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1 "Blaine" spent all his life in Monterey Co., California. Born on the family ranch on the coast, he for many years was in the employ of the U.S. Forest Service working in the countryside he had grown up in and loved so well. Later he worked for the engineering staff at Hunter Liggett Military Reservation. Evalyn Mansfield was a school teacher in King City. She was a life member of the Salinas Valley PTA in 1964. She was also a member of St. John's Catholic Church, and Gamma Beta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. She was a 4-H leader, member of Welcome Wagon, and a volunteer at George L. Mee Memorial Hospital in King City. After Blaine died, she moved to Oakland.

Source: Monterey Co. California vital records.
Information from Lois Myers and Marion Mansfield.
Blaine's obituary, King City "Rustler", Dec 2, 1954.
Evalyn's obituary, Salinas "Californian", 18 Dec 1986.
Quinado Cemetery headstone.
WW I draft registration: laborer, wife and child. Born in Gorda, California. 
MANSFIELD, James Gillespie Blaine (I37979)
2 "JOHN E. CROUCH — That adverse conditions build up the strong, found convincing illustration in the life of John Crouch, whose dauntless spirit surmounted many obstacles, and drew helpful lessons from disheartening circumstances. His reputation as one of the most substantial citizens of Butte County rested upon a solid foundation of actual merit, upon honesty of purpose and never-failing devotion to the best interests of his community. The life of John Crouch, a pioneer of 1850 in California, began in Maryland in 1829 and closed in Butte County, California, August 14, 1907. Within these years is a record of much accomplished for the benefit of his fellow citizens; many improvements introduced of lasting value to the county; and substantial interests established that left his heirs in comfortable circumstances.

John Crouch was a son of William D. and Harriet Ann (Deford) Crouch, who were married in Maryland, from which state they moved to Newark, Ohio. In the latter place there were six children born into their family: Harriet, Ann, William, John, Elisha, and Sarah. After living in Ohio for a number of years the Crouch family moved to Clark County, Illinois, and while living there another son, Sylvester, was born.

John Crouch was a self-made man, what education he secured was in the school of experience, as he had no book-learning and could neither read nor write, yet he was one of the shrewdest men in business matters that it was one's privilege to meet. In 1850 he came across the plains with ox teams in company with his father and brother, William. He mined at Placerville, then called Hangtown, until 1857, when he went back to Illinois and bought up a band of horses which he drove across the plains to California and settled down to ranching in Colusa, now Glenn County, south of Butte City, on what became known as the McDaniel Ranch. Here he raised hogs and grain and founded his fortune. He eventually sold out and moved to a ranch near Chico and this continued to be his headquarters for the last forty years of his life. He accumulated considerable property, some fifty-five thousand acres, and farmed on a large scale, also renting part of the Parrott Grant.

"He was a staunch Republican and a member of Chico Lodge, No. 113, I.O.O.F. He was a liberal and enterprising man, always ready to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than himself and when he died the whole county mourned the loss of one of her best citizens." 
REID, Alice Lovina (I23)
3 "Massachusetts, Births and Christenings, 1639-1915" SNOW, Solomon (I29677)
4 "Massachusetts, Births and Christenings, 1639-1915," indexing project (batch) number: C50220-1-system origin: Massachusetts-ODM-source film number: #397042. ALDEN, Zachariah (I28533)
5 "Massachusetts, Marriages, 1695-1910"; system origin: Massachusetts-ODM-source film number: 0164691, 0164692 Family F21019
6 "Massachusetts, Naturalization Index, 1906-1966" CLOW, Leslie Poole (I3432)
7 "Montana, County Marriages, 1865-1950" Family F30108
8 "Sherman" grew up in Gorda and attended school at King City. For 20 years he farmed in Pozo and Atascadero. From 1936 until he retired in 1947, Sherman was stationed at the Los Prietos Ranger Station, where he was chief packer. He was a longtime member of the Santa Ynez Valley Grange and lived in Santa Ynez from 1936 on. After their daughter Muriel died, he and Sophia helped raise her children.

Source: Monterey Co., California, vital records.
Santa Barbara Co., California vital records.
Sherman's obituary, Santa Barbara "News Tribune", July 24, 1971.
Information from Virginia Stevens and Lois Myers.
WW I draft registration: listed as Sherman Tecumseh, farmer, wife Lottie. 
MANSFIELD, William Tecumseh Sherman (I37977)
9 (38.13194,-121.24556) BEKKER, Benjamin B. (I14445)
10 (alternate-South Shore) BELL, Margaret Helen (I63005)
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1072
12 (at Bride’s Parents’ Home) Family F2880
13 (at Family Home) SCHROEDER, Alfred (Fred) Leland (I9)
14 (at Family Home) SCHROEDER, Richard (Dick) Clifford (I401)
15 (at Family Home) SCHROEDER, Mary Helen (I402)
16 (at Family Home) SCHROEDER, Ann Elisabeth (I403)
17 (at Family Home) SCHROEDER, Paul (Bud) Thorwald (I404)
18 (at Family Home) SCHROEDER, Carlton Franklin (I405)
19 (at Family Home) SCHROEDER, Estelle Grace (I406)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I407)
21 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I408)
22 (at Father's Residence) Family F1676
23 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4)
24 (by Rev. E. S. Bayne) JOHNSTON, Blanche Paulena (I3141)
25 (by Rev. E. S. Bayne) MCFADYEN, Edward John (I11080)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I20035)
27 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I20036)
28 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I20037)
29 (C1,S10) DALZIEL, Margaret (I1876)
30 (C1,S10) MCLENNAN, Sarah Euphemia (I4920)
31 (C1,S100) MCKAY, Christina (I5398)
32 (C1,S101) LAVERS, Andrew John Fenwick (I4385)
33 (C1,S101) HENRY, Clara Medlar (I8324)
34 (C1,S101) LAVERS, Priscilla Elsie (I8325)
35 (C1,S101) MCKAY, John (I8384)
36 (C1,S101) MCDONALD, Elizabeth C. (I10122)
37 (C1,S101) ACORN, Christine Janet (I13938)
38 (C1,S102) MCKAY, Duncan (I8382)
39 (C1,S102) MCPHERSON, Christina (I8383)
40 (C1,S103) GRAHAM, Elizabeth (I5605)
41 (C1,S103) MCSWAIN, John Malcolm (I5637)
42 (C1,S108) GRAHAM, Oswald Wyndam (I2785)
43 (C1,S108) BUTLER, Elizabeth ‘Annie’ (I2814)
44 (C1,S108) ROSS, Lydia (I5850)
45 (C1,S108) JOHNSTON, Joseph P. (I8315)
46 (C1,S11) REID, Alexander Jr. (I38)
47 (C1,S110) BREHAUT, Lester M.D., CM. (I4629)
48 (C1,S110) MCRAE, Annie Lauretta (I5017)
49 (C1,S110) JOHNSTON, Archibald MacDonald (I8268)
50 (C1,S110) MCDONALD, Isabella Ruth (I8276)

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