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Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADRIAN, Anna  4 Sep 1814Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I19304
2 ADRIAN, Eva  30 Mar 1832Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I51161
3 BARTEL, Aganetha  Abt 1766Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15024
4 BARTEL, Leonhard  16 May 1849Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I57188
5 BARTEL, Maria  25 Oct 1819Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I31583
6 BARTEL, Sarah  22 Mar 1791Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I33037
7 BARTEL, Zacharias  22 Aug 1829Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I19438
8 BOETTGER, Henrietta  25 Dec 1828Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I38572
9 ECKERT, Cornelius  12 Apr 1824Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I20966
10 EKKERT, Maria  29 Apr 1826Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I34341
11 EWERT, Auguste  10 Aug 1858Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I33042
12 EWERT, Wilhelm J.  22 May 1856Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I51123
13 FUNK, Anna  7 Aug 1820Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I14758
14 FUNK, Cornelius  25 Apr 1824Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I14871
15 FUNK, Heinrich  10 Jul 1816Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15022
16 FUNK, Jacob  20 Apr 1818Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15025
17 FUNK, Peter  22 Aug 1822Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I14860
18 FUNK, Sara  15 May 1826Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15026
19 JANTZ, Anna  2 Feb 1796Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15003
20 JANTZ, Anna  16 Nov 1825Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I33043
21 JANTZ, Cornelius  5 Jun 1791Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15011
22 JANTZ, Heinrich  Abt 1762Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15023
23 JANTZ, Heinrich  12 Sep 1789Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15713
24 KASPER, Heinrich  7 Oct 1810Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I43028
25 KLIEWER, Heinrich  1 Sep 1794Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I19303
26 KLIEWER, Maria  23 Dec 1833Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I19072
27 NICKEL, Gerhard  25 Sep 1806Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15110
28 NICKEL, Gerhard  12 Jan 1832Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15112
29 NICKEL, Heinrich  11 Mar 1833Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I32089
30 NICKEL, Johann  7 Oct 1829Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15111
31 NICKEL, Julius  25 Nov 1836Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15114
32 NICKEL, Wilhelm  28 Apr 1834Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15113
33 SCHROEDER, Eva  23 Aug 1837Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I19131
34 SCHROEDER, Maria  27 Mar 1827Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I20967


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADRIAN, David  27 Jun 1850Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I51160
2 ADRIAN, Eva  15 Aug 1899Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I51161
3 BALTZER, Maria  21 JanOber-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I51159
4 BARTEL, Aganetha  Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15024
5 BARTEL, Sarah  6 Feb 1875Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I33037
6 DIRKS, David  10 Jan 1888Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I51126
7 EWERT, Maria  30 Sep 1827Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I33058
8 FUNK, Jacob  Abt 1828Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15002
9 JANTZ, Cornelius  5 Mar 1852Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15011
10 JANTZ, Heinrich  24 Feb 1813Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15023
11 JANTZ, Heinrich  24 Feb 1841Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I15713


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 EWERT, Wilhelm  Abt 1843Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia I33045


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADRIAN / BALTZER  26 Aug 1830Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia F34493
2 DIRKS / ADRIAN  4 Sep 1862Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia F34485
3 EWERT / JANTZ  30 May 1854Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia F22951
4 FUNK / JANTZ  11 Nov 1813Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia F10317
5 JANTZ / BARTEL  26 Aug 1787Ober-Nessau, Thorn, West Prussia F10384