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S.S. Strassburg-1872

The steamship STRASSBURG was built for Norddeutscher Lloyd by Caird & Co, Greenock (yard #166), and was launched on 24 May 1872. 3,025 tons; 107,06 x 11,89 meters (length x breadth); straight stem (first Norddeutscher Lloyd high-seas vessel so built), 1 funnel, 2 masts; iron construction, screw propulsion, twin single-expansion engine, service speed 11 knots; accommodation for 60 passengers in 1st class, 120 in 2nd class, and 889 to 900 in steerage; crew of 70 to 100. The STRASSBURG was the "name ship" of the 13 vessels of Norddeutscher Lloyd's Strassburg Class of passenger vessels, and was built for the Line's New Orleans service. 3 September 1872, maiden voyage, Bremen - Southampton - New York. 16 October 1872, first voyage, Bremen - Havre - New Orleans. 1874, given new boilers and compound engine, service speed 12 knots. Made one voyage to Hankau for a cargo of tea, being the first German steamship through the Suez Canal. 16 February 1881, first voyage, Bremen-Baltimore. 11 November 1881, first voyage, Bremen-South America. 1883-1896, primarily to South America. 1885, refitted in Bremerhaven. 2 August 1893, last voyage, Bremen-New York (12 roundtrip voyages). 25 January 1896, last voyage, Bremen-South America. August 1896, sold to Tardi & Co, Genoa, for scrapping. 1897, scrapped at Genoa.

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