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Hight, Henry-1859 (HS)

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Linked toHenry Theodore HIGHT

Porcupine Cemetery, Frankfort, Pepin, Wisconsin, USA

Notes: Porcupine is an unincorporated community located in the town of Frankfort, Pepin County, Wisconsin. Porcupine is 7 miles southwest of Durand.
Northwest of County Highway SS at Gates Hill Road. (Gates Hill is to the left (west) of the cemetery.)

Porcupine Cemetery

Cemetery Photos

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1Baker, Sarah Elizabeth-1857 (HS) Baker, Sarah Elizabeth-1857 (HS)
2Bignell, Bert B.-1922 (HS) Bignell, Bert B.-1922 (HS)
3Bignell, Buel B.-1880 & Etta (HS) Bignell, Buel B.-1880 & Etta (HS)
4Bignell, Cecil R.-1918 (HS) Bignell, Cecil R.-1918 (HS)
5Bignell, Edison-1920 & Gladys D. (HS) Bignell, Edison-1920 & Gladys D. (HS)
6Bignell, Eli W.-1874 & Ella J. (HS) Bignell, Eli W.-1874 & Ella J. (HS)
7Bignell, Elmer-1915 (HS) Bignell, Elmer-1915 (HS)
8Bignell, Elwood E.-1900 (HS) Bignell, Elwood E.-1900 (HS)
9Bignell, Ernest-1915 (HS) Bignell, Ernest-1915 (HS)
10Bignell, Fargo-1909 (HS) Bignell, Fargo-1909 (HS)
11Bignell, Floyd-1915 (HS) Bignell, Floyd-1915 (HS)
12Bignell, Fred-1905 (HS) Bignell, Fred-1905 (HS)
13Bignell, George W.-1902 & Hilda L. (HS) Bignell, George W.-1902 & Hilda L. (HS)
14Bignell, Harold-1913 & Mildred (HS) Bignell, Harold-1913 & Mildred (HS)
15Bignell, Leoma-1887 (HS) Bignell, Leoma-1887 (HS)
16Bignell, Leotta-1912, Lloyd-1915, Leonard-1920 (HS) Bignell, Leotta-1912, Lloyd-1915, Leonard-1920 (HS)
From left to right: Leonard, Lloyd and Leotta Bignell, siblings, all buried under the same headstone. 
17Bignell, Lester G.-1935 (HS) Bignell, Lester G.-1935 (HS)
18Bignell, Lyle G.-1916 (HS) Bignell, Lyle G.-1916 (HS)
19Bignell, Oliver A.-1876 (HS) Bignell, Oliver A.-1876 (HS)
20Bignell, Otis-1881 & Mary (HS) Bignell, Otis-1881 & Mary (HS)
21Bignell, Pearl D.-1892 & Flora C. (HS) Bignell, Pearl D.-1892 & Flora C. (HS)
22Bignell, R.D.-1885 & Annie F. (HS) Bignell, R.D.-1885 & Annie F. (HS)
23Bignell, Ralph-1893 & Mary Ida-2 children (HS) Bignell, Ralph-1893 & Mary Ida-2 children (HS)
24Bignell, Robert L.-1917 (HS) Bignell, Robert L.-1917 (HS)
There is an illegible inscription below the dates. 
25Bignell, Sidney-1909 & Alma M.-1919 (HS) Bignell, Sidney-1909 & Alma M.-1919 (HS)
26Biles, Neil R.-1900 & Gladys (HS) Biles, Neil R.-1900 & Gladys (HS)
27Biles, Neil R.-1900 (HS) Biles, Neil R.-1900 (HS)
28Claflin, Edward A.-1888 & Winnie (HS) Claflin, Edward A.-1888 & Winnie (HS)
29Felland, Philip A.-1931 & Vivian A. (HS) Felland, Philip A.-1931 & Vivian A. (HS)
30Heath, Jesse J.-1855 (HS) Heath, Jesse J.-1855 (HS)
31Heath, Milo S.-1852 (HS) Heath, Milo S.-1852 (HS)
32Heath, Samuel H.-1868 (HS) Heath, Samuel H.-1868 (HS)
33Hight, Edward E.-1887 (HS) Hight, Edward E.-1887 (HS)
This stone is hard to read, especially the name, I believe it was previously transcribed as ‘Ed Hill’, instead of Ed Hite. 
34Hight, Henry-1859 (HS) Hight, Henry-1859 (HS)
35Hight, Susan J.-1858 (HS) Hight, Susan J.-1858 (HS)
36Hight, William H.-1885 (HS) Hight, William H.-1885 (HS)
37Hill, Dorothy-1921 (HS) Hill, Dorothy-1921 (HS)
38Hill, Guy-1882 (HS) Hill, Guy-1882 (HS)
39Hooker, John W.-1850 (HS) Hooker, John W.-1850 (HS)
40Hoyt, Henry-1853 & Sarah E. (HS) Hoyt, Henry-1853 & Sarah E. (HS)
41Kralewski, Thomas F.-1895 & Hoyt, Zulita L. (HS)1 Kralewski, Thomas F.-1895 & Hoyt, Zulita L. (HS)1
42Longsdorf, Clair D.-1888 & Chilelea A.-1888 (HS) Longsdorf, Clair D.-1888 & Chilelea A.-1888 (HS)
43Rogers, Daniel W.-1855 & Eleanor J. (HS) Rogers, Daniel W.-1855 & Eleanor J. (HS)
44Stewart, Galen-1912 & Sylvia-1923 (HS) Stewart, Galen-1912 & Sylvia-1923 (HS)
45Stewart, Harrison-1859 & Saney-1872 (HS) Stewart, Harrison-1859 & Saney-1872 (HS)
46Stewart, Hazel E.-1894 (HS) Stewart, Hazel E.-1894 (HS)
47Stewart, Richard-1895 & Mary (HS) Stewart, Richard-1895 & Mary (HS)
48Stewart, Richard-1895 (HS) Stewart, Richard-1895 (HS)
49Warren, Eli L.-1853 (HS) Warren, Eli L.-1853 (HS)
50Weller, Elizabeth-1833 (HS) Weller, Elizabeth-1833 (HS)

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