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Reedley, Fresno, California


Notes: Reedley is a city in Fresno County, California. Reedley is located 22 miles (35 km) east-southeast of Fresno, at an elevation of 348 feet (106 m). The population at the 2010 census was 24,194. Its chief economic source is agriculture, particularly fruit and vegetable cultivation. The city is dubbed as "The World's Fruit Basket". Reedley holds many festivals year round. The city of Reedley hosts the annual Reedley Fiesta in October, the Reedley Electrical Christmas Parade in December, the Reedley Street Faire in May, the Reedley Certified Farmers Market (Wednesday evening, in the summer), the Reedley Taste of the Town in September, and many other festivities to keep the residents and visitors busy and entertained. Reedley is situated along the Kings River and in the summer, many local residents and visitors drive to Cricket Hollow Park and Reedley Beach.

History - American Civil War hero Thomas Law Reed settled here to provide wheat for Gold Rush miners in the mid 1800s. His donation of land for a railroad station site established the town as the center of the Valley's booming wheat business. Railroad officials commemorated his vision by naming the fledgling City in his honor. When mining fever began to fade, wheat demand slackened. Kings River water was diverted for crop irrigation, and the region began its over 100-year tradition of bountiful field, tree, and vine fruit harvests. With water and railroad services in place, farming families of European immigrants were recruited, and the settlement was incorporated in 1913, with Ordinance No. 1 adopting and prescribing the style of a Common Seal on February 25, 1913. An important element in the early town was a colony of German Mennonites, whose strong traditions and values still shape Reedley's culture. The population today is diverse and multicultural and Reedley boasts a current population over 24,000 as of the 2010 census. Each of the town's major ethnic groups has shown strong civic leadership, a desire to retain cultural and religious traditions, and the ability to work successfully together for Reedley's betterment. Among the community's 25 churches are Anglican, Catholic, Christian, Armenian, Baptist, Buddhist, Mennonite, and many other congregations. The area's 41 organizations and 12 civic clubs include Filipino community organizations, a Finnish organization, and American Lebanese Women's Club, several Hispanic and Latin American organizations, and a Japanese organization among the many sports, cultural, conservation, charitable, and civic associations. In 1988 Reedley celebrated the first 100 years of its multicultural heritage, and the 75th anniversary of incorporation.


Latitude: 36.596339500, Longitude: -119.450402900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
151 FRIESEN, Maria  14 Jul 1929Reedley, Fresno, California I28050
152 FRIESEN, Nicholas (Klaas) B.  26 Oct 1940Reedley, Fresno, California I7666
153 FRIESEN, Peter P.  11 Dec 1919Reedley, Fresno, California I17497
154 FRIESEN, Ruby Evelyn  29 May 2005Reedley, Fresno, California I17481
155 FRIESEN, Sarah  30 Apr 1994Reedley, Fresno, California I36960
156 FROESE, Elizabeth  11 Jan 1971Reedley, Fresno, California I51646
157 FUNK, Anna L.  25 Feb 1917Reedley, Fresno, California I17822
158 FUNK, Katarina  23 Sep 1963Reedley, Fresno, California I38566
159 FUNK, Luella Mae  25 Aug 2010Reedley, Fresno, California I51018
160 FUNK, Susanna  10 Jul 1950Reedley, Fresno, California I18626
161 GAEDE, Katharina  9 Nov 1922Reedley, Fresno, California I39775
162 GANO, Earl Mervin  25 Oct 1983Reedley, Fresno, California I22390
163 GEIS, Lillie Helen  2 Feb 2004Reedley, Fresno, California I21106
164 GERBRANDT, Susan  17 Jan 2005Reedley, Fresno, California I18412
165 GIESBRECHT, Katharina  1 Mar 1928Reedley, Fresno, California I15864
166 GLOECKLER, Laura  25 Sep 1922Reedley, Fresno, California I55272
167 GLOECKLER, Maria  14 Oct 1933Reedley, Fresno, California I51943
168 GOERTZEN, Aganetha  26 Jan 1919Reedley, Fresno, California I37671
169 GOERTZEN, Anna H.  16 Sep 1994Reedley, Fresno, California I19427
170 GOERTZEN, Helena  4 Jul 1964Reedley, Fresno, California I51233
171 GOERZEN, Rev. Johann C.  5 Feb 1972Reedley, Fresno, California I36157
172 GOOSSEN, Albert W.  22 May 1965Reedley, Fresno, California I32685
173 GOOSSEN, Dietrich D.  18 Aug 1947Reedley, Fresno, California I32672
174 GOOSSEN, Katerina (Tena)  14 Dec 1994Reedley, Fresno, California I20084
175 GROENING, John J.  4 Nov 1951Reedley, Fresno, California I19086
176 GRUNAU, Mary Magdalena  29 Oct 2002Reedley, Fresno, California I23305
177 GUENTHER, Daniel P.  22 Jun 1965Reedley, Fresno, California I20095
178 GUENTHER, Johann P.  18 Mar 1972Reedley, Fresno, California I51013
179 GUENTHER, Margaretha  22 Apr 1955Reedley, Fresno, California I16606
180 GUNTHER, Ernest William  1 Jun 1992Reedley, Fresno, California I51015
181 HARDER, Abraham A.  20 Apr 1936Reedley, Fresno, California I34503
182 HARDER, Anna H.  18 Jan 1971Reedley, Fresno, California I62470
183 HARDER, Carl Walter  8 Apr 2005Reedley, Fresno, California I16134
184 HARDER, Jacob  25 Nov 1933Reedley, Fresno, California I35328
185 HARDER, John J.  19 Dec 1956Reedley, Fresno, California I17242
186 HARDER, Robert John  2 Jun 1996Reedley, Fresno, California I34476
187 HARMS, Aganetha  17 Apr 1915Reedley, Fresno, California I50813
188 HARMS, Carolina  6 Aug 1992Reedley, Fresno, California I53514
189 HARMS, Cornelius S.  9 Dec 1928Reedley, Fresno, California I7742
190 HARMS, Margaretha F.  20 May 1951Reedley, Fresno, California I19932
191 HARMS, Maria  2 Feb 1980Reedley, Fresno, California I25720
192 HARMS, Peter T.  15 Aug 1931Reedley, Fresno, California I50815
193 HEIER, Frank H.  21 Dec 1973Reedley, Fresno, California I34345
194 HEIER, Henry Frank  19 Aug 2001Reedley, Fresno, California I34346
195 HEIERS, Henry George  8 Dec 1964Reedley, Fresno, California I58644
196 HEINRICHS, Agnes  16 Jan 1992Reedley, Fresno, California I35370
197 HEINRICHS, Franz  16 May 1917Reedley, Fresno, California I20138
198 HEINRICHS, Franz B.  3 Oct 1948Reedley, Fresno, California I20139
199 HEINRICHS, Jacob Abraham  1 May 1975Reedley, Fresno, California I17376
200 HEINRICHS, Katharina (Tena)  12 Nov 1981Reedley, Fresno, California I47282

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