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Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska


Notes: Gage County is a county located in the U.S. state of Nebraska. As of 2010, the population was 22,311. Its county seat is Beatrice.
In the Nebraska license plate system, Gage County is represented by the prefix 3 (it had the third-largest number of vehicles registered in the state when the license plate system was established in 1922).
Gage County was formed with land taken from the Oto Reservation in an 1854 treaty. It was named after the minister William D. Gage.


Latitude: 40.265926900, Longitude: -96.746691300


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLAASSEN, Bernhard (Ben) A.  30 Aug 1893Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I56042
2 CLAASSEN, Johannes Peter  3 Jun 1907Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59638
3 DUECK, Frank Gerhard  25 Jan 1896Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I16202
4 DUECK, John Peter  4 Nov 1897Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37284
5 DYCK, Anna  1 Nov 1895Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I16016
6 DYCK, Helene  3 Jun 1899Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I18288
7 DYCK, Henry Jacob  13 Feb 1894Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I18184
8 DYCK, Katharine (Katie)  16 Sep 1897Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I18185
9 DYCK, Marie  26 Oct 1892Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I15961
10 FAST, Anna  11 May 1885Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I36101
11 FRIESEN, Reuben  24 Feb 1916Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I51385
12 HAMM, Catherina  26 Dec 1886Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I36103
13 HAMM, Franz  20 May 1893Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I51287
14 HAMM, Gerhard Wilhelm  13 Jul 1922Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37288
15 HAMM, John  22 Jul 1891Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I16015
16 HAMM, Margaretha  25 Jul 1883Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I30906
17 HAMM, Marie  14 Jul 1879Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37266
18 JANSEN, Elisabeth (Betty) Albertine  28 Sep 1892Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59241
19 PENNER, Martha  11 Nov 1909Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37282
20 SCHMIDT, Ernst Heinrich  5 Dec 1915Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I53017
21 THIESSEN, Catharina  21 Sep 1883Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37183
22 TIAHRT, Frank  6 Sep 1891Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I49183


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLAASSEN, Anna Gertrude  18 Sep 1971Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I36102
2 CLAASSEN, Aron E.  8 Sep 1929Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7534
3 CLAASSEN, Johann  31 May 1886Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I58736
4 CLAASSEN, Johannes Peter  27 Oct 1971Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59638
5 CLAASSEN, Johannes T.  9 Nov 1956Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59640
6 ENNS, Christina  12 Aug 1969Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59637
7 ENSZ, Anna  14 Feb 1967Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59643
8 ENSZ, Catharina  5 Nov 1890Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I48462
9 ENSZ, Gerhard  23 Oct 1912Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59653
10 FRIESEN, Anna  20 Oct 1934Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7539
11 FRIESEN, Anna H.  28 Jun 1897Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7522
12 FRIESEN, Helena H.  2 Dec 1897Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7519
13 FRIESEN, Isaac B.  25 Mar 1929Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7667
14 FRIESEN, Johannes H.  26 Jan 1891Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7524
15 GOOSSEN, Catharine  19 Apr 1883Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I48438
16 JANTZEN, Johann  5 Oct 1903Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I39084
17 JANTZEN, Katharine  24 Nov 1947Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I53021
18 JANZEN, Anna  10 Oct 1924Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7529
19 JANZEN, Cornelius  13 Dec 1894Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7526
20 JANZEN, Peter  6 Jun 1923Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7528
21 KROEKER, Bernhard H.  7 Dec 1997Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I20578
22 PENNER, Andreas  Bef 1900Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I48437
23 PENNER, Anna  19 Nov 1904Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I48509
24 PENNER, Gertrude  2 Jan 1915Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7533
25 SCHMIDT, Cornelius F.  25 Nov 1961Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I53022
26 THIESEN, Elisabeth  Abt Apr 1905Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37190
27 TOEWS, Gertrude  5 Feb 1943Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I58737
28 WEDEL, Elisabeth  28 Aug 1874Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I31778
29 WHITNEY, Alice  14 Nov 1889Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I48503
30 WIEBE, Catherina  29 Aug 1898Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I39088
31 WIEBE, Gerhard A.  17 Jun 1942Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I15950
32 WIEBE, Heinrich Jacob  5 Nov 1889Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I49247
33 WIEBE, Maria  29 Mar 1909Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7540
34 ZIMMERMANN, Rev. Johann Heinrich  9 Feb 1902Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I48508


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLAASSEN, Johann  3 Jun 1886Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I58736
2 JANTZEN, Johann  Abt Oct 1903Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I39084
3 JANTZEN, Katharine  Abt Nov 1947Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I53021
4 JANZEN, Peter  8 Jun 1923Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7528
5 SCHMIDT, Cornelius F.  Abt Nov 1961Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I53022
6 WIEBE, Catherina  Abt Sep 1898Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I39088


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CLAASSEN, Abraham Gustav  18 May 1891Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I18567
2 CLAASSEN, Anna Gertrude  13 May 1894Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I36102
3 CLAASSEN, Johannes Peter  31 May 1925Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59638
4 CLAASSEN, Johannes T.  3 Jun 1895Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59640
5 CLAASSEN, Marie Johanna  3 Jun 1895Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I18182
6 DUECK, Johannes Jacob  24 May 1885Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37198
7 ENNS, Christina  27 May 1901Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59637
8 HAMM, Gerhard Wilhelm  12 May 1940Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37288
9 HAMM, Marie  25 May 1896Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37266
10 HORN, Anna  26 May 1890Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I42782
11 JANTZEN, Marie Magdalene  8 Jun 1924Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I59644
12 JANZEN, Cornelius F.  6 Jun 1892Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7532
13 JANZEN, John  10 Jun 1878Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7530
14 PENNER, Albertine A.  20 Feb 1881Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I7535
15 PENNER, Martha  27 May 1928Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37282
16 THIMM, Elisabeth  18 May 1891Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37197
17 TIAHRT, Elise  Abt 1884Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I23093
18 WIEBE, Gertrude Katharina  14 Jun 1903Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I52134
19 ZIMMERMANN, Anna Elisabeth  14 May 1883Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I48507


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 CLAASSEN, Abraham Gustav  5 Oct 1888Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I18567
2 CLAASSEN, Anna Catharine  5 Oct 1888Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I18180
3 CLAASSEN, Jacob E.  5 Oct 1888Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I18178
4 NICKEL, Anna  5 Oct 1888Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska I37265


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLAASSEN / ENNS  16 Feb 1905Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska F40052
2 CLAASSEN / JANZEN  9 Jan 1879Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska F5476
3 DUECK / THIMM  29 Mar 1894Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska F25347
4 DYCK / CLAASSEN  1 Oct 1891Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska F11465
5 DYCK / PENNER  4 Sep 1936Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska F14017
6 FAST / TIAHRT  17 May 1883Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska F13605
7 FRIESEN / WHITNEY  9 Sep 1879Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska F5480
8 FRIESEN / ZIMMERMANN  14 May 1891Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska F32728
9 JANZEN / PENNER  4 May 1877Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska F5475
10 WIEBE / CLAASSEN  1 Dec 1898Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska F11893