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Abrahams, Katharina-1866 (HS)

File nameAbrahams, Katharina-1866 (HS).jpg
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Creation Date20100504
Linked toKatharina ABRAHAMS

Reedley Cemetery, Reedley, Fresno, California, USA

Notes: Located at 2185 S. Reed Ave., Reedley, CA.

Reedley Cemetery

Cemetery Photos

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1Abrahams, Katharina-1866 (HS) Abrahams, Katharina-1866 (HS)
2Baltzer, Katharina (HS) Baltzer, Katharina (HS)
3Balzer, Agatha (HS) Balzer, Agatha (HS)
4Balzer, Bernhard H. & Anna Balzer, Bernhard H. & Anna
5Balzer, Henry H.-1891 (HS) Balzer, Henry H.-1891 (HS)
6Balzer, Katharina-1866 (HS) Balzer, Katharina-1866 (HS)
7Balzer, Leanna Sarah (HS) Balzer, Leanna Sarah (HS)
8Balzer, Walter J. & Tiena L. (HS) Balzer, Walter J. & Tiena L. (HS)
9Bartel, Cornelius V. (HS) Bartel, Cornelius V. (HS)
10Bartel, Heinrich H. (HS) Bartel, Heinrich H. (HS)
11Bartel, John A. & Dorothy L. Bartel, John A. & Dorothy L.
12Bartel, Kari Nicole-1983 (HS) Bartel, Kari Nicole-1983 (HS)
13Bartel, Maria B. (HS) Bartel, Maria B. (HS)
14Bartell, Joyce M. (HS) Bartell, Joyce M. (HS)
15Bartell, William P.-1891 (HS) Bartell, William P.-1891 (HS)
16Bartsch, John J.-1860 & Elizabeth-1852 (HS) Bartsch, John J.-1860 & Elizabeth-1852 (HS)
17Bartsch, Regina (HS) Bartsch, Regina (HS)
18Bayless, Charles W.-1916 (HS) Bayless, Charles W.-1916 (HS)
19Becker, Katharina P. (HS) Becker, Katharina P. (HS)
20Becker, Melanie Dawn-1968 (HS) Becker, Melanie Dawn-1968 (HS)
21Becker, Oscar J. (HS) Becker, Oscar J. (HS)
22Becker, Victor E. & Ruby E. Becker, Victor E. & Ruby E.
23Bekker, Maria (HS) Bekker, Maria (HS)
24Benke, Jacob-1858 (HS) Benke, Jacob-1858 (HS)
25Berg, Johann-1859 (HS) Berg, Johann-1859 (HS)
26Berg, Katherine-1877 (HS) Berg, Katherine-1877 (HS)
27Bergen, Geraldine A.-1924 (HS) Bergen, Geraldine A.-1924 (HS)
28Bergen, Heinrich E. (HS) Bergen, Heinrich E. (HS)
29Bergen, John-1890 (HS) Bergen, John-1890 (HS)
30Bergen, Samuel N. & Aganetha Bergen, Samuel N. & Aganetha
31Bier, Louise C.-1862 (HS) Bier, Louise C.-1862 (HS)
32Bier, Phillipp-1846 (HS) Bier, Phillipp-1846 (HS)
33Boese, Sarah M. (HS) Boese, Sarah M. (HS)
34Boldt, Elisabeth-1858 (HS) Boldt, Elisabeth-1858 (HS)
35Boldt, Heinrich J. (HS) Boldt, Heinrich J. (HS)
36Boldt, Jacob H.-1896 (HS) Boldt, Jacob H.-1896 (HS)
37Boldt, Nicolai H. & Agatha Boldt, Nicolai H. & Agatha
38Boldt, Rosie R.-1930 (HS) Boldt, Rosie R.-1930 (HS)
39Bonett, Donald C.-1924 (HS) Bonett, Donald C.-1924 (HS)
40Brandt, Abraham J.-1874 & Helena-1880 (HS) Brandt, Abraham J.-1874 & Helena-1880 (HS)
41Brandt, Helen-1905 (HS) Brandt, Helen-1905 (HS)
42Brandt, Klaas T. & Barbara Brandt, Klaas T. & Barbara
43Brandt, Peter F. & Katharina Brandt, Peter F. & Katharina
44Brandt, Peter P. (HS) Brandt, Peter P. (HS)
45Brandt, Peter T. & Helena M. Brandt, Peter T. & Helena M.
46Brandt, William F. & Marie (HS) Brandt, William F. & Marie (HS)
47Braun, Bernhard J. & Linda Marie Braun, Bernhard J. & Linda Marie
48Braun, Isaac A. (HS) Braun, Isaac A. (HS)
49Braun, Jacob I.-1901 (HS) Braun, Jacob I.-1901 (HS)
50Braun, Maria A. (HS) Braun, Maria A. (HS)
51Buhler, Abraham A. (HS) Buhler, Abraham A. (HS)
52Buhler, Abraham M. & Sarah-1893 (HS) Buhler, Abraham M. & Sarah-1893 (HS)
53Buller, Anna-1874 (HS) Buller, Anna-1874 (HS)
54Buller, Anna-1889 (HS) Buller, Anna-1889 (HS)
55Buller, Heinrich L. & Anna Buller, Heinrich L. & Anna
56Buller, Samuel W. & Helen Buller, Samuel W. & Helen
57Buller, Sarah (HS) Buller, Sarah (HS)
58Buller, Sarah-1887 (HS) Buller, Sarah-1887 (HS)
59Buschman, Justina (HS) Buschman, Justina (HS)
60Chlakzac, Anne S.-1863 (HS) Chlakzac, Anne S.-1863 (HS)
61Cornelsen, Agnes-1882 (HS) Cornelsen, Agnes-1882 (HS)
62Cornelsen, Jacob & Minnie Cornelsen, Jacob & Minnie
63Croissant, Christopher W. & Rebecca Croissant, Christopher W. & Rebecca
64Curry, Allie C.-1878 (HS) Curry, Allie C.-1878 (HS)
65Dahl, Peter E. & Maria Dahl, Peter E. & Maria
66Dahlke, Wilfred B. (HS) Dahlke, Wilfred B. (HS)
67Decker, David T. & Ruth M. Decker, David T. & Ruth M.
68Delesky, Maria (HS) Delesky, Maria (HS)
69Dowdey, Gertrude E.-1909 (HS) Dowdey, Gertrude E.-1909 (HS)
70Dresser, Russell E. (HS) Dresser, Russell E. (HS)
71Driedger, Aganetha-1908 (HS) Driedger, Aganetha-1908 (HS)
72Driedger, Ella-1915 (HS) Driedger, Ella-1915 (HS)
73Driedger, Peter-1873 (HS) Driedger, Peter-1873 (HS)
74Driedger, Sara-1907 (HS) Driedger, Sara-1907 (HS)
75Driedger, Susanna-1907 (HS) Driedger, Susanna-1907 (HS)
76Duerksen, Anna B. (HS) Duerksen, Anna B. (HS)
77Duerksen, Elmer F. (HS) Duerksen, Elmer F. (HS)
78Duerksen, Franklin F. & Jennie R. (HS) Duerksen, Franklin F. & Jennie R. (HS)
79Duerksen, Gerhard G. & Eva Duerksen, Gerhard G. & Eva
80Duerksen, Katharina-1868 (HS) Duerksen, Katharina-1868 (HS)
81Duerksen, Peter W. & Anna M. Duerksen, Peter W. & Anna M.
82Ediger, Anna (HS) Ediger, Anna (HS)
83Ediger, Peter C.-1883 (HS) Ediger, Peter C.-1883 (HS)
84Eitzen, Cornelius H.-1906 (HS) Eitzen, Cornelius H.-1906 (HS)
85Eitzen, Henry C. (HS) Eitzen, Henry C. (HS)
86Eitzen, Samuel J. (HS) Eitzen, Samuel J. (HS)
87Enns, David H.-1923 (HS) Enns, David H.-1923 (HS)
88Enns, Dietrich M. (HS) Enns, Dietrich M. (HS)
89Enns, Dietrich T. (HS) Enns, Dietrich T. (HS)
90Enns, Ernest E. & Clara H. (HS) Enns, Ernest E. & Clara H. (HS)
91Enns, Henry R. & Susan Enns, Henry R. & Susan
92Enns, Jacob D. & Maria (HS) Enns, Jacob D. & Maria (HS)
93Enns, Jacob W. & Elsie L. Enns, Jacob W. & Elsie L.
94Enns, Johann & Katharina (HS) Enns, Johann & Katharina (HS)
95Enns, Johann M. & Anna (HS) Enns, Johann M. & Anna (HS)
96Enns, John E.-1906 & Susan M.-1908 (HS) Enns, John E.-1906 & Susan M.-1908 (HS)
97Enns, John H.-1921 & Verna A.-1921 (HS) Enns, John H.-1921 & Verna A.-1921 (HS)
98Enns, Margaret-1882 (HS) Enns, Margaret-1882 (HS)
99Enns, Margaretha-1848 (HS) Enns, Margaretha-1848 (HS)
100Enns, Martha-1911 (HS) Enns, Martha-1911 (HS)
101Enns, Peter A. (HS) Enns, Peter A. (HS)
102Enns, Sarah-1902 (HS) Enns, Sarah-1902 (HS)
103Ens, Andrew D, & Helena R. (HS) Ens, Andrew D, & Helena R. (HS)
104Ens, Donald G. & Anita M. (HS) Ens, Donald G. & Anita M. (HS)
105Entz, Abraham T. & Elizabeth Entz, Abraham T. & Elizabeth
106Entz, Herbert H. (HS) Entz, Herbert H. (HS)
107Epp, Justina-1895 (HS) Epp, Justina-1895 (HS)
108Ewert, Della M. (HS) Ewert, Della M. (HS)
109Fast, Elizabeth (HS) Fast, Elizabeth (HS)
110Fast, Esther E. (HS) Fast, Esther E. (HS)
111Fast, Goldie-1897 (HS) Fast, Goldie-1897 (HS)
112Fast, Jacob F.-1871 (HS) Fast, Jacob F.-1871 (HS)
113Fast, Jacob P. & Anna (HS) Fast, Jacob P. & Anna (HS)
114Fast, Johann P. (HS) Fast, Johann P. (HS)
115Fast, Peter (HS) Fast, Peter (HS)
116Fast, Sarah (HS) Fast, Sarah (HS)
117Flaming, Agnes-1875 (HS) Flaming, Agnes-1875 (HS)
Agnes and her father in law, Franz Heinrichs, share this headstone. 
118Flaming, Albert F.-1894 & Elsie-1902 (HS) Flaming, Albert F.-1894 & Elsie-1902 (HS)
119Flaming, Andreas B. & Margaretha Flaming, Andreas B. & Margaretha
120Flaming, Ernest B. (HS) Flaming, Ernest B. (HS)
121Flaming, Jacob P. & Gertrude Flaming, Jacob P. & Gertrude
122Flaming, Joel E. (HS) Flaming, Joel E. (HS)
123Flaming, John W. (HS) Flaming, John W. (HS)
124Flaming, Peter P. (HS) Flaming, Peter P. (HS)
125Foth, Juliana (HS) Foth, Juliana (HS)
126Foth, Rosalia (HS) Foth, Rosalia (HS)
127Franz, Robert & Lorraine M. (HS) Franz, Robert & Lorraine M. (HS)
128Frey, Jonathan W.-1912 & Hazel M.-1916 (HS) Frey, Jonathan W.-1912 & Hazel M.-1916 (HS)
129Friesen, Abraham M. & Maria M. Friesen, Abraham M. & Maria M.
130Friesen, Agnes A.-1929 (HS) Friesen, Agnes A.-1929 (HS)
131Friesen, Agnes N. (HS) Friesen, Agnes N. (HS)
132Friesen, Albert K. & Margaret E. Friesen, Albert K. & Margaret E.
133Friesen, Anna (HS) Friesen, Anna (HS)
134Friesen, Anna I. (HS) Friesen, Anna I. (HS)
135Friesen, Daniel E. & Eva K. Friesen, Daniel E. & Eva K.
136Friesen, David F. & Aganetha (HS) Friesen, David F. & Aganetha (HS)
137Friesen, Dietrich A. (HS) Friesen, Dietrich A. (HS)
138Friesen, Edwin-1922 & Rozella M.-1921 (HS) Friesen, Edwin-1922 & Rozella M.-1921 (HS)
139Friesen, George A. (HS) Friesen, George A. (HS)
140Friesen, George E. (HS) Friesen, George E. (HS)
141Friesen, Heinrich F. (HS) Friesen, Heinrich F. (HS)
142Friesen, Henry H.-1924 (HS) Friesen, Henry H.-1924 (HS)
143Friesen, Henry R.-1926 & Barbara A.-1928 (HS) Friesen, Henry R.-1926 & Barbara A.-1928 (HS)
144Friesen, Isaac M. & Maria Friesen, Isaac M. & Maria
145Friesen, Jacob F. & Margaret Friesen, Jacob F. & Margaret
146Friesen, John J.-1906 (HS) Friesen, John J.-1906 (HS)
147Friesen, Maria B.-1861 (HS) Friesen, Maria B.-1861 (HS)
148Friesen, Maria-1841 (HS) Friesen, Maria-1841 (HS)
149Friesen, Nicholas & Margaretha Friesen, Nicholas & Margaretha
150Friesen, Nickolai J.-1913 & Helena-1914 (HS) Friesen, Nickolai J.-1913 & Helena-1914 (HS)
151Friesen, Peter J. & Aganetha J. Friesen, Peter J. & Aganetha J.
152Friesen, Peter P.-1860 (HS) Friesen, Peter P.-1860 (HS)
153Friesen, William A.-1917 (HS) Friesen, William A.-1917 (HS)
154Funk, Anna L. (HS) Funk, Anna L. (HS)
155Gaede, Heinrich J.-1861 (HS) Gaede, Heinrich J.-1861 (HS)
156Gano, Earl M.-1910 (HS) Gano, Earl M.-1910 (HS)
157Gerbrandt, Jacob D. & Justina Gerbrandt, Jacob D. & Justina
158Giesbrecht, Katharina (HS) Giesbrecht, Katharina (HS)
159Gloeckler, Laura-1847 (HS) Gloeckler, Laura-1847 (HS)
160Goertzen, Helena (HS) Goertzen, Helena (HS)
161Goetz, David H.-1903 (HS) Goetz, David H.-1903 (HS)
162Goossen, Albert W. & Bertha H. Goossen, Albert W. & Bertha H.
163Groening, John J.-1886 (HS) Groening, John J.-1886 (HS)
164Guenther, Aganetha (HS) Guenther, Aganetha (HS)
165Guenther, Daniel P. & Katharina Guenther, Daniel P. & Katharina
166Guenther, Frank Roy-1920 (HS) Guenther, Frank Roy-1920 (HS)
167Guenther, Johann P. & Helena Guenther, Johann P. & Helena
168Gunther, Ernest W. & Luella M. Gunther, Ernest W. & Luella M.
169Gunther, Loretta J. (HS) Gunther, Loretta J. (HS)
170Harder, Abraham A. (HS) Harder, Abraham A. (HS)
171Harder, Anna H.-1900 (HS) Harder, Anna H.-1900 (HS)
172Harder, Carl W. & Georgierena Harder, Carl W. & Georgierena
173Harder, Jacob & Susana Harder, Jacob & Susana
174Harder, John I. & Esther L. (HS) Harder, John I. & Esther L. (HS)
175Harder, John J. (HS) Harder, John J. (HS)
176Harder, Martin-1849 & Anna-1863 (HS) Harder, Martin-1849 & Anna-1863 (HS)
177Harder, Robert John (HS) Harder, Robert John (HS)
178Harder, Victor C. & Margaret (HS) Harder, Victor C. & Margaret (HS)
179Harms, Aganetha (HS) Harms, Aganetha (HS)
180Harms, Cornelius C. & Anna (HS) Harms, Cornelius C. & Anna (HS)
181Harms, Maria-1885 (HS) Harms, Maria-1885 (HS)
182Harms, Peter T. (HS) Harms, Peter T. (HS)
183Heier, Frank H.-1883 & Bertha-1885 (HS) Heier, Frank H.-1883 & Bertha-1885 (HS)
184Heinrichs, Anna-1884 (HS) Heinrichs, Anna-1884 (HS)
185Heinrichs, Frank-1903 & Sara C.-1901 (HS) Heinrichs, Frank-1903 & Sara C.-1901 (HS)
186Heinrichs, Franz (HS) Heinrichs, Franz (HS)
187Heinrichs, Franz B. (HS) Heinrichs, Franz B. (HS)
188Heinrichs, Jacob A. & Mary K. Heinrichs, Jacob A. & Mary K.
189Heinrichs, Margaretha-1884 (HS) Heinrichs, Margaretha-1884 (HS)
190Heinrichs, Peter F.-1871 (HS) Heinrichs, Peter F.-1871 (HS)
191Heinrichs, Robert E. & Lenora B. (HS) Heinrichs, Robert E. & Lenora B. (HS)
192Heinrichs, Theo & Bertha Heinrichs, Theo & Bertha
193Hiebert, Aganetha (HS) Hiebert, Aganetha (HS)
194Hiebert, Arnold R. & Elisabeth H. Hiebert, Arnold R. & Elisabeth H.
195Hiebert, Cornelius & Elizabeth (HS) Hiebert, Cornelius & Elizabeth (HS)
196Hiebert, Jacob J. (HS) Hiebert, Jacob J. (HS)
197Hiebert, Jacob P. (HS) Hiebert, Jacob P. (HS)
198Hiebert, Peter P.-1874 (HS) Hiebert, Peter P.-1874 (HS)
199Hildebrandt, John E.-1891 (HS) Hildebrandt, John E.-1891 (HS)
200Hodel, Christian B. (HS) Hodel, Christian B. (HS)
201Hodel, Lydia (HS) Hodel, Lydia (HS)
202Hooge, Katherina Hooge, Katherina
203Hubenka, Matilda (HS) Hubenka, Matilda (HS)
204Huebert, Alice-1915 (HS) Huebert, Alice-1915 (HS)
205Huebert, Eva (HS) Huebert, Eva (HS)
206Isaac, John D. & Anna S. (HS) Isaac, John D. & Anna S. (HS)
207Isaac, John F. & Maria E. Isaac, John F. & Maria E.
208Isaac, Maria-1883 (HS) Isaac, Maria-1883 (HS)
209Isaac, Mary-1904 (HS) Isaac, Mary-1904 (HS)
210Isaak, Abraham H. & Doris E. (HS) Isaak, Abraham H. & Doris E. (HS)
211Isaak, Cornelius K. & Elizabeth Isaak, Cornelius K. & Elizabeth
212Isaak, Henry P. & Anna K. (HS) Isaak, Henry P. & Anna K. (HS)
213Isaak, Kornelius K. & Aganetha Isaak, Kornelius K. & Aganetha
214Isaak, Susan (HS) Isaak, Susan (HS)
215Janzen, Anna (HS) Janzen, Anna (HS)
216Janzen, Anna-1862 (HS) Janzen, Anna-1862 (HS)
217Janzen, Bertha V.-1905 (HS) Janzen, Bertha V.-1905 (HS)
218Janzen, Cornelia Peggie (HS) Janzen, Cornelia Peggie (HS)
219Janzen, David H.L. & Mary L. Janzen, David H.L. & Mary L.
220Janzen, Frank & Goldie S. (HS) Janzen, Frank & Goldie S. (HS)
221Janzen, Frank H. & Bertha H. Janzen, Frank H. & Bertha H.
222Janzen, Gustav C. & Amanda Janzen, Gustav C. & Amanda
223Janzen, Gustav W. & Elizabeth F. Janzen, Gustav W. & Elizabeth F.
224Janzen, Heinrich N. & Lydia Janzen, Heinrich N. & Lydia
225Janzen, Helena R. (HS) Janzen, Helena R. (HS)
226Janzen, Helena-1881 (HS) Janzen, Helena-1881 (HS)
227Janzen, Henry H. & Viola A. Janzen, Henry H. & Viola A.
228Janzen, Henry P. & Elizabeth D. Janzen, Henry P. & Elizabeth D.
229Janzen, John E. & Bergie V. (HS) Janzen, John E. & Bergie V. (HS)
230Janzen, Judith Yvonne (HS) Janzen, Judith Yvonne (HS)
231Janzen, Nicolai Peter (HS) Janzen, Nicolai Peter (HS)
232Janzen, Robert Dennis-1946 (HS) Janzen, Robert Dennis-1946 (HS)
233Janzen, Susanna E. (HS) Janzen, Susanna E. (HS)
234Janzen, Theodore C. & Anna (HS) Janzen, Theodore C. & Anna (HS)
235Janzen, Wilbur E. & Elaine E. (HS) Janzen, Wilbur E. & Elaine E. (HS)
236Janzen, William F.-1960, Rebecca M.-1966, Jaron M.-1994 & Justin T.-1997 (HS) Janzen, William F.-1960, Rebecca M.-1966, Jaron M.-1994 & Justin T.-1997 (HS)
237Johnson, Katherina-1898 (HS) Johnson, Katherina-1898 (HS)
238Johnson, Ludwig Henry (HS) Johnson, Ludwig Henry (HS)
239Jost, David G. (HS) Jost, David G. (HS)
240Jost, David S.-1884 & Justina-1890 (HS) Jost, David S.-1884 & Justina-1890 (HS)
241Jost, Jacob S. & Anna M. Jost, Jacob S. & Anna M.
242Jost, Otto P. & Rachel V. Jost, Otto P. & Rachel V.
243Just, Gottfried E. (HS) Just, Gottfried E. (HS)
244Just, Henry M. & Eva Just, Henry M. & Eva
245Just, Herbert-1905 (HS) Just, Herbert-1905 (HS)
246Just, Martin F.-1896 (HS) Just, Martin F.-1896 (HS)
247Just, Minnie-1894 (HS) Just, Minnie-1894 (HS)
248Karber, Benjamin D.-1893 & Louise J.-1901 (HS) Karber, Benjamin D.-1893 & Louise J.-1901 (HS)
249Karber, Hannah P.-1928 (HS) Karber, Hannah P.-1928 (HS)
250Keim, Minnie-1876 (HS) Keim, Minnie-1876 (HS)
251Klaassen, Maria-1883 (HS) Klaassen, Maria-1883 (HS)
252Klassen, George C. & Leah R. Klassen, George C. & Leah R.
253Klassen, Heinrich H.-1889 (HS) Klassen, Heinrich H.-1889 (HS)
254Klassen, Johann F. & Agatha Klassen, Johann F. & Agatha
255Klassen, Maria E. (HS) Klassen, Maria E. (HS)
256Klassen, Sarah (HS) Klassen, Sarah (HS)
257Klassen, Sarah E. (HS) Klassen, Sarah E. (HS)
258Kliewer, Aganetha-1858 (HS) Kliewer, Aganetha-1858 (HS)
259Kliewer, Benjamin B.-1886 (HS) Kliewer, Benjamin B.-1886 (HS)
260Kliewer, Cornelius R.-1891 & Elizabeth-1892 (HS) Kliewer, Cornelius R.-1891 & Elizabeth-1892 (HS)
261Kliewer, Harry & Emma Kliewer, Harry & Emma
262Kliewer, Heinrich J. (HS) Kliewer, Heinrich J. (HS)
263Kliewer, Henry C.-1877 (HS) Kliewer, Henry C.-1877 (HS)
264Kliewer, Jack C. & Lulu (HS) Kliewer, Jack C. & Lulu (HS)
265Kliewer, Jacob A. & Anna M. Kliewer, Jacob A. & Anna M.
266Kliewer, Jacob P. & Margaret Kliewer, Jacob P. & Margaret
267Kliewer, Jacob P. (HS) Kliewer, Jacob P. (HS)
268Kliewer, Jacob-1854 (HS) Kliewer, Jacob-1854 (HS)
269Kliewer, John B. & Ruth E. (HS) Kliewer, John B. & Ruth E. (HS)
270Kliewer, John LeRoy (HS) Kliewer, John LeRoy (HS)
271Kliewer, Joy C. & Mary M. Kliewer, Joy C. & Mary M.
272Kliewer, Lowell J.-1932 & Alvina M.-1931 (HS) Kliewer, Lowell J.-1932 & Alvina M.-1931 (HS)
273Kliewer, Peter A. & Anna Kliewer, Peter A. & Anna
274Klippenstein, Gerhard J. & Katherine Klippenstein, Gerhard J. & Katherine
275Klippenstein, Johann G. & Selma M. Klippenstein, Johann G. & Selma M.
276Knaak, Anna M.-1870 (HS) Knaak, Anna M.-1870 (HS)
277Knaak, George & Anna M. Knaak, George & Anna M.
278Knaak, George S. (HS) Knaak, George S. (HS)
279Knaak, Samuel A. & Elma M. Knaak, Samuel A. & Elma M.
280Koehn, Elizabeth (HS) Koehn, Elizabeth (HS)
281Kohr, George M. & Malinda H. (HS) Kohr, George M. & Malinda H. (HS)
282Konrad, Katharina-1830 (HS) Konrad, Katharina-1830 (HS)
283Koop, Cornelia (HS) Koop, Cornelia (HS)
284Koop, Peter P. (HS) Koop, Peter P. (HS)
285Kornelsen, Henry A.-1898 & Florene-1902 (HS) Kornelsen, Henry A.-1898 & Florene-1902 (HS)
286Krause, Albert S. & Helen-(HS) Krause, Albert S. & Helen-(HS)
287Krause, Jacob & Agatha Krause, Jacob & Agatha
288Krause, John A.-1881 & Alma F. (HS) Krause, John A.-1881 & Alma F. (HS)
289Krause, John L. & Anna A. Krause, John L. & Anna A.
290Krause, Martha-1898 (HS) Krause, Martha-1898 (HS)
291Krause, Peter M. & Helena Krause, Peter M. & Helena
292Krause, Sarah-1887 (HS) Krause, Sarah-1887 (HS)
293Krause, William T. & Anna (HS) Krause, William T. & Anna (HS)
294Kroeker, Anna-1874 (HS) Kroeker, Anna-1874 (HS)
295Kroeker, Franz-1864 (HS) Kroeker, Franz-1864 (HS)
296Kroeker, Gerhard (HS) Kroeker, Gerhard (HS)
297Kroeker, Harvey L. (HS) Kroeker, Harvey L. (HS)
298Kroeker, Henry H. & Helena J. Kroeker, Henry H. & Helena J.
299Kroeker, Henry H.-1906 & Helena J.-1909 (HS) Kroeker, Henry H.-1906 & Helena J.-1909 (HS)
300Kroeker, Henry Leroy-1931 (HS) Kroeker, Henry Leroy-1931 (HS)
301Kroeker, Isaak & Katharina Kroeker, Isaak & Katharina
302Kroeker, Jacob E. & Zelma L. Kroeker, Jacob E. & Zelma L.
303Kroeker, Jacob I. (HS) Kroeker, Jacob I. (HS)
304Kroeker, John B.-1911 (HS) Kroeker, John B.-1911 (HS)
305Kroeker, John H. & Sara Kroeker, John H. & Sara
306Kroeker, John P.-1916 & Lavada E. (HS) Kroeker, John P.-1916 & Lavada E. (HS)
307Kroeker, John W. & Elizabeth E. Kroeker, John W. & Elizabeth E.
308Kroeker, John W.-1890 & Elizabeth E.1889 (HS) Kroeker, John W.-1890 & Elizabeth E.1889 (HS)
309Kroeker, Katharina Pearl-1890 (HS) Kroeker, Katharina Pearl-1890 (HS)
310Kroeker, Katherine (HS) Kroeker, Katherine (HS)
311Kroeker, Margaretha (HS) Kroeker, Margaretha (HS)
312Kroeker, Menno K. & Alvina Kroeker, Menno K. & Alvina
313Kroeker, Paul P. & Lydia F. (HS) Kroeker, Paul P. & Lydia F. (HS)
314Kroeker, Peter K. & Maria Kroeker, Peter K. & Maria
315Kroeker, Peter P. (HS) Kroeker, Peter P. (HS)
316Kroeker, Robert C.-1928 & Wanda M.-1928 (HS) Kroeker, Robert C.-1928 & Wanda M.-1928 (HS)
317Kusch, Elmer & Frieda A. Kusch, Elmer & Frieda A.
318Landseadal, John & Christina Landseadal, John & Christina
319Lansidel, Henry-1903 (HS) Lansidel, Henry-1903 (HS)
320Legiehn, Bertha (HS) Legiehn, Bertha (HS)
321Lepp, Anna (HS) Lepp, Anna (HS)
322Leppke, Abraham & Susanna Leppke, Abraham & Susanna
323Leppke, Cornelius F. (HS) Leppke, Cornelius F. (HS)
324Leppke, Harold D. (HS) Leppke, Harold D. (HS)
325Leppke, Harold I. (HS) Leppke, Harold I. (HS)
326Leppke, Joann-1959 (HS) Leppke, Joann-1959 (HS)
327Leppke, Martha (HS) Leppke, Martha (HS)
328Leppke, Peter & Helena Leppke, Peter & Helena
329Leppke, Solomon & Sarah (HS) Leppke, Solomon & Sarah (HS)
330Litke, Joel H. & Ann E. Litke, Joel H. & Ann E.
331Loewen, Jacob H. (HS) Loewen, Jacob H. (HS)
332Mack, David H. (HS) Mack, David H. (HS)
333Martens, Franz A. (HS) Martens, Franz A. (HS)
334Martens, Katharina (Tena) (HS) Martens, Katharina (Tena) (HS)
335Martens, Katharina-1862 (HS) Martens, Katharina-1862 (HS)
336Martens, Katharina-1874 (HS) Martens, Katharina-1874 (HS)
337Mierau, David J.-1911 & Justina K.-1913 (HS) Mierau, David J.-1911 & Justina K.-1913 (HS)
338Moffitt, Alvin M. & Bertha D. Moffitt, Alvin M. & Bertha D.
339Moffitt, Joseph F.-1871 (HS) Moffitt, Joseph F.-1871 (HS)
340Moritz, Florentina B.-1889 (HS) Moritz, Florentina B.-1889 (HS)
341Neufeld, Abraham D.-1867 (HS) Neufeld, Abraham D.-1867 (HS)
342Neufeld, Abraham J.-1869 (HS) Neufeld, Abraham J.-1869 (HS)
343Neufeld, Agnes-1874 (HS) Neufeld, Agnes-1874 (HS)
344Neufeld, Arthur H.-1901 & Leona-1904 (HS) Neufeld, Arthur H.-1901 & Leona-1904 (HS)
345Neufeld, Cornelius (HS) Neufeld, Cornelius (HS)
346Neufeld, Cornelius N.-1909 (HS) Neufeld, Cornelius N.-1909 (HS)
347Neufeld, Elizabeth (Toots) (HS) Neufeld, Elizabeth (Toots) (HS)
348Neufeld, Elizabeth-1871 (HS) Neufeld, Elizabeth-1871 (HS)
349Neufeld, Elizabeth-1873 (HS) Neufeld, Elizabeth-1873 (HS)
350Neufeld, Elizabeth-May 1873 (HS) Neufeld, Elizabeth-May 1873 (HS)
351Neufeld, Herman & Elfriede M. Neufeld, Herman & Elfriede M.
352Neufeld, Isaac U. (HS) Neufeld, Isaac U. (HS)
353Neufeld, Jacob K.-1891 & Esther-1897 (HS) Neufeld, Jacob K.-1891 & Esther-1897 (HS)
354Neufeld, Jerry D.-1940 (HS) Neufeld, Jerry D.-1940 (HS)
355Neufeld, Louise (HS) Neufeld, Louise (HS)
356Neufeld, Lugene C.J.-1926 (HS) Neufeld, Lugene C.J.-1926 (HS)
357Neufeld, Wilhelm P. & Margarethe Neufeld, Wilhelm P. & Margarethe
358Nick, Clara (HS) Nick, Clara (HS)
359Nickel, Anna (HS) Nickel, Anna (HS)
360Nickel, Anna-1889 (HS) Nickel, Anna-1889 (HS)
361Nickel, Gerhard B.-1892 (HS) Nickel, Gerhard B.-1892 (HS)
362Nickel, Gerhard G. (HS) Nickel, Gerhard G. (HS)
363Nickel, Gerhard-1835 (HS) Nickel, Gerhard-1835 (HS)
364Nickel, Heinrich G. & Katharina P. Nickel, Heinrich G. & Katharina P.
365Nickel, Pearl June (HS) Nickel, Pearl June (HS)
366Nickel, Reuben B.-1905 (HS) Nickel, Reuben B.-1905 (HS)
367Nikkel, David S. (HS) Nikkel, David S. (HS)
368Nikkel, Jacob D. & Elisabeth Nikkel, Jacob D. & Elisabeth
369Nikkel, Margaretha-1871 (HS) Nikkel, Margaretha-1871 (HS)
370Nikkel, Susanna-1900 (HS) Nikkel, Susanna-1900 (HS)
371Nipkau, Augusta (HS) Nipkau, Augusta (HS)
372Ollenberger, Leah (HS) Ollenberger, Leah (HS)
373Pankratz, Abraham M. & Elizabeth Pankratz, Abraham M. & Elizabeth
374Pankratz, Abraham P.-1912 & Bernita M.-1911 (HS) Pankratz, Abraham P.-1912 & Bernita M.-1911 (HS)
375Pankratz, John Elmer (HS) Pankratz, John Elmer (HS)
376Pankratz, John J. & Esther S. Pankratz, John J. & Esther S.
377Pankratz, Walter G. & Lena M. Pankratz, Walter G. & Lena M.
378Patzkowski, Florentina F. (HS) Patzkowski, Florentina F. (HS)
379Patzkowski, Jacob-1857 (HS) Patzkowski, Jacob-1857 (HS)
380Pauls, Alvin N.-1920 (HS) Pauls, Alvin N.-1920 (HS)
381Pauls, Eva (HS) Pauls, Eva (HS)
382Pauls, Frank Harold (HS) Pauls, Frank Harold (HS)
383Pauls, Heinrich B. (HS) Pauls, Heinrich B. (HS)
384Pauls, Henry G. (HS) Pauls, Henry G. (HS)
385Pauls, Jacob D. & Anna Pauls, Jacob D. & Anna
386Penner, Aganetha-1926 (HS) Penner, Aganetha-1926 (HS)
387Penner, Elizabeth-1858 (HS) Penner, Elizabeth-1858 (HS)
388Penner, Franz & Sarah Penner, Franz & Sarah
389Penner, John S. & Katherina Penner, John S. & Katherina
390Penner, Menno L.-1910 & Lillian L.-1915 (HS) Penner, Menno L.-1910 & Lillian L.-1915 (HS)
391Peters, Bernhard K. & Sarah F. (HS) Peters, Bernhard K. & Sarah F. (HS)
392Peters, Harvey J.-1924 (HS) Peters, Harvey J.-1924 (HS)
393Peters, Johann B. & Helena Peters, Johann B. & Helena
394Peters, Katharina-1884 (HS) Peters, Katharina-1884 (HS)
395Quiring, Aganetha (HS) Quiring, Aganetha (HS)
396Quiring, George H. & Catherine Quiring, George H. & Catherine
397Quiring, Heinrich H.-1842 (HS) Quiring, Heinrich H.-1842 (HS)
398Quiring, Johann D.-1889 & Helena-1892 (HS) Quiring, Johann D.-1889 & Helena-1892 (HS)
399Quiring, Justina-1876 (HS) Quiring, Justina-1876 (HS)
400Quiring, Katharina (HS) Quiring, Katharina (HS)
401Ratzlaff, Elizabeth (HS) Ratzlaff, Elizabeth (HS)
402Ratzlaff, Eva-1885 (HS) Ratzlaff, Eva-1885 (HS)
403Ratzlaff, Orlyn L.-1930 (HS) Ratzlaff, Orlyn L.-1930 (HS)
404Ratzlaff, Peter F.-1895 (HS) Ratzlaff, Peter F.-1895 (HS)
405Redekopp, Sara-1881 (HS) Redekopp, Sara-1881 (HS)
406Regehr, Elisabeth (HS) Regehr, Elisabeth (HS)
407Regier, Abraham J. (HS) Regier, Abraham J. (HS)
408Regier, Daniel E. Regier, Daniel E.
409Regier, Daniel H.-1916 & Martha L.-1915 (HS) Regier, Daniel H.-1916 & Martha L.-1915 (HS)
410Regier, Gerhardt G. Regier, Gerhardt G.
411Regier, Heinrich H.-1921 (HS) Regier, Heinrich H.-1921 (HS)
412Regier, Isaac P. (HS) Regier, Isaac P. (HS)
413Regier, Jacob E. & Tena H. Regier, Jacob E. & Tena H.
414Regier, Jacob P. (HS) Regier, Jacob P. (HS)
415Regier, Maria-1866 (HS) Regier, Maria-1866 (HS)
416Regier, Maria-1904 (HS) Regier, Maria-1904 (HS)
417Regier, Peter H. & Mary M. Regier, Peter H. & Mary M.
418Regier, Sarah-1879 (HS) Regier, Sarah-1879 (HS)
419Reimer, Abraham E.-1908 (HS) Reimer, Abraham E.-1908 (HS)
420Reimer, Alvin K. & Lillie H. (HS) Reimer, Alvin K. & Lillie H. (HS)
421Reimer, Anna J.-1895 (HS) Reimer, Anna J.-1895 (HS)
422Reimer, Bernhard B. & Helena Reimer, Bernhard B. & Helena
423Reimer, Cornelius D.-1875 (HS) Reimer, Cornelius D.-1875 (HS)
424Reimer, David C. & Esther (HS) Reimer, David C. & Esther (HS)
425Reimer, Gerhard A. & Alma A. (HS) Reimer, Gerhard A. & Alma A. (HS)
426Reimer, Gertrude E.-1911 (HS) Reimer, Gertrude E.-1911 (HS)
427Reimer, Helmuth-1925 (HS) Reimer, Helmuth-1925 (HS)
428Reimer, Isaak P.-1902 (HS) Reimer, Isaak P.-1902 (HS)
429Reimer, Jacob P.-1914 (HS) Reimer, Jacob P.-1914 (HS)
430Reimer, Johann J. & Marie Reimer, Johann J. & Marie
431Reimer, Johann-1864 (HS) Reimer, Johann-1864 (HS)
432Reimer, John E. & Helena C. Reimer, John E. & Helena C.
433Reimer, Margie-1925 (HS) Reimer, Margie-1925 (HS)
434Reimer, Nikolai K.-1910 & Lydia M.-1914 (HS) Reimer, Nikolai K.-1910 & Lydia M.-1914 (HS)
435Reimer, Nikolai K.-1910 (HS) Reimer, Nikolai K.-1910 (HS)
436Reimer, Paul & Esther R. Reimer, Paul & Esther R.
437Reimer, Peter J.-1894 (HS) Reimer, Peter J.-1894 (HS)
438Reimer, Peter P. & Maria Reimer, Peter P. & Maria
439Reimer, Phillip Ralph (HS) Reimer, Phillip Ralph (HS)
440Reiswig, Emanuel M. & Mary D. Reiswig, Emanuel M. & Mary D.
441Reiswig, Gustav & Agnes (HS) Reiswig, Gustav & Agnes (HS)
442Reiswig, Ralph B. (HS) Reiswig, Ralph B. (HS)
443Rempel, Helena G. (HS) Rempel, Helena G. (HS)
444Rempel, Marie-1911 (HS) Rempel, Marie-1911 (HS)
445Richert, Henry P. (HS) Richert, Henry P. (HS)
446Richert, Jacob P. (HS) Richert, Jacob P. (HS)
447Richert, Nettie L. (HS) Richert, Nettie L. (HS)
448Richert, Peter P. (HS) Richert, Peter P. (HS)
449Rogalsky, Clifford K. (HS) Rogalsky, Clifford K. (HS)
450Rogalsky, Herman J.-1914 & Martha I.-1915 (HS) Rogalsky, Herman J.-1914 & Martha I.-1915 (HS)
451Sawatzky, Abraham G. (HS) Sawatzky, Abraham G. (HS)
452Sawatzky, Gustav C.-1911 (HS) Sawatzky, Gustav C.-1911 (HS)
453Sawatzky, William A. (HS) Sawatzky, William A. (HS)
454Schellenberg, John A.-1901 (HS) Schellenberg, John A.-1901 (HS)
455Schellenberg, Margaretha (HS) Schellenberg, Margaretha (HS)
456Schlichting, Arnold W. & Anna Schlichting, Arnold W. & Anna
457Schlichting, Leah (HS) Schlichting, Leah (HS)
458Schmidt, Aaron W. & Margaretha (HS) Schmidt, Aaron W. & Margaretha (HS)
459Schmidt, Abraham & Katharina Schmidt, Abraham & Katharina
460Schmidt, Bernhard B. & Adina M. Schmidt, Bernhard B. & Adina M.
461Schmidt, Frances L.-1928 (HS) Schmidt, Frances L.-1928 (HS)
462Schmidt, Jacob J. (HS) Schmidt, Jacob J. (HS)
463Schmidt, Maria J. (HS) Schmidt, Maria J. (HS)
464Schultz, Margaretha-1883 (HS) Schultz, Margaretha-1883 (HS)
465Schultz, Maria-1874 (HS) Schultz, Maria-1874 (HS)
466Seibel, Sarah (HS) Seibel, Sarah (HS)
467Seiler, Elizabeth-1863 (HS) Seiler, Elizabeth-1863 (HS)
Very worn stone. 
468Siemens, Dietrich W.-1878 & Helena-1879 (HS) Siemens, Dietrich W.-1878 & Helena-1879 (HS)
469Siemens, Marie H. (HS) Siemens, Marie H. (HS)
470Siering, Herman F.-1923 (HS) Siering, Herman F.-1923 (HS)
471Sorensen, Kenneth E. (HS) Sorensen, Kenneth E. (HS)
472Sorensen, Kenneth E.-1929 & Susan J.-1929 (HS) Sorensen, Kenneth E.-1929 & Susan J.-1929 (HS)
473Sperling, Abraham A. & Katharina Sperling, Abraham A. & Katharina
474Sperling, Heinrich (HS) Sperling, Heinrich (HS)
475Sperling, Herbert P. & Helen E. Sperling, Herbert P. & Helen E.
476Stelting, Jacob A.-1892 & Carolina (HS) Stelting, Jacob A.-1892 & Carolina (HS)
477Stobbe, Alice-1909 (HS) Stobbe, Alice-1909 (HS)
478Suderman, Elizabeth-1885 (HS) Suderman, Elizabeth-1885 (HS)
479Suderman, Ernest S. & Louise E. (HS) Suderman, Ernest S. & Louise E. (HS)
480Suderman, Ernest S.-1902 (HS) Suderman, Ernest S.-1902 (HS)
481Suderman, Jacob A. & Sarah Suderman, Jacob A. & Sarah
482Thiesen, Jacob J. & Katharina Thiesen, Jacob J. & Katharina
483Thiesen, Johann H.-1856 & Helena-1853 (HS) Thiesen, Johann H.-1856 & Helena-1853 (HS)
484Thiesen, John G. & Sarah Thiesen, John G. & Sarah
485Thiesen, John G.-1926 (HS) Thiesen, John G.-1926 (HS)
486Thiesen, Katherine-1896 (HS) Thiesen, Katherine-1896 (HS)
487Thiesen, Peter F.-1891 & Katharina S.-1894 (HS) Thiesen, Peter F.-1891 & Katharina S.-1894 (HS)
488Thiesen, Peter H. (HS) Thiesen, Peter H. (HS)
489Thiessen, Abraham J.-1883 (HS) Thiessen, Abraham J.-1883 (HS)
490Thiessen, Arnold H.-1910 (HS) Thiessen, Arnold H.-1910 (HS)
491Thiessen, Daniel H. & Alvina (HS) Thiessen, Daniel H. & Alvina (HS)
492Thiessen, Elizabeth (HS) Thiessen, Elizabeth (HS)
493Thiessen, Elsie-1924 (HS) Thiessen, Elsie-1924 (HS)
494Thiessen, John D.-1870 (HS) Thiessen, John D.-1870 (HS)
495Thiessen, John N. (HS) Thiessen, John N. (HS)
496Thiessen, Peter W.-1860 (HS) Thiessen, Peter W.-1860 (HS)
497Tiahrt, Elise (HS) Tiahrt, Elise (HS)
498Toews, George G.-1886 (HS) Toews, George G.-1886 (HS)
499Toews, John H. & Nettie R. Toews, John H. & Nettie R.
500Toews, Maria P. (HS) Toews, Maria P. (HS)
501Toews, Peter K.-1911 & Irma B.-1918 (HS) Toews, Peter K.-1911 & Irma B.-1918 (HS)
502Unrau, Marvin & Hilda Unrau, Marvin & Hilda
503Unruh, Adolph H. & Adalena Unruh, Adolph H. & Adalena
504Unruh, Betty Jane (HS) Unruh, Betty Jane (HS)
505Unruh, David J. & Judith Unruh, David J. & Judith
506Unruh, David K. & Elizabeth & Bertha E. Unruh, David K. & Elizabeth & Bertha E.
507Unruh, David S. H. & Eva (HS) Unruh, David S. H. & Eva (HS)
508Unruh, Elisabeth-1852 (HS) Unruh, Elisabeth-1852 (HS)
509Unruh, Eva (HS) Unruh, Eva (HS)
510Unruh, Heinrich H. & Sara C. (HS) Unruh, Heinrich H. & Sara C. (HS)
511Unruh, Hulda-1886 (HS) Unruh, Hulda-1886 (HS)
512Unruh, Johann (HS) Unruh, Johann (HS)
513Unruh, Maria C.-1867 (HS) Unruh, Maria C.-1867 (HS)
514Unruh, Peter & Susanna Unruh, Peter & Susanna
515Vogt, Samuel F. & Justine Vogt, Samuel F. & Justine
516Voth, Dorothy M.-1934 (HS) Voth, Dorothy M.-1934 (HS)
517Voth, Jacob J. & Margaret Voth, Jacob J. & Margaret
518Voth, Peter G. & Anna Voth, Peter G. & Anna
519Voth, Peter P. (HS) Voth, Peter P. (HS)
520Wahl, Paulina (HS) Wahl, Paulina (HS)
521Wall, Isaac P. & Lydia (HS) Wall, Isaac P. & Lydia (HS)
522Wall, John P. & Eva A. Wall, John P. & Eva A.
523Wall, John P.-1861 (HS) Wall, John P.-1861 (HS)
524Wall, Peter J.-1889 (HS) Wall, Peter J.-1889 (HS)
525Warkentin, Bernhard M. & Marie Warkentin, Bernhard M. & Marie
526Warkentin, Eduard-1890 & Susanna-1891 (HS) Warkentin, Eduard-1890 & Susanna-1891 (HS)
527Warkentin, Elizabeth-1890 (HS) Warkentin, Elizabeth-1890 (HS)
528Warkentin, Gerhard B. (HS) Warkentin, Gerhard B. (HS)
529Warkentin, Heinrich H.-1861 (HS) Warkentin, Heinrich H.-1861 (HS)
530Warkentin, Henry B.-1894 (HS) Warkentin, Henry B.-1894 (HS)
531Warkentin, Herman H. (HS) Warkentin, Herman H. (HS)
532Warkentin, John B. & Ida R. Warkentin, John B. & Ida R.
533Warkentin, John K. (HS) Warkentin, John K. (HS)
534Warkentin, Karl Charles (HS) Warkentin, Karl Charles (HS)
535Warkentin, Leo C.-1922 & Blondina M.-1924 (HS) Warkentin, Leo C.-1922 & Blondina M.-1924 (HS)
536Warkentin, Peter K.-1886 & Mary E.-1892 (HS) Warkentin, Peter K.-1886 & Mary E.-1892 (HS)
537Warkentin, Walter A.-1915 & Frances R.-1920 (HS) Warkentin, Walter A.-1915 & Frances R.-1920 (HS)
538Wedel, Anna-1861 (HS) Wedel, Anna-1861 (HS)
539Wedel, Henry J.-1860 (HS) Wedel, Henry J.-1860 (HS)
540Wichert, Anna C. (HS) Wichert, Anna C. (HS)
541Wichert, Karl A. (HS) Wichert, Karl A. (HS)
542Wichert, Mattie C.-1899 (HS) Wichert, Mattie C.-1899 (HS)
543Wiebe, Cornelius (HS) Wiebe, Cornelius (HS)
544Wiebe, Jacob J. & Wilhelmine Wiebe, Jacob J. & Wilhelmine
545Wiebe, Johann J. & Sarah A. Wiebe, Johann J. & Sarah A.
546Wiebe, Peter F. & Martha (HS) Wiebe, Peter F. & Martha (HS)
547Wiebe, Peter J.-1883 (HS) Wiebe, Peter J.-1883 (HS)
548Wiens, Agnes F. (HS) Wiens, Agnes F. (HS)
549Wiens, David T. & Margaret (HS) Wiens, David T. & Margaret (HS)
550Wiens, Irvin D.-1918 & Esther R.-1919 (HS) Wiens, Irvin D.-1918 & Esther R.-1919 (HS)
551Wiens, Katharina-1873 (HS) Wiens, Katharina-1873 (HS)
552Wiens, Katharina-1880 (HS) Wiens, Katharina-1880 (HS)
553Wiens, Katherine-1883 (HS) Wiens, Katherine-1883 (HS)
554Wiens, Maria-1861 (HS) Wiens, Maria-1861 (HS)
555Wiens, Maria-1898 (HS) Wiens, Maria-1898 (HS)
556Wiens, Nettie Agnes (HS) Wiens, Nettie Agnes (HS)
557Wiens, Sara J.-1877 (HS) Wiens, Sara J.-1877 (HS)
558Wiens, Susanna (HS) Wiens, Susanna (HS)
559Wiens, Susanna-1884 (HS) Wiens, Susanna-1884 (HS)
560Wiens, Susanna-1895 (HS) Wiens, Susanna-1895 (HS)
561Wiest, Friedrich C. & Katharina E. Wiest, Friedrich C. & Katharina E.
562Willems, Abraham D.-1874 & Susanna N.-1878 (HS) Willems, Abraham D.-1874 & Susanna N.-1878 (HS)
563Willems, Bernhard C. & Anna W. Willems, Bernhard C. & Anna W.
564Willems, George C. & Anna (HS) Willems, George C. & Anna (HS)
565Willems, Helena O.-1912 (HS) Willems, Helena O.-1912 (HS)
566Willems, Jacob C. & Helena (HS) Willems, Jacob C. & Helena (HS)
567Willems, Sophie M. (HS) Willems, Sophie M. (HS)
568Wohlgemuth, Wesley B.-1924 (HS) Wohlgemuth, Wesley B.-1924 (HS)
569Wyckoff, James William (HS) Wyckoff, James William (HS)
570Zimmerman, Heinrich H. (HS) Zimmerman, Heinrich H. (HS)
571Zimmerman, Jacob D. & Renatta Zimmerman, Jacob D. & Renatta

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