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Abrahams, Helena-1860 (HS)

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Linked toHelena ABRAHAMS

Bethesda Mennonite Church Cemetery (Henderson, NE), Henderson, York, Nebraska, USA

Bethesda Mennonite Church Cemetery (Henderson, NE)

Cemetery Photos

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1Abrahams, Helena-1860 (HS) Abrahams, Helena-1860 (HS)
2Bergen, Cornelius I.-1895 (HS) Bergen, Cornelius I.-1895 (HS)
3Bergen, Dietrich I.-1889 & Elisabeth-1893 (HS) Bergen, Dietrich I.-1889 & Elisabeth-1893 (HS)
4Bergen, Heinrich I.-1891 & Anna-1892 (HS) Bergen, Heinrich I.-1891 & Anna-1892 (HS)
5Bergen, Heinrich M.-1912 & Bertha-1913 (HS) Bergen, Heinrich M.-1912 & Bertha-1913 (HS)
6Bergen, Isaac I.-1887 & Maria-1888 (HS) Bergen, Isaac I.-1887 & Maria-1888 (HS)
7Bergen, Isaac J.-1855 & Sarah-1857 (HS) Bergen, Isaac J.-1855 & Sarah-1857 (HS)
8Bergen, Johann I.-1879 & Katharina-1882 (HS) Bergen, Johann I.-1879 & Katharina-1882 (HS)
9Bergen, Kenneth L.-1940 & Maxine J.-1943 (HS) Bergen, Kenneth L.-1940 & Maxine J.-1943 (HS)
10Blinn, Susanna-1870 (HS) Blinn, Susanna-1870 (HS)
11Boldt, Johann-1876 & Agnes-1884 (HS) Boldt, Johann-1876 & Agnes-1884 (HS)
12Brucks, Aganeta-1883 (HS) Brucks, Aganeta-1883 (HS)
13Buller, David S.-1874 (HS) Buller, David S.-1874 (HS)
14Buller, Katharina E.-1900 (HS) Buller, Katharina E.-1900 (HS)
15Dick, Abraham R.-1902 & Katherine E. (HS) Dick, Abraham R.-1902 & Katherine E. (HS)
16Dueck, Katharina-1839 (HS) Dueck, Katharina-1839 (HS)
17Dueck, Katharina-1865 (HS) Dueck, Katharina-1865 (HS)
18Epp, Cornelius C.-1892 & Sarah-1885 (HS) Epp, Cornelius C.-1892 & Sarah-1885 (HS)
19Epp, Dietrich G.-1901 & Marie (HS) Epp, Dietrich G.-1901 & Marie (HS)
20Epp, Gerhard-1832 (HS) Epp, Gerhard-1832 (HS)
21Epp, Heinrich C.-1850 (HS) Epp, Heinrich C.-1850 (HS)
22Epp, Heinrich W.-1875 (HS) Epp, Heinrich W.-1875 (HS)
23Epp, Johann F.-1883 & Katharina-1884 (HS) Epp, Johann F.-1883 & Katharina-1884 (HS)
24Epp, Margaretha S.-1878 (HS) Epp, Margaretha S.-1878 (HS)
25Epp, Peter F.-1879 & Sarah-1882 (HS) Epp, Peter F.-1879 & Sarah-1882 (HS)
26Epp, Peter H.-1913 & Susanna-1917 (HS) Epp, Peter H.-1913 & Susanna-1917 (HS)
27Epp, Willard J.-1908 & Anna M.-1913 (HS) Epp, Willard J.-1908 & Anna M.-1913 (HS)
28Friesen, Aganetha-1884 (HS) Friesen, Aganetha-1884 (HS)
29Friesen, Alvin L.-1926 & Viola R. (HS) Friesen, Alvin L.-1926 & Viola R. (HS)
30Friesen, Bernhard G.-1896 & Aganetha (HS) Friesen, Bernhard G.-1896 & Aganetha (HS)
31Friesen, Dietrich B. & Maria (HS) Friesen, Dietrich B. & Maria (HS)
32Friesen, Franz K.-1891 & Anna-1892 (HS) Friesen, Franz K.-1891 & Anna-1892 (HS)
33Friesen, Gerhard J. & Katharina (HS) Friesen, Gerhard J. & Katharina (HS)
34Friesen, Heinrich K.-1890 & Katharina B.-1892 (HS) Friesen, Heinrich K.-1890 & Katharina B.-1892 (HS)
35Friesen, Heinrich P.-1886 & Maria-1888 (HS) Friesen, Heinrich P.-1886 & Maria-1888 (HS)
36Friesen, Herman A.-1924 & Lorene D.-1927 (HS) Friesen, Herman A.-1924 & Lorene D.-1927 (HS)
37Friesen, Jacob-1841 & Anna-1843 (HS) Friesen, Jacob-1841 & Anna-1843 (HS)
38Friesen, Johann W.-1865 (HS) Friesen, Johann W.-1865 (HS)
39Friesen, Johann-1818 & Anna-1818 (HS) Friesen, Johann-1818 & Anna-1818 (HS)
40Friesen, Katharina-1843 (HS) Friesen, Katharina-1843 (HS)
41Friesen, Klaas K.-1882 & Helena-1884 (HS) Friesen, Klaas K.-1882 & Helena-1884 (HS)
42Friesen, Peter C.-1878 & Katharina-1880 (HS) Friesen, Peter C.-1878 & Katharina-1880 (HS)
43Friesen, Peter O. & Helen K. (HS) Friesen, Peter O. & Helen K. (HS)
44Friesen, Peter O.-1907 & Helen K.-1908 (HS) Friesen, Peter O.-1907 & Helen K.-1908 (HS)
45Friesen, Sarah-1849 (HS) Friesen, Sarah-1849 (HS)
46Friesen, Waldo R. & Margaret E. (HS) Friesen, Waldo R. & Margaret E. (HS)
47Friesen, William P.-1904 & Sara-1906 (HS) Friesen, William P.-1904 & Sara-1906 (HS)
48Friesen, Willis E.-1926 & Lena L.-1928 (HS) Friesen, Willis E.-1926 & Lena L.-1928 (HS)
49Goertzen, Albert J.-1910 & Sara-1909 (HS) Goertzen, Albert J.-1910 & Sara-1909 (HS)
50Goertzen, Johann P.-1878 (HS) Goertzen, Johann P.-1878 (HS)
51Goertzen, Peter-1854 & Helena-1856 (HS) Goertzen, Peter-1854 & Helena-1856 (HS)
52Goossen, John J.-1868 (HS) Goossen, John J.-1868 (HS)
53Hiebner, Gerhard-1875 (HS) Hiebner, Gerhard-1875 (HS)
54Hiebner, Heinrich-1839 (HS) Hiebner, Heinrich-1839 (HS)
55Hiebner, Katherina-1900 (HS) Hiebner, Katherina-1900 (HS)
56Huebert, Klaas-1848 & Margaretha-1843 (HS) Huebert, Klaas-1848 & Margaretha-1843 (HS)
57Huebert, Peter P.-1853 & Margaretha-1864 (HS) Huebert, Peter P.-1853 & Margaretha-1864 (HS)
58Janzen, Jacob-1856 & Maria (HS) Janzen, Jacob-1856 & Maria (HS)
59Kliewer, Bernhard J.-1919 & Helen-1922 (HS) Kliewer, Bernhard J.-1919 & Helen-1922 (HS)
60Kliewer, Jakob A.-1891 & Helena-1900 (HS) Kliewer, Jakob A.-1891 & Helena-1900 (HS)
61Kliewer, Jakob-1856 (HS) Kliewer, Jakob-1856 (HS)
62Kliewer, Johann A.-1895 & Agatha (HS) Kliewer, Johann A.-1895 & Agatha (HS)
63Kroeker, Aganetha-1870 (HS) Kroeker, Aganetha-1870 (HS)
64Mierau, Heinrich E.-1877 (HS) Mierau, Heinrich E.-1877 (HS)
65Ott, Heinrich H.-1889 & Katharina-1892 (HS) Ott, Heinrich H.-1889 & Katharina-1892 (HS)
66Ott, Oscar C.-1919 & Luella A.-1918 (HS) Ott, Oscar C.-1919 & Luella A.-1918 (HS)
67Pankratz, Heinrich-1847 & Anna-1854 (HS) Pankratz, Heinrich-1847 & Anna-1854 (HS)
68Peter, Otillie-1913 (HS) Peter, Otillie-1913 (HS)
69Peters, Daniel-1858 & Maria-1858 (HS) Peters, Daniel-1858 & Maria-1858 (HS)
70Peters, Margaretha-1891 (HS) Peters, Margaretha-1891 (HS)
71Peters, Reinhart J. & Lillie E. (HS) Peters, Reinhart J. & Lillie E. (HS)
72Plett, Peter G.-1880 (HS) Plett, Peter G.-1880 (HS)
73Ratzlaff, Johann R.-1849 & Maria-1861 (HS) Ratzlaff, Johann R.-1849 & Maria-1861 (HS)
74Regier, Aganetha-1881 (HS) Regier, Aganetha-1881 (HS)
75Regier, Elisabeth A.-1885 (HS) Regier, Elisabeth A.-1885 (HS)
76Rempel, Maria-1879 (HS) Rempel, Maria-1879 (HS)
77Siebert, Peter-1864 & Katharina-1870 (HS) Siebert, Peter-1864 & Katharina-1870 (HS)
78Siebert, William P.-1903 & Maria-1905 (HS) Siebert, William P.-1903 & Maria-1905 (HS)
79Steingard, Jacob J.-1884 (HS) Steingard, Jacob J.-1884 (HS)
80Voth, Katharina-1830 (HS) Voth, Katharina-1830 (HS)

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