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Marion, Turner, South Dakota


Notes: Marion is a city in Turner County, South Dakota, United States. The population was 784 at the 2010 census. The city was named for the daughter of S.S. Merrill, a railroad official.

City/Town : Latitude: 43.423039400, Longitude: -97.260615300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADRIAN, Cornelius  2 Jun 1883Marion, Turner, South Dakota I49300
2 BECKER, Selda (Sally) I.  11 Jul 1918Marion, Turner, South Dakota I50968
3 BEIER, Catherine  10 Jun 1896Marion, Turner, South Dakota I51702
4 BESE, John James  19 Dec 1883Marion, Turner, South Dakota I47281
5 BULLER, Peter J.  30 Nov 1890Marion, Turner, South Dakota I33299
6 DALKE, Delphine N.  Abt 1928Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55278
7 DALKE, Donovan Dale  12 Jul 1930Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55280
8 DALKE, Gladys  20 Jan 1914Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55279
9 DECKERT, Agneta (Nettie)  2 Dec 1879Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31782
10 DECKERT, Emma  22 Jul 1901Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55318
11 DECKERT, Hannah  26 Jan 1909Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35143
12 DECKERT, Johan P.  11 Jun 1882Marion, Turner, South Dakota I61045
13 DECKERT, Lydia  4 Oct 1905Marion, Turner, South Dakota I32509
14 DECKERT, Wilma  10 Jul 1921Marion, Turner, South Dakota I61043
15 DIRCKS, Katharina (Katie)  13 Sep 1876Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35944
16 DIRKS, Abraham J.  8 Jul 1893Marion, Turner, South Dakota I33261
17 ENSZ, Dietrich D.  4 Oct 1879Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31781
18 ENSZ, Rev. Lloyd D.  11 Jan 1915Marion, Turner, South Dakota I50843
19 EWERT, August  6 Sep 1902Marion, Turner, South Dakota I29048
20 FAST, Peter P.  1 Oct 1891Marion, Turner, South Dakota I32606
21 FLICKINGER, Anna  3 Sep 1880Marion, Turner, South Dakota I34968
22 FRANZ, Elizabeth F.  28 Apr 1897Marion, Turner, South Dakota I32015
23 GOOSSEN, John Dietrich  30 Apr 1883Marion, Turner, South Dakota I50648
24 ISAAC, Edward George  8 Dec 1899Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55265
25 ISAAC, John Robert  8 Oct 1896Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55266
26 JANTZ, Maria  9 Apr 1893Marion, Turner, South Dakota I59260
27 KAUFMAN, Elias J.  8 May 1900Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35142
28 KAUFMAN, John D.  10 Sep 1879Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35140
29 KIRSCHENMANN, Lydia M.  29 Jan 1892Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55277
30 KLASSEN, Bernice Jane  7 Sep 1933Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55339
31 KLASSEN, Delmar Eldon  6 Jan 1933Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55325
32 KLASSEN, Edna Mae  25 Apr 1931Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55337
33 KLASSEN, Harvey James  28 Oct 1926Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55331
34 KLASSEN, Natalie Ruth  18 Nov 1928Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55335
35 KLASSEN, Yvonne Ardis  12 Dec 1926Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55324
36 ORTMAN, Martha Hildegard  28 Mar 1918Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31924
37 ORTMAN, Mathilda Linda  15 Mar 1927Marion, Turner, South Dakota I32211
38 ORTMANN, Herman Henry  28 Mar 1895Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35254
39 SCHARTNER, Maria  14 May 1885Marion, Turner, South Dakota I51820
40 SCHRAG, Julia  16 Jul 1902Marion, Turner, South Dakota I61050
41 SCHRAG, Sarah  6 Jan 1880Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35141
42 TIESZEN, Abraham Vernon  10 Aug 1885Marion, Turner, South Dakota I59722
43 TIESZEN, Helena P.  24 Jan 1896Marion, Turner, South Dakota I39252
44 TIESZEN, Maria F.  23 Feb 1898Marion, Turner, South Dakota I42202


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BECKER, Heinrich Benjamin  12 Apr 1897Marion, Turner, South Dakota I25420
2 BECKER, Helena P.  25 Dec 1907Marion, Turner, South Dakota I23120
3 BECKER, Jacob B.  27 Nov 1915Marion, Turner, South Dakota I23273
4 BECKER, Joseph  Abt Dec 1982Marion, Turner, South Dakota I22279
5 BERG, Katharina  9 Sep 1878Marion, Turner, South Dakota I39294
6 BERG, Susanna  15 Nov 1938Marion, Turner, South Dakota I32024
7 BORN, Agatha  21 Sep 1936Marion, Turner, South Dakota I33300
8 BORN, Jacob  10 Nov 1896Marion, Turner, South Dakota I19436
9 BULLER, Aganetha H.  17 Dec 1911Marion, Turner, South Dakota I33265
10 BULLER, David  2 Oct 1907Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31776
11 BULLER, Elisabeth  Abt 1924Marion, Turner, South Dakota I32607
12 BULLER, Heinrich H.  19 Apr 1913Marion, Turner, South Dakota I30940
13 BULLER, Johann D.  17 Nov 1895Marion, Turner, South Dakota I33281
14 BULLER, Maria  4 Dec 1895Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31777
15 DALKE, Anna F.  5 Apr 1944Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55256
16 DALKE, Delphine N.  Abt 1928Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55278
17 DALKE, Johannes J.  13 Feb 1943Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55262
18 DECKERT, Agneta (Nettie)  19 Apr 1943Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31782
19 DECKERT, Alvina  10 Jan 2005Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35945
20 DECKERT, Benjamin W.  5 Nov 1930Marion, Turner, South Dakota I32516
21 DECKERT, Emma  Abt Sep 1980Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55318
22 DECKERT, Fredrick Wilhelm  4 Apr 1895Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31789
23 DECKERT, Helena  12 Jan 1948Marion, Turner, South Dakota I59737
24 DECKERT, Ludwig Albert  14 Oct 1903Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55319
25 DECKERT, Peter B.  6 Dec 1907Marion, Turner, South Dakota I30937
26 DECKERT, Peter B.  6 Dec 1907Marion, Turner, South Dakota I61036
27 DECKERT, Wilma  2 Feb 2002Marion, Turner, South Dakota I61043
28 DIRCKS, Katharina (Katie)  25 Oct 1965Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35944
29 DIRKS, Heinrich H.  20 Jul 1894Marion, Turner, South Dakota I33264
30 DIRKS, Susanna H.  12 Jun 1897Marion, Turner, South Dakota I22309
31 DUERKSEN, Abraham E.  20 Nov 1904Marion, Turner, South Dakota I32604
32 ENSZ, Dietrich  4 Dec 1894Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31791
33 ENSZ, Dietrich D.  2 May 1944Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31781
34 EWERT, August  Abt Aug 1979Marion, Turner, South Dakota I29048
35 GERING, Verona (Freni)  25 May 1875Marion, Turner, South Dakota I61623
36 JANTZ, Susanna  28 Sep 1919Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55320
37 KAUFMAN, Andreas P.  19 Jan 1901Marion, Turner, South Dakota I61032
38 KAUFMAN, Daniel  3 Jul 1931Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35138
39 KLASSEN, Henry J.  18 Jan 1963Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55315
40 KLASSEN, Natalie Ruth  15 Dec 1928Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55335
41 KLASSEN, Peter Henry  1 Apr 1972Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55317
42 KOEHN, Elizabeth  6 Jan 1897Marion, Turner, South Dakota I23274
43 KREHBIEL, Maria  2 Nov 1907Marion, Turner, South Dakota I61052
44 LOEWEN, Maria  5 Feb 1917Marion, Turner, South Dakota I49318
45 RATZLAFF, Anna  11 Aug 1941Marion, Turner, South Dakota I42208
46 RIES, Karl  5 Dec 1916Marion, Turner, South Dakota I34782
47 SCHARTNER, Maria  5 Sep 1912Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31793
48 SCHMIDT, Elizabeth J.  23 Jul 1898Marion, Turner, South Dakota I22590
49 SCHMIDT, Maria  1 May 1883Marion, Turner, South Dakota I50654
50 SCHRAG, Amelia  22 Jun 1906Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55259

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ADRIAN, Jacob P.  Abt May 1933Marion, Turner, South Dakota I49319
2 BULLER, David  Abt Oct 1907Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31776
3 BULLER, Johann D.  Abt Nov 1895Marion, Turner, South Dakota I33281
4 EWERT, Zacharias S.  Abt Mar 1957Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35811
5 KOEHN, Sara  Marion, Turner, South Dakota I31030
6 KUNKEL, Tobias  Abt Jul 1925Marion, Turner, South Dakota I50646
7 LOEWEN, Maria  Abt Feb 1917Marion, Turner, South Dakota I49318
8 ORTMAN, Friedrich Christian (F.C.)  Abt Oct 1949Marion, Turner, South Dakota I39298
9 ORTMAN, Rosina  Abt Jun 1956Marion, Turner, South Dakota I42253
10 PETERS, Katharina  Abt Apr 2011Marion, Turner, South Dakota I50645
11 SCHMIDT, Helena H.  Abt Jul 1893Marion, Turner, South Dakota I39292
12 SCHMIDT, Maria  Abt May 1883Marion, Turner, South Dakota I50654
13 SCHMIDT, Maria  9 Jan 1928Marion, Turner, South Dakota I39175


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BECKER, Selda (Sally) I.  6 Sep 1931Marion, Turner, South Dakota I50968
2 DIRCKS, Katharina (Katie)  8 Oct 1939Marion, Turner, South Dakota I35944
3 DIRKS, Heinrich A.  Abt 1890Marion, Turner, South Dakota I55254
4 ENSZ, Rev. Lloyd D.  24 Sep 1933Marion, Turner, South Dakota I50843
5 TESKE, Helena  Abt 1893Marion, Turner, South Dakota I49313
6 TIESZEN, Aelt. Derk P.  10 Jun 1878Marion, Turner, South Dakota I59730


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADRIAN / LOEWEN  4 Jul 1880Marion, Turner, South Dakota F33237
2 BECKMAN / DECKERT  20 Jul 1941Marion, Turner, South Dakota F40934
3 BULLER / BORN  9 Mar 1879Marion, Turner, South Dakota F23088
4 CLASSEN / ENSZ  27 Sep 1946Marion, Turner, South Dakota F12459
5 DECKERT / DIRCKS  2 Mar 1897Marion, Turner, South Dakota F24550
6 DIRCKS / LUETKE  5 Nov 1886Marion, Turner, South Dakota F23080
7 DIRKS / UNRUH  Abt 1881Marion, Turner, South Dakota F23078
8 ENSZ / BECKER  11 Jul 1944Marion, Turner, South Dakota F34376
9 FLICKINGER / SENNER  28 Oct 1879Marion, Turner, South Dakota F24064
10 GOOSSEN / SCHMIDT  21 Oct 1877Marion, Turner, South Dakota F34156
11 GRABER / GERING  18 Jun 1875Marion, Turner, South Dakota F41297
12 REIMER / TIESZEN  10 Aug 1948Marion, Turner, South Dakota F40117
13 TIESZEN / DECKERT  4 Dec 1880Marion, Turner, South Dakota F40113
14 WIENS / SCHMIDT  Abt 1898Marion, Turner, South Dakota F32972