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S.S. Teutonia-1856

Owner: "Hamburg Brasilian Steamship Co." in Hamburg, Germany
Year build: 1856
Builders: Caird & Co., Greenock
Tons: 2693 - Length: 86,0m - Width: 12,0m
Engine: 1 I-Exp. - PS 1300 - Knots: 10
Passengers: 1.Class 50
Passengers: 2.Class 136
Passengers: Middle Deck: 310
Crew 80

File nameS.S. Teutonia-1856.jpg
File Size172.11k
Dimensions576 x 288
Linked toFamily: LENDER/MIERAU (F15221); Family: LOHRENTZ/NEUFELD (F12973); Family: MARTENS/PETERS (F14049); Family: MARTENS/HUEBERT (F25219); Family: MARTENS/FRANZ (F21858); Family: NACHTIGAL/BEKKER (F14340); Family: NACHTIGALL/ABRAHAMS (F10735); Family: NEUFELD/SCHOENHOF (F5859); Family: NEUFELD/EDIGER (F5876); Family: NEUMAN/RATZLAFF (F22349); Family: NICKEL/WIENS (F10936); Family: NIKKEL/HARMS (F13793); Family: NIKKEL/NACHTIGAL (F23323); Family: PANKRATZ/SCHMIDT (F24034); Family: PANKRATZ/MARTENS (F24426); Family: PAULS/TOEWS (F11938); Family: PENNER/LOHRENZ (F28807); Family: PENNER/BRAUN (F22025); Family: RATZLAFF/SCHMIDT (F23125); Family: RATZLAFF/NEUMAN (F14066); Family: RATZLAFF/JANZEN (F27173); Family: RATZLAFF/JANZEN (F10703); Family: RATZLAFF/FRIESEN (F35030); Family: RATZLAFF/JANZEN (F10696); Family: RATZLAFF/UNRAU (F32870); Family: RATZLAFF/DUECK (F23338); Family: RATZLAFF/RICHERTIN (F22125); Family: REGIER/FROESE (F38760); Family: RICHERT/BULLER (F11416); Family: SCHMIDT/UNRUH (F12989); Family: SCHMIDT/RATZLAFF (F22124); Family: SCHROEDER/JANZEN (F5937); Family: SCHULZ/RATZLAFF (F15525); Family: SIEMENS/HARDER (F10199); Family: SIEMENS/WILLMS (F10200); Family: SPENST/HEINRICHS (F38873); Family: SPERLING/HEIDEBRECHT (F13042); Family: TOEWS/WALL (F10266); Family: UNRAU/SCHMIDT (F14226); Family: VOTH/HEIDEBRECHT (F14354); Family: VOTH/NACHTIGAL (F12075); Family: VOTH/UNRUH (F11025); Family: VOTH/HUEBERT (F10714); Family: WALL/DUERKSEN (F14252); Family: WALL/BARTEL (F22064); Family: WALL/RATZLAFF (F11328); Family: WARKENTIN/HIEBERT (F23688); Family: WARKENTIN/HARDER (F12908); Family: WARKENTIN/EKKERT (F13833); Family: WEDEL/PANKRATZ (F10636) ['More Links']

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