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Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Notes: Duxbury is a coastal town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Duxbury is a suburb of Boston, located on the South Shore approximately 35 miles (56 km) to the south of the city. The population was 15,059 at the 2010 census. Geographic and demographic information on the specific parts of the town of Duxbury is available in articles Cedar Crest, Duxbury (CDP), Duxbury Beach, and South Duxbury, respectively.
History — The area now known as Duxbury was inhabited by people as early as 12,000 to 9,000 B.C. By the time European settlers arrived here, the region was inhabited by the Wampanoags, who called this place Mattakeesett, meaning “place of many fish.”
In 1620, the English settlers known as the Pilgrims established their colony in Plymouth. Per the terms of their contract with financial backers in London, they were required to live together in a tight community for seven years. At the end of that term in 1627, land along the coast was allotted to settlers for farming. Thus, the coastline from Plymouth to Marshfield was parceled out, and many settlers began moving away from Plymouth. At first, those who settled in Duxbury came to work their new farms just in the warmer months and returned to Plymouth during the winter. It was not long, however, before they began to build homes on their land, and soon requested permission from the colony to be set off as a separate community with their own church. Duxbury, which originally included land that is now Pembroke, was incorporated in 1637.
Some of the most influential men in the colony received grants in Duxbury and became its first leaders. Captain Myles Standish, the military leader of the colony, lived in “the Nook,” an area now known as Standish Shore. Elder William Brewster was for many years the religious leader of the colony. He may have named Duxbury after his possible home of Duxbury Hall, in Chorley, England, in which he led services to the colony until it received its own minister in 1637. John Alden was another important settler. His house, now a museum on Alden Street, was the site of many important meetings of the colony’s leaders. The graves of some of Duxbury’s first settlers can be found in the Old Burying Ground on Chestnut Street, next to the site of original meetinghouse. Theory has it that the town was named by Myles Standish after the family estate of his childhood in Lancashire. The ancient Standish family in northern England owned much land and large estates, including the two main family headquarters of Standish Hall and Duxbury Manor, in Lancashire, since the before the Middle Ages. Myles Standish's will delineates his inheritance rights to very particular lands near and around Standish and mostly Duxbury Manor, stating his descent from both lines of the Standish family; and so it has been suggested that he named the new town in Massachusetts after the estate where he grew up.
Duxbury was primarily a farming community throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. Its quiet history in the 18th century was interrupted only by the Revolutionary War.
The most remarkable period in Duxbury’s history, the shipbuilding era, began immediately after the American Revolution. Following the Treaty of Paris, the newborn nation was granted fishing rights on the Grand Banks. Several families took advantage of the new opportunity and began to build large fishing schooners. Soon, the schooners built in the 1790s gave way to larger brigs and eventually three-masted ships. As several merchant families began to amass large fleets, shipyards and other ancillary industries flourished and Duxbury prospered. By the 1840s, Duxbury boasted about 20 shipyards and produced an average of ten large sailing vessels per year.


City/Town : Latitude: 42.041752500, Longitude: -70.672276700


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, David  Abt 1645Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I28536
2 ALDEN, Rebecca  Abt 1639Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I28535
3 ALDEN, Ruth  Abt 1637Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I28531
4 ALDEN, Sarah  Abt 1630Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I28529
5 BREWSTER, Capt. Benjamin  17 Nov 1633Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I60964
6 BREWSTER, Benjamin  7 Jul 1688Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61360
7 DELANO, Jonathan  Abt Dec 1675Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I37912
8 DELANO, Jonathan  3 Nov 1701Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I37914
9 DELANO, Thomas M.D.  21 Mar 1642Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I37875
10 DREW, Abigail  27 Sep 1742Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I37919
11 PARTRIDGE, Lydia  Abt 1650Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61363
12 SAMPSON, Abraham  Abt 1658Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I56016
13 STANDISH, Alexander  Abt 1626Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I52437
14 STANDISH, Lorah  Abt 1658Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I56017


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, David  1 Apr 1719Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I28536
2 ALDEN, John  12 Sep 1687Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I28159
3 ALDEN, Rebecca  Bef 1722Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I28535
4 ALDEN, Sarah  12 Aug 1674Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I28529
5 BREWSTER, Love  31 Jan 1651Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61364
6 DELANO, Jonathan  6 Jan 1765Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I37912
7 DELANO, Thomas M.D.  13 Apr 1723Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I37875
8 DOTY, Hannah  12 Apr 1764Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I37913
9 DREW, Abigail  25 Sep 1811Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I37919
10 HALLETT, Abigail  17 Aug 1725Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I52435
11 MULLINS, Priscilla  5 Feb 1688Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I28160
12 PARTRIDGE, Lydia  2 Feb 1743Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61363
13 SAMPSON, Abraham  4 Sep 1727Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I56016
14 SIMMONS, Moses  15 Sep 1691Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I28236
15 STANDISH, Alexander  6 Jul 1702Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I52437
16 STANDISH, Lorah  2 Aug 1725Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I56017
17 STANDISH, Myles  3 Oct 1656Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts I52438


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BREWSTER / PARTRIDGE  2 Jan 1772Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts F41144
2 DELANO / DOTY  12 Jan 1698Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts F25792
3 DELANO / DREW  5 Apr 1762Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts F25808
4 HOWARD / HAYWARD  30 Nov 1645Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts F38269
5 PABODIE / ALDEN  26 Dec 1644Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts F19993
6 SAMPSON / STANDISH  Abt 1682Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37712
7 SIMMONS / CHANDLER  Abt 1635Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts F19558
8 STANDISH / ALDEN  Abt 1657Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts F19995