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Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BECKER, Elisabeth ‘Elscke’  12 May 1736Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33193
2 BOLLEE, Agatha  13 Sep 1776Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I32440
3 BOLLEE, Isaac  9 Oct 1676Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18425
4 BOLLEE, Wilhelm  2 Mar 1746Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18428
5 HOWERNEHR, Isaac  23 Jul 1726Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18431
6 HOWERNEHR, Sara  3 Jun 1752Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18433
7 JACOBSEN, Magdalena  6 Aug 1707Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I30909
8 JACOBSEN, Maria  12 Jan 1710Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18415
9 KASDORF, Anna  30 May 1766Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I28152
10 KASDORF, Isaak  Abt 1739Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I28150
11 KASDORF, Katharina  Abt 1774Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I26184
12 LEHN, Jacob Jacob  25 May 1767Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I36078
13 LOEWENS, Maria  14 Nov 1757Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33194
14 LOEWENS, Paul  20 Oct 1735Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33192
15 SIEMENS, Hans  11 Jul 1734Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I14395
16 SIEMENS, Peter  2 Oct 1737Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I14396
17 THIESSEN, Cornelius Otto  12 Jan 1806Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I56432
18 TIESSEN, Anna  21 Nov 1714Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18226
19 TIESSEN, Elias  Abt 1700Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18728
20 TIESSEN, Elisabeth  16 Apr 1719Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18227
21 TIESSEN, Frantz  21 Jun 1752Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I49222
22 TIESSEN, Helena  24 Dec 1811Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I32709
23 TIESSEN, Jacob  28 Nov 1782Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I49217
24 TIESSEN, Magdalena  19 Feb 1760Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I39790
25 TIESSEN, Maria (Marike)  18 May 1757Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I7515
26 TIESSEN, Peter  12 Dec 1689Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18222
27 TIESSEN, Peter  24 Sep 1716Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I30908
28 TIESSEN, Peter  23 Apr 1770Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18440
29 WIEBE, Nicholas  Abt 1735Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I42697
30 WIENS, Hans  7 Jun 1731Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18661
31 WILCKE, Anna  18 Jan 1685Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I48543
32 WILLEMS, Abraham  27 Feb 1816Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18445
33 WITTENBERG, Catharina  20 Oct 1732Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I14398
34 ZACHARIAS, Susanna  25 Aug 1764Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18448


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BECKER, Elisabeth ‘Elscke’  8 Feb 1814Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33193
2 BECKER, Jacob  11 Sep 1747Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33186
3 BOLLEE, Isaac  2 Feb 1747Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18425
4 BRUHN, Catharina  2 Nov 1712Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18420
5 BUHLER, Hans  6 Apr 1748Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I48500
6 BUHLER, Susanna  4 Feb 1792Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18422
7 CLAASSEN, Magdalena  19 Apr 1800Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18439
8 FAST, Anna  4 Feb 1710Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18419
9 FOHT, Sara  6 Jul 1793Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18432
10 GEERTZEN, Anna  14 Mar 1747Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18225
11 GIESBRECHT, Maria  16 May 1767Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33189
12 HOWERNEHR, Isaac  19 Nov 1807Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18431
13 JACOBSEN, Gertrude  11 Oct 1736Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18421
14 JACOBSEN, Johann  30 Sep 1758Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18418
15 JANTZEN, Anna  30 Sep 1761Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33246
16 KASDORFF, Susanna  17 Aug 1709Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18426
17 KAUENHOWEN, Abraham  6 Mar 1731Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33197
18 LOEWENS, Paul  10 May 1773Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33188
19 LOEWENS, Paul  9 Feb 1805Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33192
20 NEUDORF, Anna  16 Sep 1747Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I33187
21 ORDONN, Anna  18 Mar 1733Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18427
22 SEELER, Daniel  3 Jan 1782Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18414
23 TIESSEN, Elias  10 Oct 1704Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18220
24 TIESSEN, Frantz  18 Mar 1821Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I49222
25 TIESSEN, Peter  1 Mar 1795Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I17208
26 VON DYCK, Maria  9 Apr 1769Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I18436
27 WILCKE, Elisabeth  27 Dec 1806Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I49224
28 ZACHARIAS, Wilhelm  11 Apr 1774Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia I17229


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BECKER / NEUDORF  9 Nov 1727Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia F23036
2 LOEWEN / LEMCKE  22 Nov 1733Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia F38472