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Genealogies of the David REID and Evelyn SCHROEDER families
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Kuban Colony, South Russia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEKKER, Anna  5 Dec 1867Kuban Colony, South Russia I15239
2 BEKKER, Katharina  29 Dec 1874Kuban Colony, South Russia I15055
3 BEKKER, Maria  16 Aug 1871Kuban Colony, South Russia I14420
4 BLOCK, Anna  16 Apr 1869Kuban Colony, South Russia I59263
5 CLASSEN, Dietrich John  21 Apr 1877Kuban Colony, South Russia I58866
6 CLASSEN, John W.  15 May 1876Kuban Colony, South Russia I15929
7 EITZEN, Henry C.  2 Mar 1871Kuban Colony, South Russia I18174
8 FAST, Heinrich P.  25 Jan 1883Kuban Colony, South Russia I38814
9 GAEDE, Abraham A.  31 May 1876Kuban Colony, South Russia I31313
10 HODEL, Bertha  16 Feb 1885Kuban Colony, South Russia I34327
11 JANZEN, Maria  8 May 1868Kuban Colony, South Russia I14376
12 JANZEN, Maria  12 Mar 1871Kuban Colony, South Russia I21765
13 KLASSEN, Susanna  23 Sep 1869Kuban Colony, South Russia I60057
14 NEUFELD, Maria  4 Nov 1868Kuban Colony, South Russia I14417
15 REIMER, Abraham C.  Abt 1861Kuban Colony, South Russia I40588
16 RIFFEL, George F.  10 Jul 1851Kuban Colony, South Russia I51389
17 RIFFEL, John G.  14 Oct 1876Kuban Colony, South Russia I51393
18 SCHMIDT, Jacob J.  1 Sep 1872Kuban Colony, South Russia I33876
19 SCHULTZ, Maria  11 Oct 1874Kuban Colony, South Russia I30049
20 WIEBE, David Jakob  20 Mar 1909Kuban Colony, South Russia I28652
21 WIEBE, Heinrich J.  23 May 1888Kuban Colony, South Russia I20605
22 WIENS, Maria  25 Dec 1884Kuban Colony, South Russia I59417


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DUECK, Gertrude  16 Oct 1899Kuban Colony, South Russia I20980
2 FUNK, Katharine  Abt Feb 1874Kuban Colony, South Russia I36098
3 JANZEN, Helena  11 Mar 1919Kuban Colony, South Russia I28716
4 LOEWEN, Elizabeth  8 Sep 1868Kuban Colony, South Russia I42510
5 NICK, Daniel  28 Jan 1886Kuban Colony, South Russia I15703
6 REIMER, Cornelius David  Abt 1874Kuban Colony, South Russia I40574
7 REIMER, Katharina  25 Jul 1869Kuban Colony, South Russia I17760
8 SCHMIDT, Helena Schroeder  5 Dec 1872Kuban Colony, South Russia I14448
9 TOEWS, Gertruda  Abt 1866Kuban Colony, South Russia I17267
10 WIEBE, Anna  Abt 1911Kuban Colony, South Russia I40586
11 WIENS, Abraham  17 Feb 1888Kuban Colony, South Russia I59416
12 ZIMMERMAN, Heinrich  Abt 1866Kuban Colony, South Russia I51550


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 JANZEN, Helena  Abt Mar 1919Kuban Colony, South Russia I28716


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BAUER, Elisabeth  Abt Mar 1885Kuban Colony, South Russia I30847
2 FISCHER, Martin  Abt May 1874Kuban Colony, South Russia I30727
3 GAEDE, Abraham B.  12 Aug 1873Kuban Colony, South Russia I15756
4 GOERTZ, Abraham S.  12 Aug 1884Kuban Colony, South Russia I17835
5 GOERZ, Aganetha  30 Sep 1922Kuban Colony, South Russia I33741
6 KLASSEN, Anna  Abt Apr 1868Kuban Colony, South Russia I17269
7 KRAUSE, Friedrich  2 Oct 1883Kuban Colony, South Russia I61291
8 KRAUSE, Johann W.  Abt 1878Kuban Colony, South Russia I57383
9 PANKRATZ, Gertruda  2 Oct 1883Kuban Colony, South Russia I61175
10 PETERS, Anna  7 Sep 1914Kuban Colony, South Russia I36177
11 STOBBE, Anna  25 Aug 1891Kuban Colony, South Russia I33746
12 WIENS, Maria  15 Apr 1907Kuban Colony, South Russia I59417


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLAASSEN / SCHMIDT  1 Mar 1870Kuban Colony, South Russia F12514
2 FLAMING / JANTZ  8 Nov 1877Kuban Colony, South Russia F14519
3 FRANSEN / PANKRATZ  6 Apr 1887Kuban Colony, South Russia F41100
4 MARTENS / BERGTHOLD  Abt May 1874Kuban Colony, South Russia F12811
5 POETKER / WIENS  12 May 1907Kuban Colony, South Russia F39926
6 SCHMIDT / ISAAC  5 Jun 1866Kuban Colony, South Russia F23443
7 STOBBE / FRIESEN  13 Apr 1899Kuban Colony, South Russia F27435
8 WIENS / MIERAU  14 Dec 1883Kuban Colony, South Russia F39927
9 ZIMMERMAN / DEFEHR  Abt 1865Kuban Colony, South Russia F34766