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Genealogies of the David REID and Evelyn SCHROEDER families
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Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England



Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIRKETT, William  Abt 1831Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44700
2 COX, Ann  Abt 1815Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44707
3 COX, Catherine  Abt 1825Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44772
4 COX, Edward  Abt 1790Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44858
5 COX, George  Abt 1803Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44861
6 COX, George James  Abt 1826Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44754
7 COX, George William Role  Abt 1831Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44775
8 COX, James Hater  Abt 1794Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44742
9 COX, Julia Helen  Abt 1834Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44776
10 COX, Lucy Anne  Abt 1830Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44774
11 COX, Mary  Abt Jun 1821Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44770
12 COX, Richard  Abt 1799Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44860
13 COX, Robert John  Abt Dec 1819Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44769
14 COX, Robert John  Abt 1822Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44771
15 COX, Sarah Hannah  Abt 1828Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44773
16 COX, William  Abt 1796Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44859
17 ROOSE, Hannah  27 Mar 1797Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44743
18 WHITWORTH, Emma  Abt 1806Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44870


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COX, George  7 Mar 1804Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44861
2 COX, George William Role  2 Jul 1833Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44775
3 COX, Mary  29 Jul 1821Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44770
4 COX, Richard  Abt Jul 1827Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44860
5 COX, Robert  17 Dec 1817Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44755
6 COX, Robert John  23 Jul 1807Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44857
7 COX, Robert John  28 Sep 1821Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44769
8 COX, William  12 Mar 1798Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44859
9 MILLER, Sarah  27 Mar 1852Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44756
10 WHITWORTH, Emma  10 Nov 1806Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44870


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 COX, Ann  25 Mar 1815Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44707
2 COX, Catherine  10 Oct 1825Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44772
3 COX, Charles Henry  15 Apr 1838Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44740
4 COX, Edward  9 Jul 1790Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44858
5 COX, George  7 Mar 1803Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44861
6 COX, George  22 Mar 1813Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I102
7 COX, George James  17 Jan 1836Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44754
8 COX, George William Role  4 Dec 1831Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44775
9 COX, James Hater  15 Jan 1794Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44742
10 COX, Julia Helen  30 Jun 1834Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44776
11 COX, Lucy Anne  21 Feb 1830Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44774
12 COX, Mary  4 Jul 1821Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44770
13 COX, Richard  22 Feb 1799Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44860
14 COX, Robert John  23 Dec 1819Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44769
15 COX, Robert John  10 Nov 1822Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44771
16 COX, Sarah Hannah  22 Jan 1828Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44773
17 COX, William  17 Oct 1796Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44859
18 ROOSE, Hannah  27 Mar 1797Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44743
19 WHITWORTH, Emma  18 Jul 1806Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England I44870


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COX / ROOSE  2 Jul 1819Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England F30141
2 WHITWORTH / COX  18 Mar 1806Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England F30177