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Corn, Washita, Oklahoma


Tree: Reid Family

Originally the name of the town of Corn was spelled Korn, but was changed during World War I due to anti-German sentiment. There are several stories as to how the town received the name Corn. However, the most commonly believed story is that the town received its name because its first post office was in a corn field.

The town was originally settled by German and Russian Mennonites. In the late 1800s, around the time of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Land Run, a Mennonite Brethren missionary stationed nearby invited fellow Mennonites from Kansas to homestead in the area. They brought along "Turkey Red" wheat, which grew well in the western Oklahoma soil. On its one-hundredth birthday the town received a historical marker celebrating this accomplishment.

World War I brought harassment by vigilantes and the county Council of Defense on many of the Germans and Mennonites that lived in and around Corn. Not only did the town change its name during this time, but a German newspaper ceased operation.

The town is also known for being the second tornado filmed in history (and the first in the United States), on June 8, 1951. The first known tornado captured on film was a waterspout in Cuba in 1933.

On April 23, 2010 the public school in Corn, Washita Heights, closed due to lack of students in the district and lack of funding from the state. The nearby town of Cordell took over the district. The private school, Corn Bible, still remains open.

The population was 503 at the 2010 census.

City/Town : Latitude: 35.378109200, Longitude: -98.782017400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAERGEN, Elizabeth  7 Nov 1907Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21959 Reid Family 
2 BAERGEN, Katherine Maria  11 Jul 1914Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I20172 Reid Family 
3 BALZER, Marie Nellie  14 Jun 1899Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17037 Reid Family 
4 BARTEL, Lorene Anna  6 Apr 1930Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I58643 Reid Family 
5 BARTEL, Peter Henry  28 Jul 1920Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19488 Reid Family 
6 BERGMAN, Menno E.  27 Jan 1908Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19472 Reid Family 
7 BERGMANN, Edna M.  28 Jul 1920Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I50607 Reid Family 
8 BERGMANN, Katharina K.  1 Feb 1900Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19478 Reid Family 
9 BERGMANN, Lydia  6 Nov 1895Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19475 Reid Family 
10 BOESE, Herbert George  28 Oct 1915Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19636 Reid Family 
11 DICK, Marie  16 Aug 1900Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I51404 Reid Family 
12 DUERKSEN, Emerson Paul  25 Jan 1925Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19840 Reid Family 
13 DUERKSEN, Marcellus John  18 Oct 1923Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19866 Reid Family 
14 DUERKSEN, Oliver Earl  13 May 1922Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19851 Reid Family 
15 DUERKSEN, 1st Lt. Phyllis Marlene  3 Nov 1923Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19852 Reid Family 
16 DUERKSEN, Rowena Louise  1 May 1932Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19868 Reid Family 
17 DUERKSEN, Viola Marion  12 Mar 1920Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I34736 Reid Family 
18 DYCK, Selma ‘Elizabeth’  22 Dec 1919Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21607 Reid Family 
19 EDIGER, Fay ‘Mildred’  26 Oct 1925Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I25497 Reid Family 
20 ENGEL, Elmer Lewis  14 Nov 1911Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I20317 Reid Family 
21 ENGLE, Harvey E.  18 Nov 1910Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I34712 Reid Family 
22 FAST, David Cecil  24 Sep 1902Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35306 Reid Family 
23 FAST, Edwin Jacob  11 Sep 1915Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I50605 Reid Family 
24 FAST, Harold Elvern  19 May 1929Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35305 Reid Family 
25 FAST, Harry Herbert  19 Aug 1923Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I23807 Reid Family 
26 FAST, Martha  4 Aug 1895Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I58191 Reid Family 
27 FAST, Priscilla  10 Dec 1934Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35742 Reid Family 
28 FLAMING, Albert Henry  25 Aug 1897Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17106 Reid Family 
29 FLAMING, Anna  25 Jan 1900Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17107 Reid Family 
30 FLAMING, Clara  2 Feb 1903Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17110 Reid Family 
31 FLAMING, Edward Robert  24 Jan 1911Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17113 Reid Family 
32 FLAMING, Ernest B.  18 Apr 1899Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I36976 Reid Family 
33 FLAMING, Heinrich  21 Sep 1901Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17108 Reid Family 
34 FLAMING, Helen Erna  4 Jul 1916Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17116 Reid Family 
35 FLAMING, Herman B. R.  27 Jun 1894Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19832 Reid Family 
36 FLAMING, Joel Albert  19 Sep 1920Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17120 Reid Family 
37 FLAMING, Karl  14 Feb 1913Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17114 Reid Family 
38 FLAMING, Lohrenz Allen  21 Jun 1925Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17121 Reid Family 
39 FLAMING, Lydia Matilda  21 Feb 1895Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I20394 Reid Family 
40 FLAMING, Menno  17 Apr 1905Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17111 Reid Family 
41 FLAMING, Peter  21 Sep 1901Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17109 Reid Family 
42 FLAMING, Selma  29 Dec 1906Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17112 Reid Family 
43 FLAMING, Viola Grace  20 Feb 1920Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17117 Reid Family 
44 FLAMING, Wesley Harry  17 Aug 1914Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17115 Reid Family 
45 FRANZ, Eldon Glen  14 Jun 1934Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19981 Reid Family 
46 FRANZ, Elisabeth  18 Oct 1913Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I39698 Reid Family 
47 FRIESEN, Aldene Joy  6 Sep 1934Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19892 Reid Family 
48 FRIESEN, Harry  9 Jul 1919Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I40171 Reid Family 
49 FRIESEN, Hilda  30 Sep 1914Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19940 Reid Family 
50 FRIESEN, Martha  20 Oct 1920Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19948 Reid Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID   Tree 
1 BALZER, Marie Nellie  25 Jul 1915Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17037 Reid Family 
2 BARTEL, Cornelius David  19 Jun 1937Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19489 Reid Family 
3 BARTEL, Henry John  30 Mar 1924Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35588 Reid Family 
4 BARTEL, Sara Olga  16 Jun 1918Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I34814 Reid Family 
5 BERGMANN, Edna M.  4 Nov 1934Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I50607 Reid Family 
6 BERGMANN, Isaac  6 Jan 1909Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I50644 Reid Family 
7 BERGMANN, Johann  6 Jan 1909Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17832 Reid Family 
8 BERGMANN, Katharina  7 Apr 1912Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17833 Reid Family 
9 BERGMANN, Maria  6 Jan 1909Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I34734 Reid Family 
10 BOESE, Helena  11 Sep 1908Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19645 Reid Family 
11 BOESE, Kathrina  23 Mar 1912Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19646 Reid Family 
12 BROWN, Irene R.  13 Nov 1932Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35589 Reid Family 
13 CLASSEN, Dietrich John  24 Feb 1895Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I58866 Reid Family 
14 DICK, Cornelius H.  2 Dec 1906Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35601 Reid Family 
15 DUERKSEN, Abraham Gilbert  2 Dec 1906Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I34735 Reid Family 
16 DUERKSEN, Peter W.  7 Apr 1912Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I18981 Reid Family 
17 DUERKSEN, Viola Marion  10 Oct 1937Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I34736 Reid Family 
18 DYCK, David H.  7 Apr 1912Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21606 Reid Family 
19 DYCK, Selma ‘Elizabeth’  10 Oct 1937Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21607 Reid Family 
20 ENGEL, Elmer Lewis  4 Nov 1934Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I20317 Reid Family 
21 ENGEL, Friedrich A.  Abt May 1912Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17360 Reid Family 
22 FAST, David Cecil  16 Jun 1918Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35306 Reid Family 
23 FAST, Helena W.  1 Jun 1903Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I18546 Reid Family 
24 FISCHER, Katarina (Tina)  2 Dec 1906Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17496 Reid Family 
25 FLAMING, Ernest B.  20 May 1923Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I36976 Reid Family 
26 FLAMING, Gerhard Bert  15 Oct 1905Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I16274 Reid Family 
27 FLAMING, Heinrich Andreas  Abt May 1875Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I16179 Reid Family 
28 FLAMING, Rev. Heinrich H.  15 Nov 1895Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I15848 Reid Family 
29 FLAMING, Lydia Matilda  Abt 1924Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I20394 Reid Family 
30 FLAMING, Maria  30 Jun 1918Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I20416 Reid Family 
31 FLAMING, Maria Clara  30 Jun 1918Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19829 Reid Family 
32 FLAMING, Menno  16 Jan 1927Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17111 Reid Family 
33 FLAMING, Selma  16 May 1920Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17112 Reid Family 
34 FRANZ, Elizabeth  20 Apr 1924Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19977 Reid Family 
35 FRANZ, Peter Gustav  Abt 1908Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19030 Reid Family 
36 FRANZ, Susan A.  16 May 1920Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35307 Reid Family 
37 FRIESEN, Rev. Daniel Erstis  30 Mar 1924Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19890 Reid Family 
38 FRIESEN, Emma  29 Oct 1922Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I33144 Reid Family 
39 FRIESEN, Frieda  8 Oct 1939Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I60581 Reid Family 
40 FRIESEN, Harry  25 Aug 1940Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I40171 Reid Family 
41 FRIESEN, Herman A.  16 Jun 1918Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19939 Reid Family 
42 FRIESEN, Hilda  17 Sep 1950Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19940 Reid Family 
43 FRIESEN, Katharina  9 Aug 1903Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19970 Reid Family 
44 FRIESEN, Martha  8 Oct 1939Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19948 Reid Family 
45 FRIESEN, Martha M.  16 Jun 1918Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21068 Reid Family 
46 FRIESEN, Ruby Evelyn  6 May 1936Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17481 Reid Family 
47 FROESE, Margaret  30 Mar 1924Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21476 Reid Family 
48 FUNK, Adina  10 Oct 1937Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I24739 Reid Family 
49 FUNK, Agatha  4 Jun 1900Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I24659 Reid Family 
50 FUNK, Anna  22 Nov 1914Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19467 Reid Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADRIAN, Helena  5 Aug 1985Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I18975 Reid Family 
2 BAERGEN, Jacob G.  4 Feb 1944Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17703 Reid Family 
3 BAKER, James Douglas  16 Nov 1975Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I51840 Reid Family 
4 BALZER, David  25 Oct 1901Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19463 Reid Family 
5 BALZER, Marie Nellie  11 Oct 1992Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17037 Reid Family 
6 BARTEL, Eva  26 Oct 1963Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I34738 Reid Family 
7 BARTEL, Heinrich A.  28 Jan 1944Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I39737 Reid Family 
8 BARTEL, Henry John  7 Jul 1978Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35588 Reid Family 
9 BARTEL, Peter Heinrich  26 Mar 1940Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17691 Reid Family 
10 BARTEL, Sara Olga  22 Apr 1997Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I34814 Reid Family 
11 BAUER, Elisabeth  15 Feb 1906Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I30847 Reid Family 
12 BECKER, Eva  26 Jan 1911Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I20634 Reid Family 
13 BERG, Peter Jacob  5 Mar 1921Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I40309 Reid Family 
14 BERGMANN, Katharina  17 Nov 1920Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17833 Reid Family 
15 BERGMANN, Lydia  29 Jan 1980Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19475 Reid Family 
16 BERGMANN, Peter P.  4 Jul 1901Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17826 Reid Family 
17 BERGMANN, Sarah  22 Jun 1973Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17834 Reid Family 
18 BERGTHOLD, Rev. Heinrich  18 Mar 1933Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I37021 Reid Family 
19 BOESE, Anna  24 Jun 1970Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19644 Reid Family 
20 BOESE, Heinrich S.  24 Nov 1970Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19639 Reid Family 
21 BOESE, Helena  5 Oct 1981Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19645 Reid Family 
22 BOESE, Herbert George  31 Aug 1916Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19636 Reid Family 
23 BOESE, Johann J.  2 Aug 1924Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19631 Reid Family 
24 BOESE, Kathrina  11 Aug 1988Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19646 Reid Family 
25 BOESE, Maria  9 May 1905Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17507 Reid Family 
26 BROWN, Benjamin Franklin  15 Aug 2008Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I28882 Reid Family 
27 BULLER, Abraham A.  20 Feb 1993Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21860 Reid Family 
28 BULLER, Margaretha  22 Dec 1937Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I16492 Reid Family 
29 BULLER, Maria  30 Oct 1913Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17038 Reid Family 
30 BUSHMAN, Anna  6 Dec 1961Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19745 Reid Family 
31 BUSHMAN, Edna Helen  6 Sep 1998Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I32884 Reid Family 
32 DE FEHR, Jacob Abraham  5 Sep 1938Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I33936 Reid Family 
33 DICK, Cornelius H.  22 Jan 1990Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35601 Reid Family 
34 DUECK, Johann H.  28 Mar 1937Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21250 Reid Family 
35 DUERKSEN, Abraham Gilbert  9 Jan 1978Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I34735 Reid Family 
36 DUERKSEN, Rev. Johann F.  1 May 1932Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I18153 Reid Family 
37 DUERKSEN, Maria  8 Jul 1953Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I50761 Reid Family 
38 DUERKSEN, Mathilda  7 Sep 1988Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I22650 Reid Family 
39 DUERKSEN, Viola Marion  18 Dec 1977Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I34736 Reid Family 
40 DYCK, David H.  14 Oct 1973Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21606 Reid Family 
41 DYCK, Selma ‘Elizabeth’  21 Jun 2004Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21607 Reid Family 
42 EDIGER, Agatha T.  4 Feb 1938Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I36193 Reid Family 
43 EDIGER, Anna  20 Jan 1931Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I8171 Reid Family 
44 EDIGER, Bertha M.  30 Mar 2000Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I24651 Reid Family 
45 EDIGER, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  3 Jan 1942Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I19556 Reid Family 
46 EDIGER, Jacob Henry  20 Sep 1944Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I21290 Reid Family 
47 EKKERT, Maria  23 Jan 1909Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I18941 Reid Family 
48 ENGEL, Ferdinand  4 Apr 1928Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17358 Reid Family 
49 ENGEL, Friedrich A.  24 Feb 1972Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I17360 Reid Family 
50 ENNS, Agatha  23 Sep 1908Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I30789 Reid Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 DUERKSEN, Abraham D.  Aft 7 Nov 1947Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I64197 Reid Family 
2 RICHERT, Susanna  Aft 22 Jan 1927Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I64196 Reid Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 GOOSSEN, Anna  Abt 1910Corn, Washita, Oklahoma I35603 Reid Family 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 BABICH / KROEKER  28 Jun 1957Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F14773 Reid Family 
2 BARTEL / BROWN  5 Nov 1933Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F24384 Reid Family 
3 BARTEL / KLIEWER  7 Jan 1915Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F14176 Reid Family 
4 BARTEL / KROEKER  14 Jan 1945Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F14178 Reid Family 
5 BECKER / FRIESEN  2 Mar 1941Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F12881 Reid Family 
6 BERG / SAWATZKY  27 May 1961Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F21705 Reid Family 
7 BERGEN / KROEKER  16 Apr 1937Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F17005 Reid Family 
8 BERGMANN / RICHERT  6 Feb 1906Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F13104 Reid Family 
9 BERGTHOLD / JUST  11 Jun 1911Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F25238 Reid Family 
10 BROWN / PAULS  29 Feb 1948Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F17051 Reid Family 
11 CLASSEN / DUERKSEN  2 Aug 1901Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F39581 Reid Family 
12 DALKE / FUNK  27 Jul 1956Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F20074 Reid Family 
13 DEUTSCHENDORF / HEIDEBRECHT  11 Nov 1943Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F39839 Reid Family 
14 DICK / GOOSEN  17 Apr 1932Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F24390 Reid Family 
15 DUERKSEN / HARMS  5 Jun 1921Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F14458 Reid Family 
16 DUERKSEN / KROEKER  28 Sep 1924Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F13350 Reid Family 
17 DUERKSEN / WARKENTIN  17 Sep 1922Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F13856 Reid Family 
18 DYCK / NIKKEL  14 Feb 1915Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F12456 Reid Family 
19 EDIGER / WEDEL  2 Apr 1924Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F15658 Reid Family 
20 ENGEL / REIMER  6 Jun 1936Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F12895 Reid Family 
21 ENGLE / UNGER  27 Oct 1935Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F17625 Reid Family 
22 FAST / BERGMANN  17 Dec 1963Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F34136 Reid Family 
23 FAST / FRANZ  6 Sep 1925Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F24236 Reid Family 
24 FAST / SCHAPANSKY  27 Nov 1899Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F11538 Reid Family 
25 FAST / SIEMENS  14 Apr 1908Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F10612 Reid Family 
26 FLAMING / BOESE  14 May 1957Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F26967 Reid Family 
27 FLAMING / BUSCHMAN  20 Jun 1875Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F11889 Reid Family 
28 FLAMING / KROEKER  15 Nov 1896Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F11475 Reid Family 
29 FLAMING / KROEKER  16 Dec 1944Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F17091 Reid Family 
30 FLAMING / REGIER  Abt Oct 1906Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F11467 Reid Family 
31 FLAMING / REIMER  6 Jul 1952Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F12602 Reid Family 
32 FLAMING / SCHAPANSKY  10 May 1903Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F15168 Reid Family 
33 FLAMING / WOHLGEMUTH  31 Mar 1918Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F12596 Reid Family 
34 FRANTZ / REIMER  25 Mar 1951Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F17484 Reid Family 
35 FRANZ / REIMER  13 Jun 1954Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F14532 Reid Family 
36 FRIESEN / BERGMANN  6 Jan 1905Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F13105 Reid Family 
37 FRIESEN / HIEBERT  1 Jan 1908Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F21536 Reid Family 
38 FRIESEN / JANZEN  2 May 1942Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F27228 Reid Family 
39 FRIESEN / REIMER  1 Oct 1933Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F14482 Reid Family 
40 FUNK / SAWATZKY  3 Oct 1909Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F32127 Reid Family 
41 GOERTZ / BAUER  8 Jun 1881Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F21628 Reid Family 
42 GOERTZEN / KLIEWER  14 Mar 1896Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F39165 Reid Family 
43 GOERTZEN / NACHTIGAL  30 Nov 1924Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F39168 Reid Family 
44 GUENTHER / REIMER  24 Jan 1907Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F14605 Reid Family 
45 HARMS / DELESKY  Abt 1883Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F13109 Reid Family 
46 HARMS / KROEKER  28 Jul 1900Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F13540 Reid Family 
47 HEIDEBRECHT / VOGT  13 Jul 1951Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F14630 Reid Family 
48 HEINRICHS / FRANZ  27 Apr 1941Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F19933 Reid Family 
49 HEINRICHS / JANZEN  29 Nov 1985Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F21954 Reid Family 
50 HEINRICHS / REIMER  22 Apr 1954Corn, Washita, Oklahoma F17328 Reid Family 

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