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Genealogies of the David REID and Evelyn SCHROEDER families
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Crimea Colony, South Russia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEKKER, Helena  14 May 1870Crimea Colony, South Russia I51010
2 BLOCK, Maria S.  7 Jul 1874Crimea Colony, South Russia I30275
3 BORN, Peter W.  24 Feb 1881Crimea Colony, South Russia I42363
4 DICK, Liese  24 Mar 1901Crimea Colony, South Russia I36013
5 EDIGER, Johann S.  12 May 1873Crimea Colony, South Russia I31383
6 EDIGER, Margaretha  6 Sep 1861Crimea Colony, South Russia I21965
7 EDIGER, Rev. Solomon S.  16 Jun 1864Crimea Colony, South Russia I34528
8 ENNS, Margaret  2 Oct 1881Crimea Colony, South Russia I17148
9 KONRAD, Maria  21 Jan 1883Crimea Colony, South Russia I28624
10 KORNELSEN, Maria  27 Apr 1872Crimea Colony, South Russia I34683
11 KROEKER, Judith (Ida)  8 Apr 1887Crimea Colony, South Russia I25233
12 REMPEL, Susanna  19 Dec 1875Crimea Colony, South Russia I33773
13 SAWATZKY, Elisabeth (Liese)  13 Feb 1885Crimea Colony, South Russia I28731
14 UNRUH, David Johann  16 Feb 1890Crimea Colony, South Russia I25232
15 WARKENTIN, Katherine (Tina)  24 Feb 1875Crimea Colony, South Russia I15689
16 WARKENTIN, Peter J.  26 Jul 1863Crimea Colony, South Russia I17458
17 WIENS, Susanna  31 Mar 1868Crimea Colony, South Russia I19484
18 WOHLGEMUTH, Gerhard Peter  11 Aug 1846Crimea Colony, South Russia I7702
19 WOHLGEMUTH, Peter K.  31 Jan 1866Crimea Colony, South Russia I17138


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BULLER, Maria  Abt Oct 1884Crimea Colony, South Russia I31068
2 GOSSEN, Katharina Franz  15 May 1924Crimea Colony, South Russia I33775
3 KASDORF, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1864Crimea Colony, South Russia I16693
4 KLASSEN, Katharina (Tina)  11 Apr 1904Crimea Colony, South Russia I33854
5 KROEKER, Johann  Abt 1883Crimea Colony, South Russia I20246
6 KROEKER, Justina  11 Apr 1868Crimea Colony, South Russia I20518
7 UNRUH, Kornelius B.  Abt Jun 1879Crimea Colony, South Russia I31066
8 WALL, Katharina  1 Sep 1870Crimea Colony, South Russia I16665


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ENNS, Agatha  Abt Jul 1872Crimea Colony, South Russia I30789
2 FLAMING, Andreas A.  Abt May 1874Crimea Colony, South Russia I14458
3 FLAMING, Peter A.  Abt 1871Crimea Colony, South Russia I7887
4 FRIESEN, Justina F.  23 Sep 1869Crimea Colony, South Russia I7692
5 JANTZEN, Peter L.  Abt Apr 1872Crimea Colony, South Russia I16617
6 KOOP, Susanna  Crimea Colony, South Russia I33861
7 KROEKER, Judith (Ida)  8 Jun 1903Crimea Colony, South Russia I25233
8 REMPEL, Dietrich S.  Abt 1871Crimea Colony, South Russia I43517
9 WOHLGEMUTH, Gerhard Peter  21 Sep 1869Crimea Colony, South Russia I7702


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLOCK / PANKRATZ  Abt 1865Crimea Colony, South Russia F10146
2 FRIESEN / KLASSEN  2 Sep 1872Crimea Colony, South Russia F5501
3 GOERTZ / FAST  23 Jul 1865Crimea Colony, South Russia F25340
4 HARDER / KOOP  29 Aug 1904Crimea Colony, South Russia F23433
5 KORNELSEN / WIENS  6 Dec 1866Crimea Colony, South Russia F12240
6 UNRUH / KROEKER  16 Mar 1908Crimea Colony, South Russia F16386
7 VOTH / HEIDEBRECHT  10 Oct 1872Crimea Colony, South Russia F14354
8 WOHLGEMUTH / FRIESEN  Abt May 1869Crimea Colony, South Russia F5577