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Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DE VEER, Catharina (Triencke)  12 Jan 1734Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I30363
2 DILL, Peter  20 Sep 1716Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18454
3 DOELL, Peter  20 Nov 1760Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18456
4 FRIESEN, Abraham H.  24 Apr 1827Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7521
5 FRIESEN, Anna  26 Mar 1852Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7539
6 FRIESEN, Anna H.  14 Jan 1829Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7522
7 FRIESEN, Elisabeth  2 Dec 1824Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7520
8 FRIESEN, Heinrich  31 Jan 1851Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7538
9 FRIESEN, Heinrich H.  5 May 1821Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7518
10 FRIESEN, Helena H.  1 Dec 1822Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7519
11 FRIESEN, Johan  27 Apr 1819Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7517
12 FRIESEN, Johan  6 Mar 1832Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7523
13 FRIESEN, Johannes H.  25 Mar 1833Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7524
14 FRIESEN, Maria  18 Oct 1835Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7525
15 HEMPEL, Susanna  16 Mar 1750Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18207
16 LUDWIGSEN, Jacob  26 Mar 1749Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I48540
17 THIELMANN, Anna  22 Jun 1781Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18463
18 WIENS, Julius  20 Oct 1782Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I60234
19 WILCKE, Anna  19 Oct 1782Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I60215
20 WILCKE, Elisabeth  7 Mar 1752Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I49224
21 WILCKE, Jacob  30 Aug 1747Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18453
22 WILCKE, Sara  15 Mar 1722Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18452
23 ZACHARIAS, Wilhelm W.  9 Mar 1769Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I27987


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BERENTZ, Maria (Maricke)  22 Sep 1765Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I30359
2 BERG, Maria ‘Marike’  22 Sep 1749Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18455
3 DE VEER, Jacob  5 Nov 1736Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I30358
4 DILL, Peter  10 Jun 1789Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18454
5 FRIESEN, Elisabeth  27 Aug 1839Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7520
6 FRIESEN, Maria  Abt 1836Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7525
7 FRIESEN, Peter W.  24 Sep 1847Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7506
8 GROENWALD, Lucia  1 May 1683Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I49242
9 HARDER, Margaretha  3 Feb 1837Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7516
10 HEMPEL, Isaac  12 May 1762Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18208
11 JANTZEN, Elisabeth  12 Apr 1779Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I30361
12 JANZEN, Catharina  14 Mar 1737Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I48572
13 KASDORF, Isaac  18 Feb 1765Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I57963
14 KAUENHOWEN, Abraham  30 Nov 1802Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I33196
15 LEHN, Maria ‘Maricke’  4 Sep 1789Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18322
16 LUDWICHS, Barbara  22 Sep 1727Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I33221
17 THIELMANN, Isaac  18 Aug 1788Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18462
18 TIESSEN, Maria (Marike)  19 Mar 1818Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I7515
19 WIENS, Julius  18 Jan 1812Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I60234
20 WILCKE, Jacob  15 Mar 1788Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18451
21 WILCKE, Jacob  1 Sep 1799Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18453
22 WILCKE, Sara  8 Mar 1773Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18452


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BERG, Ancke  2 Jul 1730Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I57964
2 BERG, Maria ‘Marike’  3 Jul 1740Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I18455
3 KASDORF, Isaac  17 Jun 1731Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I57963
4 VON FRIESEN, Maria  Abt 1787Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I25931
5 WIENS, Julius  4 Jul 1802Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia I60234


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOLLEE / DYCK  19 Apr 1772Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia F13525
2 DE VEER / BERENTZ  25 Oct 1716Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia F20945
3 DILL / BERG  15 Oct 1747Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia F13539
4 DILL / LEHN  23 Apr 1752Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia F13400
5 FRIESEN / HARDER  21 Jun 1818Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia F5464
6 JANZEN / FRIESEN  4 May 1848Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia F5467
7 KAUENHOWEN / LOEWENS  7 Sep 1779Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia F23031
8 WIENS / WILCKE  13 Nov 1809Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia F40422
9 WILCKE / TIESSEN  7 Sep 1777Danzig-Schidlitz, Danzig, West Prussia F11623