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Genealogies of the David REID and Evelyn SCHROEDER families
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Portland, Multnomah, Oregon



City/Town : Latitude: 45.466762900, Longitude: -122.710945200


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COOPER, Glenna Adaire  24 Feb 1932Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I5070
2 COUCH, Dorothy Louise  18 Oct 1919Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I1072
3 COWAN, Donald Lee  20 Jan 1937Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48267
4 HAUGEN, Ronald Merwin  28 Feb 1927Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I25061
5 LILLIE, Bernadine Opal  8 Jun 1906Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48172
6 LILLIE, Clayton Llewellyn  Abt Apr 1913Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48174
7 LILLIE, Katherine  23 Aug 1917Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48177
8 LILLIE, Kenneth Harold  23 Aug 1917Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48178
9 LILLIE, Laverne  Abt 1907Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48175
10 MARTIN, Shirley Marie  14 Nov 1927Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I25057
11 WARKENTIN, Harold (Hal)  14 Nov 1929Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I37832
12 WEBER, Hilda Lillian  4 Feb 1914Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I37460
13 WETTHER, Rev. Norman Arthur  22 Oct 1921Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I227


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Selma H.  15 Jun 1968Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I53343
2 BAKER, James Douglas  3 Nov 1995Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48236
3 BALZER, Waldo Herbert  24 Aug 1990Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I50957
4 BANGS, Carl Oliver  26 Mar 1948Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I35599
5 BARNETT, Doris Roselyn  16 Sep 1997Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I1051
6 BREHAUT, Margaret Louden (Leddie)  Abt 1934Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I8803
7 CLASSEN, Wilbert (Bert) Fred  9 Jun 1971Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I800
8 COOPER, Glenna Adaire  17 Jun 2015Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I5070
9 CORNEHL, Carl William  6 May 1980Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I61821
10 COX, Dennis Lee  16 Sep 1974Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I578
11 CRAWFORD, Edith P.  5 Dec 2001Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I24947
12 DAVIS, Paul Ira  29 Sep 1960Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I1638
13 DEVOLVE, Marguerite E.  28 Jan 2000Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48181
14 DOERKSEN, Ben F.  8 Jun 2004Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I747
15 FAST, Peter  15 Sep 1998Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I24943
16 FRIESEN, Abraham R.  17 Oct 1977Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I16995
17 FRIESEN, Ernest Ralph  13 Aug 1967Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I1043
18 FRIESEN, Frank S.  29 Jun 1972Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I482
19 FRIESEN, Lois Velma  4 Feb 1975Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I1478
20 FRITZ, Roy Chester  10 Oct 2007Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I794
21 GORDON, James  Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I13965
22 HARDER, Susanna  7 Mar 1947Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I39279
23 HARMS, Sarah  1 Sep 1985Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I17001
24 HAWLEY, Michael Eldon  7 Apr 2008Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I771
25 KROEKER, Jacob F.  Abt Jan 1972Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I17346
26 LEWELLEN, Martha Matilda ‘Josephine’  22 Sep 1936Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I13404
27 LILLIE, Bernadine Opal  23 Apr 1998Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48172
28 LILLIE, Charles Llewellyn  15 Feb 1933Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I1930
29 LILLIE, Charles Llewellyn Jr.  3 Apr 1944Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I13405
30 LILLIE, Clayton Llewellyn  Abt Dec 1913Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48174
31 MCLAREN, Jane  Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I13960
32 MCPHAIL, Charles Archibald  Abt 1950Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I13891
33 MEHRER, Frederick G.  1 Nov 1977Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I61811
34 MICKELSEN, Juliana  17 Feb 1950Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I13393
35 MULLINS, John Henry  4 Mar 2000Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I29036
36 PARKER, William R. Jr.  8 Mar 2000Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I1482
37 PETERS, Evelyn Grace  20 Nov 1984Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I55083
38 PETERS, Johann E.  30 May 1955Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I33913
39 PLANCICH, Pauline W. Olga  Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I53344
40 REMPEL, Katherine  25 Feb 1977Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I786
41 SCHADE, Curtis L.  22 Feb 1987Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48173
42 SIMMONS, Lola F.  8 Jul 1996Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I27586
43 SORRELLS, Harold Lennie  12 Jan 2009Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I22782
44 THIESEN, Martha (Marty) Katherine  13 Jul 1998Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I37813
45 UNGER, John J.  29 Nov 1936Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I39280
46 WEHRLI, Lawrence William  18 Apr 1994Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I48182
47 WRIGHT, George Washington  10 Jul 2000Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I55185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 THOMPSON, Aylie Dora  12 Feb 1964Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I58809


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 REGEHR, Elisabeth  Abt 1912Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I16240
2 WITTENBERG, Kornelius N.  Abt 1912Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I16239


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 NEUFELD, John Orlando D.D.S.  16 Jul 1952Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I34240
2 ZIPRICK, Margaret Lorna  16 Jul 1952Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I34236


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 PETERSON / KEMP  28 Sep 1916Portland, Multnomah, Oregon F285
2 WETTHER / MICKELSEN  18 Dec 1919Portland, Multnomah, Oregon F9461