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Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan


Tree: Reid Family

Grand Rapids is a city in the state of Michigan. The city is located on the Grand River about 40 miles east of Lake Michigan. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 188,040. In 2010, the Grand Rapids metropolitan area had a population of 774,160 and a combined statistical area, Grand Rapids-Muskegon-Holland, population of 1,321,557. It is the county seat of Kent County, Michigan, second largest city in Michigan (after Detroit), and the largest city in West Michigan. Grand Rapids is home to five of the world's leading office furniture companies and is nicknamed the "Furniture City". The city and surrounding communities are economically diverse, and contribute heavily to the health care, information technology, automotive, aviation, and consumer goods manufacturing industries, among others.

Grand Rapids was the hometown of Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States. He, along with his wife, former First Lady Betty Ford, are buried on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids.

History — Over 2,000 years ago, people associated with the Hopewell culture occupied the Grand River Valley. Around A.D. 1700, the Ottawa Indians moved into the area and founded several villages along the Grand River.

The Grand Rapids area was first settled by Europeans near the start of the 19th century by missionaries and fur traders. They generally lived in reasonable peace alongside the Ottawa tribespeople, with whom they traded their European metal and textile goods for fur pelts. Joseph and Madeline La Framboise established the first Indian/European trading post in West Michigan, and in present Grand Rapids, on the banks of the Grand River near what is now Ada. After the death of her husband in 1806, Madeline La Framboise carried on, expanding fur trading posts to the west and north. La Framboise, whose ancestry was a mix of French and Indian, later merged her successful operations with the American Fur Company. She retired, at age 41, to Mackinac Island. The first permanent white settler in the Grand Rapids area was a Baptist minister named Isaac McCoy who arrived in 1825.

In 1826 Detroit-born Louis Campau, the official founder of Grand Rapids, built his cabin, trading post, and blacksmith shop on the east bank of the Grand River near the rapids. Campau returned to Detroit, then came back a year later with his wife and $5,000 of trade goods to trade with the native tribes. In 1831 the federal survey of the Northwest Territory reached the Grand River and set the boundaries for Kent County, named after prominent New York jurist James Kent. Campau became perhaps the most important settler when, in 1831, he bought 72 acres (291,000 m²) of what is now the entire downtown business district of Grand Rapids. He purchased it from the federal government for $90 and named his tract Grand Rapids. Rival Lucius Lyon, who purchased the rest of the prime land, called his the Village of Kent. Yankee immigrants and others began immigrating from New York and New England in the 1830s.

In 1836 John Ball, representing a group of New York land speculators, bypassed Detroit for a better deal in Grand Rapids. Ball declared the Grand River valley "the promised land, or at least the most promising one for my operations." By 1838, the settlement had incorporated itself as a village, and encompassed an area of approximately three-quarters of a mile (1 km) . The first formal census occurred in 1845, which announced a population of 1,510 and recorded an area of four square miles. The city of Grand Rapids was incorporated April 2, 1850 and officially created on May 1, 1850, when the village of Grand Rapids voted to accept the proposed city charter. The population at the time was 2,686. By 1857, the city of Grand Rapids' boundary totaled 10.5 square miles (27 km2).

In 1880, the country's first hydro-electric generator was put to use on the city's west side. Grand Rapids was an early participant in the automobile industry, serving as home to the Austin Automobile Company from 1901 until 1921. In 1945, Grand Rapids became the first city in the United States to add fluoride to its drinking water. Downtown Grand Rapids used to host four department stores: Herpolsheimer's (Lazarus in 1987), Jacobson's, Steketee's (founded in 1862), and Wurzburg's. Like most downtown regional department stores, they suffered the same fate of falling sales, caused largely by the flight to the suburbs, and consolidation in the 1980s and 1990s.

City/Town : Latitude: 42.963359900, Longitude: -85.668086300


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRILLHART, Evart Johnathon  19 Aug 1909Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47955 Reid Family 
2 DEANE, Edward McReynolds  22 Jul 1875Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60950 Reid Family 
3 DEANE, Edward McReynolds Jr.  28 Jun 1906Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60953 Reid Family 
4 DEANE, Francis Gains  2 Sep 1873Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60949 Reid Family 
5 DEANE, Fredrick McReynolds  21 Sep 1869Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60943 Reid Family 
6 DEANE, Fredrick McReynolds Jr.  22 Feb 1909Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60948 Reid Family 
7 DEANE, James Brayton  1 Jan 1904Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60947 Reid Family 
8 FRANKS, Elna Mae  30 Apr 1921Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I53604 Reid Family 
9 FRANKS, Gail M.  3 Oct 1917Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I53607 Reid Family 
10 FRANKS, Hester Jean  1 Apr 1919Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I53603 Reid Family 
11 FRANKS, Mary Lou  17 Feb 1923Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I53605 Reid Family 
12 FRANKS, Richard Blanksma  6 Jun 1891Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I53583 Reid Family 
13 FRANKS, Richard Blanksma Jr.  26 Sep 1914Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I53602 Reid Family 
14 FRANKS, Richard Blanksma Jr.  Abt 1933Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I53606 Reid Family 
15 GILLETTE, Joyce Lee  25 Feb 1930Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I64267 Reid Family 
16 GUSTAFSON, Robert John  30 Jul 1911Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I57575 Reid Family 
17 IMPSON, Eldora D. Syster  9 Apr 1916Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I48025 Reid Family 
18 LILLIE, Eldred Fall  Abt 1905Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I48063 Reid Family 
19 MAYCROFT, Emily Patricia  2 May 1943Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I48169 Reid Family 
20 MAYCROFT, Eugene William  1 Apr 1945Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I53570 Reid Family 
21 MAYCROFT, Capt. Theodore Cornelius M.D.  22 Sep 1929Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I48117 Reid Family 
22 RASCH, Frances Ann  Abt Mar 1930Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I48118 Reid Family 
23 ROBINSON, Margaret Ann  1 Aug 1896Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I61352 Reid Family 


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Harold Clinton  29 Sep 1978Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47985 Reid Family 
2 BRAYTON, Mary  9 Jul 1955Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60944 Reid Family 
3 BREWSTER, Elizabeth Morgan  5 Dec 1894Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60958 Reid Family 
4 BURGEMASTER, Abraham L.  15 Mar 1941Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I57568 Reid Family 
5 BURKE, John Nelson  28 Sep 1919Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I29645 Reid Family 
6 CASTLE, Blanche  14 Sep 1947Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I48102 Reid Family 
7 CASTLE, Walter Colon  14 Jul 1934Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I29648 Reid Family 
8 CLINTSMAN, Lewis E.  19 May 1944Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47973 Reid Family 
9 DEANE, Charles Heman  8 May 1923Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60945 Reid Family 
10 DEANE, Fredrick McReynolds  6 Aug 1930Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60943 Reid Family 
11 DEANE, Fredrick McReynolds Jr.  15 Jan 1982Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60948 Reid Family 
12 DEVOWE, Edith May  10 Mar 1922Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I52314 Reid Family 
13 DURHAM, Charles Henry  2 Feb 1935Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47956 Reid Family 
14 FALES, Jennie  1 Mar 1948Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47944 Reid Family 
15 GILLETTE, Joyce Lee  21 Sep 1999Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I64267 Reid Family 
16 GILLHESPY, Dennis Edwin  7 Oct 1987Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I48100 Reid Family 
17 GUSTAFSON, Robert John  15 Dec 1978Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I57575 Reid Family 
18 HATCH, Amanda L.  25 Nov 1916Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I29623 Reid Family 
19 HUMPHREY, William S.  3 Jul 1995Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47983 Reid Family 
20 LILLIE, Arlie Guy  7 Jan 1938Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I36260 Reid Family 
21 LILLIE, Bertha Evelyn  12 Dec 1968Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I29608 Reid Family 
22 LILLIE, Bettie Jane  25 Oct 2005Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47982 Reid Family 
23 LILLIE, Dorace Christine  19 Apr 1946Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I57567 Reid Family 
24 LILLIE, Edward Franklin  13 Jun 1925Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I29559 Reid Family 
25 LILLIE, Emily  16 Nov 1910Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I29546 Reid Family 
26 LILLIE, George Anson  29 Nov 1910Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I29587 Reid Family 
27 LILLIE, Guy Carpenter  31 Jul 1960Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I36876 Reid Family 
28 LILLIE, Hattie Belle  6 Jun 1895Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I29599 Reid Family 
29 LILLIE, James William  28 Jan 1958Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I36284 Reid Family 
30 LILLIE, Lorenzo B.  15 Nov 1899Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I29569 Reid Family 
31 LILLIE, Philena Agnes  16 Nov 1941Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I36277 Reid Family 
32 LILLIE, Robert C.  8 Jan 1997Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47981 Reid Family 
33 LILLIE, Ruth A.  11 Dec 1979Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I57563 Reid Family 
34 MAYCROFT, Capt. Theodore Cornelius M.D.  8 Jun 1997Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I48117 Reid Family 
35 MCREYNOLDS, Maria Wilkins  22 Dec 1919Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60946 Reid Family 
36 PERRIN, Edna Cornelia  7 Nov 1987Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I48116 Reid Family 
37 PINNEY, Benjamin Lillie  1 Jan 1915Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I36337 Reid Family 
38 PYLE, Donald Livingston  23 Feb 1975Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I64262 Reid Family 
39 RANDALL, Mary Emily  2 Oct 1960Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47980 Reid Family 
40 RANKIN, Burton Raymond  14 Dec 1983Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I48060 Reid Family 
41 RANKIN, Eva Marie  12 Jan 2008Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I64269 Reid Family 
42 SCHRAMLIN, Jane  26 Aug 1913Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I29510 Reid Family 
43 STILES, Franklin A.  5 Sep 1929Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I36330 Reid Family 
44 STILES, Julia F.  9 May 1924Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I36328 Reid Family 
45 STREETER, Harriett (Hattie) Louisa  26 Jul 1933Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47974 Reid Family 
46 VANNATTER, Evalin R.  1 Mar 1942Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I47948 Reid Family 
47 WHITE, Martha  8 Jul 1996Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I60955 Reid Family 
48 ZIMMERMAN, Christiana  21 Oct 1925Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan I36343 Reid Family 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN / IMPSON  23 Oct 1934Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F32377 Reid Family 
2 BERQUIST / MAYCROFT  28 Dec 1908Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F36108 Reid Family 
3 BRILLHART / DURHAM  31 Oct 1908Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F32355 Reid Family 
4 CLINTSMAN / STREETER  21 Sep 1875Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F32368 Reid Family 
5 DEANE / CLARK  16 Dec 1903Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F40872 Reid Family 
6 DEANE / DYKEMA  31 May 1900Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F40871 Reid Family 
7 DEANE / HUSHOUR  9 Sep 1931Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F40873 Reid Family 
8 DEANE / McREYNOLDS  16 Sep 1866Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F40868 Reid Family 
9 DEANE / ROBINSON  2 Apr 1934Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F41138 Reid Family 
10 DEANE / WHITE  Abt 1934Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F40870 Reid Family 
11 FERGUSON / LILLIE  25 Aug 1859Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F20595 Reid Family 
12 FRANKS / BLOW  19 Dec 1936Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F36135 Reid Family 
13 FRANKS / MAYCROFT  17 Jan 1914Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F36111 Reid Family 
14 GOODENOW / LILLIE  26 Oct 1887Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F20679 Reid Family 
15 GUSTAFSON / LILLIE  19 Oct 1935Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F38747 Reid Family 
16 LILLIE / CASTLE  23 Jun 1909Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F24752 Reid Family 
17 MAYCROFT / DEMORAY  24 Aug 1950Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F36130 Reid Family 
18 MAYCROFT / OSBECK  6 Jun 1916Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F36110 Reid Family 
19 MAYCROFT / PERRIN  20 Feb 1928Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F32465 Reid Family 
20 MAYCROFT / RASCH  Abt 1955Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F32466 Reid Family 
21 PAGE / FRANKS  27 Jul 1945Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F36138 Reid Family 
22 PINNEY / FALES  14 Apr 1904Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F32348 Reid Family 
23 RANKIN / GILLETTE  23 Aug 1952Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F32427 Reid Family 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorce    Family ID   Tree 
1 LILLIE / CASTLE  26 May 1932Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan F24752 Reid Family