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Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin


Arkansaw is an unincorporated census-designated place in the eastern portion of the town of Waterville, in Pepin County, Wisconsin. Located approximately 3 miles west of Durand, it has the ZIP code of 54721. As of the 2010 census, its population was 177. From 1881 to 1886, the community was the county seat of Pepin County.

Arkansaw was founded in the early 1850s at a crossing of Arkansaw Creek, a tributary of the Eau Galle River. Initially built around lumbering, the first sawmill was opened in the community in 1852. The community was originally built near the center of 3 dams within a mile of each other on Arkansaw Creek. All three were wiped out in a flood in 1907. Arkansaw Creek was named in honor of the Arkansas River. Today, the course of the creek runs through Arkansaw Creek Park.

City/Town : Latitude: 44.633783800, Longitude: -92.031161000


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BASHAW, Edna R.  17 Sep 1870Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I55601
2 BAUER, Edward Charles  3 Mar 1913Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I55044
3 BIGNELL, Abner  12 Jul 1912Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I39664
4 BIGNELL, Elwood Erwin  24 Aug 1900Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I1786
5 BIGNELL, Emery Raymond  17 May 1932Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I47750
6 BIGNELL, Florence F.  13 Feb 1939Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54661
7 BIGNELL, Franklin  12 Jan 1891Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I47891
8 BIGNELL, Jack Elwood  9 Mar 1944Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54789
9 BIGNELL, James Byrd  25 Jun 1870Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I1751
10 BIGNELL, Kenneth Kanasaw  29 Feb 1924Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I1779
11 BIGNELL, Lillian Martha  25 Jan 1883Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I1757
12 BIGNELL, Lois Ilene  14 Apr 1925Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45636
13 BIGNELL, Raymond Albert  22 Sep 1884Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I93
14 BRUNETTE, Ruth Marie  2 Nov 1922Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54664
15 CATURA, Robert Leonard  23 Nov 1924Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I55045
16 CATURIA, George Jacob  11 Mar 1870Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I55600
17 CATURIA, Jerry Joseph  21 Dec 1880Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I60118
18 CLARK, Myrtle L.  3 Jan 1905Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I39656
19 HEATH, Dale Richard  7 Oct 1933Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I62485
20 HEATH, Florence Irene  8 Apr 1928Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45712
21 HIGHT, Allen Austin  19 Mar 1894Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I44477
22 HILL, Bertha A.  8 Oct 1875Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I1759
23 HOYT, Herbert Manford  29 Jul 1888Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I44677
24 LAPEAN, Barbara Vetrice  7 Sep 1933Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54679
25 LAPEAN, Elwood Emery  11 Sep 1923Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45651
26 LAPEAN, Vadne Doris  14 Feb 1920Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45649
27 LAPEAN, Vera June  2 Jun 1921Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45650
28 LONGSDORF, Larry Lee  4 Sep 1932Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54774
29 MANOR, Orlin  22 Jun 1881Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45768
30 MANOR, William McKinley (Mac)  31 Aug 1896Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I47892
31 RICHARDSON, Faye Charleen  17 Apr 1929Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54900
32 SCOTT, Juanita Ann  7 Apr 1921Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I47743
33 SEMPLE, Minnie  27 Sep 1894Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45571
34 STEWART, Genevieve  20 May 1928Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I62324
35 STEWART, Myrtle Marie  24 Dec 1926Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I61820
36 THOMPSON, Irene Marie  20 May 1926Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I55487
37 THOMPSON, John D. Jr.  30 Apr 1902Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I47742
38 WHITE, Bertha  Abt 1915Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54818
39 WHITE, George  30 Mar 1930Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54819
40 WHITE, Ioma D.  29 Sep 1913Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54817
41 WHITE, Mabel  Abt 1931Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54820


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAUER, Gary G.  13 Jun 2012Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I55046
2 BIGNELL, Edison  11 Nov 1986Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I39645
3 BIGNELL, Emery Raymond  13 Nov 1995Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I47750
4 BIGNELL, Fargo  29 Nov 1981Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I1792
5 BIGNELL, James Byrd  5 Dec 1955Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I1751
6 BIGNELL, Louis  8 Sep 1987Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I39647
7 BIGNELL, Orlin  8 Nov 1978Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I39635
8 BRUNETTE, Jeremiah John  15 Oct 1974Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45644
9 CATURIA, George Jacob  29 May 1934Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I55600
10 CATURIA, Winfield  30 Jun 1932Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45640
11 DEMARCE, Seymour James  21 May 1909Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I47886
12 HOYT, Grace Naoma  21 Sep 1963Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I44503
13 HOYT, Tesco J.  Abt Sep 1979Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I44603
14 HOYT, Zulita Lucille  4 Mar 1980Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I44600
15 JOHNSON, Hattie Olive  28 Jun 1993Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I60117
16 KRALEWSKI, Thomas Francis  15 Oct 1981Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I44605
17 LAPEAN, Roy Vern  4 Apr 1956Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45648
18 LONGSDORF, Norma Elizabeth  11 Aug 1928Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54784
19 MANOR, Harold J.  Abt Mar 1968Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45769
20 MANORE, Sarah Louise Blanche  17 Mar 1950Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I60119
21 PATRAW, Maryette C.  11 May 1938Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45641
22 PLACE, Charles  21 Jul 1894Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I47690
23 PLACE, Delcenia  16 Jan 1926Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I126
24 RAGETH, Dale A.  27 May 1994Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I44621
25 SCHOFIELD, Gladys Irene  24 Apr 2009Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I54665
26 SCHULTZ, Herman Paul Bertram  29 Jan 1979Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45671
27 STEWART, Etta  16 Nov 1982Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I1762
28 STEWART, Richard  14 Dec 1966Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I47740
29 SYLVESTER, Charles Wesson  28 Oct 1985Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I47798
30 WAKEFIELD, Florence William  2 Aug 1950Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45726
31 WARREN, Myrtle Marie  4 Nov 1982Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin I45668


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRUNETTE / BIGNELL  5 May 1897Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin F1241
2 DEMARCE / RICHARDSON  24 Mar 1913Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin F32301
3 MANOR / RITCHIE  19 Nov 1893Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin F32307
4 NELSON / LAPEAN  14 Feb 1944Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin F30771