apr 1894Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas F40087
10 ZIELKE / EDIGER  Abt 1883Moundridge, McPherson, Kansas F13063