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Reedley, Fresno, California


Notes: Reedley is a city in Fresno County, California. Reedley is located 22 miles (35 km) east-southeast of Fresno, at an elevation of 348 feet (106 m). The population at the 2010 census was 24,194. Its chief economic source is agriculture, particularly fruit and vegetable cultivation. The city is dubbed as "The World's Fruit Basket". Reedley holds many festivals year round. The city of Reedley hosts the annual Reedley Fiesta in October, the Reedley Electrical Christmas Parade in December, the Reedley Street Faire in May, the Reedley Certified Farmers Market (Wednesday evening, in the summer), the Reedley Taste of the Town in September, and many other festivities to keep the residents and visitors busy and entertained. Reedley is situated along the Kings River and in the summer, many local residents and visitors drive to Cricket Hollow Park and Reedley Beach.

History - American Civil War hero Thomas Law Reed settled here to provide wheat for Gold Rush miners in the mid 1800s. His donation of land for a railroad station site established the town as the center of the Valley's booming wheat business. Railroad officials commemorated his vision by naming the fledgling City in his honor. When mining fever began to fade, wheat demand slackened. Kings River water was diverted for crop irrigation, and the region began its over 100-year tradition of bountiful field, tree, and vine fruit harvests. With water and railroad services in place, farming families of European immigrants were recruited, and the settlement was incorporated in 1913, with Ordinance No. 1 adopting and prescribing the style of a Common Seal on February 25, 1913. An important element in the early town was a colony of German Mennonites, whose strong traditions and values still shape Reedley's culture. The population today is diverse and multicultural and Reedley boasts a current population over 24,000 as of the 2010 census. Each of the town's major ethnic groups has shown strong civic leadership, a desire to retain cultural and religious traditions, and the ability to work successfully together for Reedley's betterment. Among the community's 25 churches are Anglican, Catholic, Christian, Armenian, Baptist, Buddhist, Mennonite, and many other congregations. The area's 41 organizations and 12 civic clubs include Filipino community organizations, a Finnish organization, and American Lebanese Women's Club, several Hispanic and Latin American organizations, and a Japanese organization among the many sports, cultural, conservation, charitable, and civic associations. In 1988 Reedley celebrated the first 100 years of its multicultural heritage, and the 75th anniversary of incorporation.

Latitude: 36.596339500, Longitude: -119.450402900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABRAMS, Grayce Carol  12 Nov 1925Reedley, Fresno, California I55940
2 BALZER, John Peter  12 Apr 1915Reedley, Fresno, California I50819
3 BALZER, Sarah Edna  29 Oct 1912Reedley, Fresno, California I50823
4 BOLDT, Rosie Regina  25 Jun 1930Reedley, Fresno, California I51928
5 BRANDT, Norma Lee  17 Sep 1937Reedley, Fresno, California I21977
6 BRAUN, Richard Lloyd  7 Sep 1941Reedley, Fresno, California I23307
7 DRIEDGER, Ella  18 Nov 1915Reedley, Fresno, California I32828
8 ENNS, Henry R.  14 Dec 1911Reedley, Fresno, California I19662
9 ENNS, Jacob (Jack) W.  30 Aug 1909Reedley, Fresno, California I19653
10 ENNS, John E.  9 Aug 1906Reedley, Fresno, California I21138
11 FRIESEN, Madeline June  15 Jun 1918Reedley, Fresno, California I23407
12 FRIESEN, Milton H.  28 Jul 1916Reedley, Fresno, California I23398
13 HARDER, Robert John  29 Jan 1922Reedley, Fresno, California I34476
14 HARMS, Elisabeth  23 Jul 1910Reedley, Fresno, California I20118
15 HEIER, Olga  24 Jun 1912Reedley, Fresno, California I47287
16 HEIER, Renatta  12 Jun 1910Reedley, Fresno, California I51799
17 HEINRICHS, Naomi M.  2 Feb 1924Reedley, Fresno, California I20158
18 ISAAK, Abraham Henry  5 Oct 1935Reedley, Fresno, California I23559
19 ISAAK, Katherine Marie  20 Sep 1924Reedley, Fresno, California I20216
20 JANZEN, Jaron Michael  30 Nov 1994Reedley, Fresno, California I29704
21 JANZEN, John Jasper  10 Mar 1928Reedley, Fresno, California I34835
22 JANZEN, Justin Thomas  25 Jun 1997Reedley, Fresno, California I29705
23 JANZEN, Katherine ‘Irene’  24 Dec 1909Reedley, Fresno, California I25748
24 JANZEN, Robert Dennis  4 Jul 1946Reedley, Fresno, California I22970
25 JANZEN, William Franklin  28 Jul 1960Reedley, Fresno, California I25885
26 KLIEWER, Elsie Verna  17 Jan 1916Reedley, Fresno, California I26096
27 KREHBIEL, Franz Josef  5 Feb 1935Reedley, Fresno, California I61400
28 KROEKER, Richard Gary  5 Dec 1951Reedley, Fresno, California I20483
29 KROEKER, Sarah  1 May 1910Reedley, Fresno, California I20361
30 KROEKER, Vernon George  6 May 1922Reedley, Fresno, California I20469
31 LEPPKE, Harold Dean  23 Nov 1944Reedley, Fresno, California I20532
32 LEPPKE, Harold Ivan  27 Apr 1923Reedley, Fresno, California I20528
33 LEPPKE, Joann  7 Oct 1959Reedley, Fresno, California I46067
34 LEPPKE, Martha  11 Aug 1919Reedley, Fresno, California I51120
35 PATZKOWSKI, Richard Edward  18 Aug 1934Reedley, Fresno, California I55969
36 PAULS, Frank Harold  19 Jul 1905Reedley, Fresno, California I32237
37 PENNER, Kenneth Lyle  16 May 1942Reedley, Fresno, California I62464
38 SUDERMAN, Doris Eilene  23 Nov 1935Reedley, Fresno, California I23558
39 THIESSEN, Lowell Henry M.D.  16 Sep 1921Reedley, Fresno, California I55952
40 TOEWS, Jerraline Diane  14 Jul 1939Reedley, Fresno, California I52324
41 UNRUH, Betty Jane  10 Jul 1923Reedley, Fresno, California I19950
42 UNRUH, Elsie Lee  15 Nov 1912Reedley, Fresno, California I19654
43 WARKENTIN, Bergie Verna  26 Mar 1921Reedley, Fresno, California I22969
44 WARKENTIN, Sharon LaVon  28 Oct 1943Reedley, Fresno, California I62424
45 WARKENTIN, Walter Aaron  23 Jul 1915Reedley, Fresno, California I62421
46 WILLEMS, Verna Ann  7 Mar 1921Reedley, Fresno, California I62462
47 WITTENBERG, Arnold  23 Apr 1917Reedley, Fresno, California I16311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAERG, Johann  7 Nov 1941Reedley, Fresno, California I42719
2 BALTZER, Katharina  26 Jan 1924Reedley, Fresno, California I18193
3 BALZER, Agatha  24 Dec 1908Reedley, Fresno, California I19689
4 BALZER, Henry H.  28 Jun 1945Reedley, Fresno, California I14866
5 BALZER, Katharina  14 Sep 1943Reedley, Fresno, California I19017
6 BALZER, Leanna Sarah  7 Sep 2009Reedley, Fresno, California I15254
7 BARNES, Catherine Eileen  19 Apr 2002Reedley, Fresno, California I62410
8 BARTEL, Cornelius (Curt) David  11 Sep 2009Reedley, Fresno, California I19489
9 BARTEL, Cornelius V.  21 Oct 1975Reedley, Fresno, California I19487
10 BARTEL, John A.  29 Nov 1973Reedley, Fresno, California I46080
11 BARTEL, William H.  15 Jun 1969Reedley, Fresno, California I30623
12 BARTELL, Rachel Violet  17 Oct 2006Reedley, Fresno, California I18765
13 BARTSCH, John J.  6 Oct 1923Reedley, Fresno, California I35326
14 BARTSCH, Regina  6 Jan 1946Reedley, Fresno, California I31812
15 BECKER, Anna  28 Jul 1954Reedley, Fresno, California I36227
16 BECKER, Katherine P.  9 Mar 1976Reedley, Fresno, California I35052
17 BECKER, Victor Earl  6 Jan 2005Reedley, Fresno, California I17480
18 BEIER, Catherine  5 Sep 1990Reedley, Fresno, California I51702
19 BEKKER, Maria  2 Jan 1960Reedley, Fresno, California I14420
20 BENKE, Anna  1 Jun 1948Reedley, Fresno, California I19247
21 BENKE, Jakob  30 Sep 1941Reedley, Fresno, California I19246
22 BENKE, Katharina (Tena)  3 Aug 1968Reedley, Fresno, California I22747
23 BERG, Katharina  22 Dec 1960Reedley, Fresno, California I40054
24 BERGEN, Bernhard J.  16 Dec 1971Reedley, Fresno, California I19534
25 BERGEN, Geraldine A.  17 Dec 1971Reedley, Fresno, California I54047
26 BERGEN, Heinrich Elias  15 Apr 1949Reedley, Fresno, California I37101
27 BESE, Maria  18 Feb 1948Reedley, Fresno, California I30179
28 BIER, Luise  27 Mar 1941Reedley, Fresno, California I50824
29 BIER, Phillipp  17 Apr 1913Reedley, Fresno, California I50961
30 BOESE, Sarah M.  22 Jul 1952Reedley, Fresno, California I17235
31 BOLDT, Elisabeth  2 Dec 1943Reedley, Fresno, California I32944
32 BOLDT, Heinrich J.  17 Aug 1949Reedley, Fresno, California I31809
33 BOLDT, Jacob Henry  12 Mar 1967Reedley, Fresno, California I51929
34 BOLDT, Nicolai (Nick) Henry  4 Oct 1994Reedley, Fresno, California I22418
35 BOLDT, Rosie Regina  4 Nov 2002Reedley, Fresno, California I51928
36 BRANDT, Helen  5 Apr 1980Reedley, Fresno, California I35385
37 BRANDT, Justina  17 Oct 1947Reedley, Fresno, California I28024
38 BRANDT, Klaas T.  8 Jul 1960Reedley, Fresno, California I16955
39 BRANDT, Peter F.  26 Oct 1968Reedley, Fresno, California I16959
40 BRANDT, Peter P.  20 Feb 1960Reedley, Fresno, California I16965
41 BRAUN, David  15 Jan 2003Reedley, Fresno, California I21205
42 BRAUN, Isaac A.  8 Sep 1944Reedley, Fresno, California I31430
43 BRAUN, Jacob I.  3 Nov 1973Reedley, Fresno, California I12069
44 BRAUN, Maria A.  28 Feb 1964Reedley, Fresno, California I17402
45 BRAUN, Susanna  11 Nov 1983Reedley, Fresno, California I17404
46 BUHLER, Rev. Abraham A.  7 Feb 1920Reedley, Fresno, California I14936
47 BUHLER, Abraham M.  19 Jul 1967Reedley, Fresno, California I39718
48 BULLER, Anna  17 Mar 1928Reedley, Fresno, California I55864
49 BULLER, Heinrich L.  27 Jun 1972Reedley, Fresno, California I19226
50 BULLER, Martha Louise  24 Feb 1986Reedley, Fresno, California I63105

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARTEL, Cornelius V.  Abt Oct 1975Reedley, Fresno, California I19487
2 GIESBRECHT, Katharina  Abt Mar 1928Reedley, Fresno, California I15864
3 HUBENKA, Matrona (Matilda)  8 Jul 1930Reedley, Fresno, California I50817


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BALZER, Sarah Edna  26 Jun 1927Reedley, Fresno, California I50823
2 BARTELL, Joyce May  Abt 1940Reedley, Fresno, California I19530
3 BERGEN, Geraldine A.  16 Apr 1939Reedley, Fresno, California I54047
4 BRAUN, Richard Lloyd  20 Nov 1955Reedley, Fresno, California I23307
5 DRIEDGER, Ella  Abt 1933Reedley, Fresno, California I32828
6 DRIEDGER, Peter  Abt 1912Reedley, Fresno, California I31373
7 DUERKSEN, Emma  10 Feb 1917Reedley, Fresno, California I19054
8 DUERKSEN, Lula Anna  Abt 1918Reedley, Fresno, California I17151
9 DYCK, Agatha  Reedley, Fresno, California I37664
10 EITZEN, Samuel James  4 Apr 1915Reedley, Fresno, California I21746
11 ELLIS, Orval Lee  7 Jun 1942Reedley, Fresno, California I34944
12 ENNS, Ernest Edward  5 Jul 1925Reedley, Fresno, California I51940
13 ENNS, Henry R.  16 May 1926Reedley, Fresno, California I19662
14 ENNS, Margaret L.  Abt 1918Reedley, Fresno, California I663
15 ENNS, Nikolai Peter  2 Apr 1911Reedley, Fresno, California I18826
16 ENNS, Sarah  10 Jun 1917Reedley, Fresno, California I62466
17 FAST, Anna Rachel  20 Jun 1937Reedley, Fresno, California I17028
18 FAST, Jacob F.  Abt Aug 1914Reedley, Fresno, California I7990
19 FAST, Lydia S.  13 Apr 1913Reedley, Fresno, California I60688
20 FAST, Martha  2 Apr 1911Reedley, Fresno, California I58191
21 FRIESEN, John John  27 Apr 1930Reedley, Fresno, California I51336
22 GERBRANDT, Helen  Abt 1934Reedley, Fresno, California I51797
23 GERBRANDT, Susan  26 May 1926Reedley, Fresno, California I18412
24 GOOSSEN, Elizabeth  1 Aug 1909Reedley, Fresno, California I7751
25 GUENTHER, Franklin Roy  28 May 1933Reedley, Fresno, California I20098
26 GUNTHER, Loretta Joy  19 May 1957Reedley, Fresno, California I51019
27 HARDER, John Isbrand  Abt 1938Reedley, Fresno, California I17243
28 HARDER, Robert John  15 Apr 1938Reedley, Fresno, California I34476
29 HARMS, Anna  27 Apr 1907Reedley, Fresno, California I18827
30 HARMS, Cornelius C.  15 Mar 1908Reedley, Fresno, California I31282
31 HARMS, Cornelius S.  1 Aug 1909Reedley, Fresno, California I7742
32 HARMS, Elisabeth  9 Jun 1929Reedley, Fresno, California I20118
33 HARMS, Katharina  1 Aug 1909Reedley, Fresno, California I32831
34 HEINRICHS, Mildred Lucille  25 Apr 1938Reedley, Fresno, California I20155
35 HEINRICHS, Theodore  Abt 1915Reedley, Fresno, California I20137
36 ISAAK, Susan  Abt 1914Reedley, Fresno, California I20215
37 JANZEN, Cornelia (Nellie) Peggie  Reedley, Fresno, California I21889
38 JANZEN, Nicolai Peter  14 Apr 1935Reedley, Fresno, California I42839
39 KLASSEN, Ethel Kathryn  11 Mar 1940Reedley, Fresno, California I19757
40 KLIEWER, Elma M.  2 Apr 1911Reedley, Fresno, California I32815
41 KLIEWER, Harry  Reedley, Fresno, California I19053
42 KREHBIEL, Franz Josef  5 Jun 1949Reedley, Fresno, California I61400
43 KROEKER, Henry Leroy (Lee)  Abt 1946Reedley, Fresno, California I29369
44 LANDSEADAL, John  14 Jul 1937Reedley, Fresno, California I17442
45 LANDSIEDEL, Katharina  4 Nov 1923Reedley, Fresno, California I17444
46 LANSIDEL, Henry  4 Nov 1923Reedley, Fresno, California I35384
47 LEPPKE, Cornelius Franklin  Abt 1915Reedley, Fresno, California I20527
48 LEPPKE, Leah Rachel  4 Nov 1923Reedley, Fresno, California I32339
49 LEPPKE, Solomon  Abt 1933Reedley, Fresno, California I46053
50 NEUFELD, Cornelius (Curt) N.  5 Jul 1925Reedley, Fresno, California I35241

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 ISAAK, Rev. Kornelius K.  23 Oct 1913Reedley, Fresno, California I19647
2 ISAAK, Peter P.  7 Mar 1930Reedley, Fresno, California I52285
3 PENNER, Aganetha  23 Oct 1913Reedley, Fresno, California I19648


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BALZER / HARMS  27 Jul 1911Reedley, Fresno, California F10776
2 BALZER / HARMS  24 Feb 1935Reedley, Fresno, California F10777
3 BARTEL / SCHMIDT  13 Oct 1946Reedley, Fresno, California F14179
4 BARTELL / FRIESEN  1 Jun 1941Reedley, Fresno, California F13934
5 BOLDT / ISAAC  8 Jun 1924Reedley, Fresno, California F35010
6 BUHLER / BALZER  14 Jul 1918Reedley, Fresno, California F10778
7 BULLER / WIENS  19 Sep 1912Reedley, Fresno, California F39981
8 CORNELSEN / BERGEN  4 Jan 1946Reedley, Fresno, California F36432
9 ELLIS / WARKENTIN  4 May 1940Reedley, Fresno, California F24058
10 ELRICH / FAST  7 Jan 1915Reedley, Fresno, California F39147
11 ENNS / FAST  19 Dec 1946Reedley, Fresno, California F12520
12 ENNS / GERBRANDT  10 Dec 1934Reedley, Fresno, California F13512
13 ENNS / GLOECKLER  26 Nov 1931Reedley, Fresno, California F35019
14 ENNS / HARMS  15 Jun 1911Reedley, Fresno, California F12522
15 FAST / PETERS  16 Aug 1914Reedley, Fresno, California F5794
16 FLAMING / MACK  9 Oct 1923Reedley, Fresno, California F24245
17 FLAMING / RATZLAFF  27 Mar 1948Reedley, Fresno, California F25213
18 FRIESEN / ENNS  12 Jun 1926Reedley, Fresno, California F466
19 FRIESEN / JANZEN  5 Jan 1916Reedley, Fresno, California F17124
20 FRIESEN / MARTENS  6 Dec 1931Reedley, Fresno, California F34626
21 FRIESEN / THIESSEN  12 Jul 1949Reedley, Fresno, California F22456
22 FRIESEN / TOEWS  25 Aug 1962Reedley, Fresno, California F14071
23 FRIESEN / WIENS  18 Jan 1949Reedley, Fresno, California F22323
24 GANO / HUEBERT  6 Sep 1963Reedley, Fresno, California F14667
25 GUENTHER / KROEKER  4 Jan 1945Reedley, Fresno, California F13738
26 HARDER / KLASSEN  1 May 1944Reedley, Fresno, California F17283
27 HARDER / REIMER  22 May 1942Reedley, Fresno, California F12703
28 HEINRICHS / BARTELL  12 Aug 1949Reedley, Fresno, California F13705
29 HIEBERT / THIESEN  2 Jun 1931Reedley, Fresno, California F34909
30 HIEBERT / WIENS  3 Apr 1949Reedley, Fresno, California F25214
31 ISAAK / SUDERMAN  23 Apr 1955Reedley, Fresno, California F15952
32 JANZEN / HAKEN  18 Jul 1938Reedley, Fresno, California F34931
33 JANZEN / REGIER  26 Aug 1909Reedley, Fresno, California F29130
34 JOST / BARTELL  20 Nov 1941Reedley, Fresno, California F13719
35 JUST / WIENS  25 Feb 1951Reedley, Fresno, California F25651
36 KLASSEN / LEPPKE  30 Sep 1934Reedley, Fresno, California F22527
37 KLASSEN / WITTENBERG  8 Oct 1916Reedley, Fresno, California F13111
38 KLIEWER / DUERKSEN  19 Apr 1917Reedley, Fresno, California F13910
39 KLIEWER / DUERKSEN  19 Apr 1925Reedley, Fresno, California F12617
40 KLIEWER / FAST  17 Aug 1945Reedley, Fresno, California F12194
41 KLIEWER / REIMER  9 Nov 1930Reedley, Fresno, California F14720
42 KLIEWER / WICHERT  24 May 1946Reedley, Fresno, California F35205
43 KLIPPENSTEIN / DRIEDGER  5 Nov 1936Reedley, Fresno, California F22822
44 KOHR / REIMER  16 Apr 1945Reedley, Fresno, California F14204
45 KRAUSE / SUDERMAN  4 Jan 1912Reedley, Fresno, California F23704
46 KROEKER / ISAAK  23 May 1942Reedley, Fresno, California F14673
47 KROEKER / JOHNSON  24 Nov 1972Reedley, Fresno, California F13788
48 KROEKER / MARTIN  22 May 1936Reedley, Fresno, California F36393
49 KROEKER / PENNER  16 Nov 1943Reedley, Fresno, California F17256
50 LANSIDEL / BRANDT  17 Jul 1928Reedley, Fresno, California F24267

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