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Genealogies of the David REID and Evelyn SCHROEDER families
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Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COX, Alfred John  Abt 1836Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44877
2 COX, Charles Pearson  25 Jun 1865Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44927
3 COX, Christopher Charles  Abt 1844Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44881
4 COX, Christopher Joseph  Abt 1843Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44880
5 COX, Edward George  Abt 1827Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44872
6 COX, Edward Lister  24 Jul 1829Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44873
7 COX, Emma Anne  7 Feb 1840Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44879
8 COX, Frederick Edward  14 Jan 1831Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44874
9 COX, Frederick William  24 Jan 1860Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44924
10 COX, George Charles  25 Feb 1857Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44922
11 COX, Harriett Elizabeth  15 Apr 1861Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44926
12 COX, Henry Joseph  Abt 1832Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44875
13 COX, John Henry  7 Feb 1856Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44920
14 COX, John Robert  11 Oct 1837Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44878
15 COX, Mary Ann  24 Apr 1835Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44876
16 COX, Mary Harriett  24 Sep 1891Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I45000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COX, Alfred John  14 Nov 1836Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44877
2 COX, Christopher Joseph  30 Apr 1843Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44880
3 COX, Edward George  18 Jun 1827Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44872
4 COX, George Charles  8 Oct 1937Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44922
5 COX, Henry Joseph  6 May 1833Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44875
6 COX, Mary Ann  7 May 1835Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44876
7 COX, Robert John  6 Mar 1886Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44771
8 PEARSON, Sarah  9 Mar 1894Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44919


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 COX, Alfred John  5 Apr 1836Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44877
2 COX, Christopher Charles  21 Jun 1844Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44881
3 COX, Christopher Joseph  16 Mar 1843Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44880
4 COX, Edward George  29 Apr 1827Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44872
5 COX, Edward Lister  26 Jul 1829Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44873
6 COX, Emma Anne  7 Mar 1840Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44879
7 COX, Frederick Edward  16 Jan 1831Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44874
8 COX, Henry Joseph  13 Oct 1832Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44875
9 COX, John Robert  9 Nov 1837Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44878
10 COX, Mary Ann  27 Apr 1835Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England I44876


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COX / PEARSON  9 Apr 1855Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England F30186