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Sagradovka Colony, South Russia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FAST, Margaret K.  Abt 1904Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I21979
2 ISAAK, Peter Jacob  4 May 1873Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I31266
3 KROEKER, Anna  1 May 1874Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I57616
4 PETERS, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1877Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I33287


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DUECKMANN, Maria  10 Apr 1914Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I38872
2 FAST, Bernhard Peter  1 Jan 1878Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I15815
3 GRAEWE, Isaak  24 Nov 1888Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I19027
4 LOHRENZ, Johann  24 May 1887Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I23176
5 MARTENS, Maria  18 Nov 1918Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I36016
6 NEUFELD, Jacob Herman  Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I22192
7 PANKRATZ, Wilhelmina  8 Aug 1917Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I21019
8 PENNER, Elizabeth  19 Sep 1918Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I42588
9 PETERS, Bernhard  25 May 1902Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I36014
10 PETERS, Wilhelm B.  29 Nov 1919Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I36017
11 RICHERT, Jacob  15 Mar 1894Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I21016
12 SCHELLENBERG, Margaretha  13 Nov 1855Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I14717
13 WARKENTIN, Anna  12 Oct 1880Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I31668
14 WARKENTIN, Heinrich  16 Feb 1893Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I15666
15 WARKENTIN, Peter  Abt 1895Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I14716
16 WARKENTIN, Peter  Abt 1895Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I60233


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BAERG, Anna  Abt May 1876Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I54041
2 DUECK, Johann H.  12 May 1885Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I21250
3 RICHERT, Anna  12 May 1885Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I31444
4 RICHERT, Helena  18 Jul 1875Sagradovka Colony, South Russia I61122


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DUECK / RICHERT  21 Nov 1885Sagradovka Colony, South Russia F21982
2 DYCK / BOLDT  14 Nov 1918Sagradovka Colony, South Russia F28696
3 REMPEL / LOEWEN  22 Apr 1922Sagradovka Colony, South Russia F28881
4 WALL / DUECKMANN  2 Nov 1867Sagradovka Colony, South Russia F26421
5 WIENS / PETERS  13 Jun 1881Sagradovka Colony, South Russia F22113