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Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin


Durand is a city in Pepin County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was 1,968 at the 2000 census. The city is located within the Town of Durand and is also the county seat.

Originally named Bear Creek, Durand is located on the banks of the Chippewa River approximately 15 miles (24 km) from its confluence with the Mississippi River.

The Durand area was first settled in 1856 when 21 year old Miles Durand Prindle came up the river in a keel boat named the "Dutch Lady," and took government land on the site of the present city. Durand was incorporated on April 12, 1887.[3]

The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder begin here in Pepin County. A lesser known, but equally enjoyable book is Caddie Woodlawn. It takes place in Downsville, Wisconsin.

City/Town : Latitude: 44.626354300, Longitude: -91.965726000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Mildred  18 Apr 1910Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I55426
2 BERGER, Arnold Bernard  20 May 1933Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I54791
3 BIGNELL, Donald Leonard  17 Mar 1923Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45635
4 BIGNELL, James Orvin  13 Sep 1976Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I55071
5 BIGNELL, Rose Mary  23 Apr 1948Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I64115
6 BIGNELL, Ruth E.  26 Sep 1926Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I1780
7 BRANTNER, Richard Joseph  6 Aug 1957Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I54867
8 HOYT, LaVern Alton  11 Jan 1935Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I60112
9 KRALEWSKI, Lucille Waunita  3 Aug 1928Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I48392
10 KRALEWSKI, Thomas Francis  29 Nov 1895Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I44605
11 LIVINGSTON, Anna  1 Sep 1893Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45744
12 LIVINGSTON, Calvin Ervin  5 Dec 1898Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45748
13 LIVINGSTON, Charles C.  30 Oct 1896Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45747
14 LIVINGSTON, Willard  24 Sep 1894Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45746
15 LIVINGSTON, Willis  24 Sep 1894Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45745
16 LONGSDORF, Richard Arden  17 Jun 1940Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I63019
17 MANOR, Albert William  8 Aug 1916Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I47906
18 MANOR, Helen Lee  18 Apr 1915Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I47905
19 PLACE, Saphrona B.  27 Sep 1880Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I35242
20 POESCHL, Robert Lawrence  8 May 1921Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I62196
21 SCHAUB, Catherine Rhoda  7 Jan 1926Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45717
22 SCHWAB, Jack Jacob  25 Feb 1923Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I62500
23 SHAW, Mary Jane  17 May 1939Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I62491
24 SMITH, Charlotte Adeline  2 Dec 1917Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I55366


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADSIT, John F.  13 Oct 1895Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I57929
2 BAUER, Edward Gordon  31 May 1989Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I55047
3 BERGNER, Gustav Ernest  13 Mar 1972Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I58216
4 BIGNELL, Abner  13 Jan 1963Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I39664
5 BIGNELL, Blanche  31 May 2000Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I39665
6 BIGNELL, Chilelea A.  Abt Mar 1968Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I1758
7 BIGNELL, Floyd  14 Nov 1958Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I39660
8 BIGNELL, George Webster  19 Oct 1979Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I1787
9 BIGNELL, Jack Elwood  6 Nov 1999Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I54789
10 BIGNELL, Lawrence Wayne  6 Sep 1935Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I1733
11 BIGNELL, Leonard Darrel  29 Apr 1987Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I47898
12 BIGNELL, Leotta  19 Jun 1997Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I39659
13 BIGNELL, Lester G.  18 May 1998Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I54767
14 BIGNELL, Martha  29 May 1987Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45241
15 CATARACT, Claude  9 Sep 1981Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I55531
16 CATURIA, Eli  28 Nov 1945Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45638
17 GILMORE, Edward D.  5 May 1965Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I54706
18 GRANT, Fern E.  31 Oct 1991Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I39653
19 HETRICK, Floyd Charles  16 May 1965Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I54754
20 HILL, Bertha A.  20 Feb 1960Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I1759
21 HILL, Erma Helen  11 Apr 1960Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I47741
22 HOYT, Daniel James  14 Jun 1997Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I55072
23 INSCHO, Ellen Marie  3 Oct 1922Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I39641
24 INSCHO, Even H.  2 Jun 1918Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I54880
25 KERN, Hildagard L.  29 Mar 1973Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I44688
26 LAPEAN, Richard Harold  19 Dec 1975Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I55513
27 LONGSDORF, Clair David  Abt May 1968Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I1764
28 LONGSDORF, Jay Norman  14 Jun 2007Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I54776
29 LONGSDORF, Ruby Lorena  26 Mar 1996Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I1790
30 METCALF, Alexander  26 May 1917Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45607
31 METCALF, Alonzo  14 May 1969Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45608
32 METCALF, Grace M.  6 Mar 1970Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45634
33 METCALF, Owen  20 Oct 1981Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45609
34 NELSON, Esther Othelia  22 Sep 1968Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I58221
35 NIMMO, Adeline Carrie  11 Jan 2003Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45711
36 OBERDING, Flora (Flossie) C.  21 Jan 1986Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I39652
37 PLACE, Amelia Elizabeth  7 Jan 1935Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I1705
38 PLACE, Anna Rose  25 Apr 1937Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45251
39 POQUETTE, Lena Belle  3 Jun 1967Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I47827
40 PRICE, Harry Edward  13 Jan 1979Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I61822
41 RAGETH, Arnold D.  13 Oct 2008Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I44623
42 RAGETH, Edwin A.  2 May 1983Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I44620
43 RANDS, Ancil Levi  24 Sep 1935Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45625
44 RANDS, Arcella V.  22 Dec 1978Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45628
45 RANDS, John  3 Jun 1925Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I144
46 RICHARDSON, Franklin H.  15 Feb 1953Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I36924
47 RICHARDSON, Margaret Ann  29 Mar 1956Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I36925
48 SCHAUB, Henry Lessing  3 Mar 1968Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I1729
49 SCOTT, Juanita Ann  4 Apr 1965Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I47743
50 SEMPLE, Minnie  16 May 1948Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45571

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 RANDS, Arcella V.  Abt Dec 1978Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin I45628


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BIGNELL / KRALEWSKI  10 Aug 1944Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F26922
2 BIGNELL / REINHARDT  9 Dec 1917Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F76
3 BIGNELL / SCHOFIELD  19 Apr 1937Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F26905
4 BIGNELL / SCHOFIELD  16 Jul 1966Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F32214
5 BIGNELL / SCOTT  8 Aug 1939Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F26924
6 GILMORE / RANDS  Abt 1935Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F30754
7 INSCHO / ROGERS  8 Aug 1883Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F36975
8 KERN / HOYT  26 Nov 1935Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F30078
9 LONGSDORF / BYINGTON  12 Aug 1939Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F26916
10 MANOR / HENRY  28 Sep 1914Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F32306
11 RICHARDSON / TULIP  4 Jul 1891Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin F25176