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S.S. Teutonia-1856 copy

Owner: "Hamburg Brasilian Steamship Co." in Hamburg, Germany
Year build: 1856
Builders: Caird & Co., Greenock
Tons: 2693 - Length: 86,0m - Width: 12,0m
Engine: 1 I-Exp. - PS 1300 - Knots: 10
Passengers: 1.Class 50
Passengers: 2.Class 136
Passengers: Middle Deck: 310
Crew 80

File nameS.S. Teutonia-1856 copy.jpg
File Size205.87k
Dimensions576 x 288
Linked toFamily: ABRAHAMS/PETERS (F15153); Family: ABRAHAMS/HEINRICHS (F10275); Family: BALZER/PENNER (F34525); Family: BALZER/PENNER (F14278); Family: BALZER/PETERS (F10762); Family: BLOCK/GERBRANDT (F32871); Family: BRAUN/ (F38874); Family: BULLER/WEDEL (F22196); Family: BULLER/UNRUH (F14334); Family: DAHL/EITZEN (F21302); Family: DALKE/DUERKSEN (F27005); Family: DUERKSEN/FAST (F12126); Family: EDIGER/SIEMENS (F10431); Family: EDIGER/THIESSEN (F12986); Family: ENNS/WARKENTIN (F24154); Family: EPP/FRIESEN (F35695); Family: EPP/PETERS (F22277); Family: FAST/THIESSEN (F12515); Family: FLAMING/UNRUH (F13827); Family: FLAMING/KOEHN (F10605); Family: FRANZ/JANZEN (F12628); Family: FRIESEN/FRIESEN (F24590); Family: FRIESEN/FRIESEN (F28945); Family: FRIESEN/REGIER (F22023); Family: FUNK/WIEBE (F10285); Family: FUNK/MARTENS (F5947); Family: GAEDDERT/MARTENS (F21967); Family: GAEDDERT/JANZEN (F11342); Family: HARDER/FEHDERAU (F21956); Family: HEIDEBRECHT/RICHERT (F11344); Family: HEIDEBRECHT/NACHTIGALL (F258); Family: HEIDEBRECHT/SUCKAU (F13039); Family: HEINRICHS/QUIRING (F12699); Family: HINZ/FREITAG (F24060); Family: JANZEN/WALL (F35662); Family: JANZEN/KLIEWER (F27261); Family: KLASSEN/SIEMENS (F22458); Family: KLASSEN/DRIEDIGER (F11942); Family: KLIEWER/WIEBE (F13779); Family: KLIEWER/JANZEN (F10466); Family: KLIEWER/NICKEL (F12553); Family: KLIEWER/FROESE (F12547); Family: KOEHN/VOTH (F14801); Family: KOEHN/WIENS (F13668); Family: KOOP/KLIPPENSTEIN (F21849); Family: KRAUSE/CONRAD (F28787); Family: KRAUSE/PANKRATZ (F11335); Family: KROEKER/THIESSEN (F25263); Family: KROEKER/JANZEN (F10763); Family: KROEKER/RICHERT (F22313) ['More Links']

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