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Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin


Notes: Waterville is a town in Pepin County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was 859 at the 2000 census. The unincorporated community of Arkansaw is located within the eastern portion of the town.

City/Town : Latitude: 44.625978800, Longitude: -92.046915100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAUER, Edward Gordon  26 Aug 1939Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I55047
2 BAUER, Gary G.  17 Nov 1937Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I55046
3 BIGNELL, Blanche  8 May 1913Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I39665
4 BIGNELL, Doris  Abt 1919Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45239
5 BIGNELL, Eliza Jane (Janney)  21 Nov 1867Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I1749
6 BIGNELL, Ernest  5 Oct 1915Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45238
7 BIGNELL, Gerald E.  5 Jun 1916Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45630
8 BIGNELL, Gladys  Abt 1923Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45240
9 BIGNELL, Harold  18 Sep 1913Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45237
10 BIGNELL, Infant Daughter  Abt 1868Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I54873
11 BIGNELL, Lester G.  27 Jul 1935Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I54767
12 BIGNELL, Levi  Abt 1869Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I54874
13 BIGNELL, Margaret Laverl  Abt 1917Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I54872
14 BIGNELL, Martha  15 Feb 1933Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45241
15 BIGNELL, Myrtle  Abt 1925Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I54766
16 BIGNELL, Percy Henry  10 Sep 1929Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45243
17 BIGNELL, Vaughn E.  1 Apr 1919Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45631
18 BIGNELL, Wilford  28 Jun 1927Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45242
19 CATARACT, Claude  3 Oct 1921Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I55531
20 CATURIA, Carl Lynn Lyman  24 Sep 1907Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I60116
21 DEMARCE, Lyle James  11 Sep 1911Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I52051
22 DEMARCE, Norma Irene  26 Jan 1914Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45202
23 GILMORE, Edward D.  1 Oct 1888Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I54706
24 GIRARD, Merwyn James (Jim)  12 Jul 1924Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I54887
25 HIGHT, Alta M.  18 Oct 1882Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I44473
26 HIGHT, Clyde Willard  29 Nov 1891Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I44476
27 HIGHT, Eva J.  Abt Nov 1887Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I44474
28 HIGHT, Jacob  Abt 1866Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I44471
29 HIGHT, John  12 Dec 1864Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I44470
30 HIGHT, Josiah Joseph Jr.  12 Dec 1860Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I1707
31 HIGHT, Ruth Lavina  29 Oct 1889Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I44475
32 HILL, Ida Elma  12 Jun 1914Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45760
33 KING, May Belle  Abt May 1885Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45786
34 LAPEAN, Richard Harold  25 Apr 1905Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I55513
35 LAPEAN, Roy Vern  27 Apr 1899Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45648
36 MANOR, Harold J.  8 Sep 1905Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45769
37 MANOR, Laura S.  Abt Dec 1919Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45771
38 MANOR, Lyman J.  2 Sep 1912Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45770
39 METCALF, Alonzo  18 Dec 1885Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45608
40 METCALF, Burr  14 Jan 1894Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45610
41 METCALF, Mildred Marie  9 Apr 1900Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45611
42 METCALF, Owen  10 Feb 1892Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45609
43 METCALF, Willis Alexander  7 Jul 1907Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45632
44 OGDEN, Lynn  Abt 1904Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45667
45 PLACE, Arthur  Abt 1868Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I47889
46 PLACE, Peleg  Abt 1865Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45254
47 RANDS, Asa Leroy  18 Jul 1872Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45604
48 RANDS, Charles A.  Abt Mar 1870Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I1799
49 RANDS, Dora Theresa  14 Jun 1868Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45603
50 RANDS, Effie Lee  26 Jan 1893Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45621

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BIGNELL, Infant Daughter  Abt 1868Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I54873
2 BIGNELL, Levi  Abt 1869Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I54874
3 BIGNELL, Margaret Laverl  Abt 1919Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I54872
4 HOFACKER, Josephine Hannah Mary  1 Mar 1912Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I47884
5 KELLY, Eliza  18 Nov 1900Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I47882
6 MILLER, Mary Jane  20 Jul 1896Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45730
7 PATRAW, Amanda  19 Oct 1936Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45639
8 PLACE, Levi Addison  26 Apr 1901Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I36240
9 PLACE, Nancy  20 Oct 1938Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I39658
10 RANDS, Eli  12 May 1949Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45622
11 WAKEFIELD, Elvert  11 Jan 1907Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I55379
12 WAKEFIELD, James Wesley  10 Aug 1955Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45724
13 WAKEFIELD, John Bert  5 Feb 1919Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I45732
14 WAKEFIELD, Samuel Jackson  20 Dec 1901Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin I36911


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BIGNELL / RITCHIE  12 Apr 1887Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin F88
2 CARRINGTON / HECK  8 Oct 1872Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin F25183
3 DEMARCE / LAPEAN  4 Nov 1880Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin F32302
4 HOYT / BISHOP  1 Aug 1875Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin F30054
5 RICE / HOYT  21 Mar 1941Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin F30080
6 WARREN / HIGHT  18 Nov 1876Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin F29966
7 WHITE / PLACE  Abt Jun 1866Waterville, Pepin, Wisconsin F32188