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Reid, Barrie C.-1951 & Barbara A.-1950 (HS)

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Linked toFamily: REID/CARVER (F4461)

Murray Harbour North Presbyterian Cemetery, Murray Harbour North, Kings, P.E.I., Canada

Notes: Located on Route 17 in Kings County. From Montague take Route 17 all the way to Murray Harbour North. Or a shorter route would be to take Route 4 from Montague to Peters Road. Turn left on Peters Road. Turn right on Route 17A which becomes Route 17. After about 2 km you will see both the Murray Harbour North Old Cemetery and the Murray Harbour North New Cemetery on opposite sides of the road.

Murray Harbour North Presbyterian Cemetery

Cemetery Photos

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1Acorn, Elias B.-1879 & Mary J.-1875 (HS) Acorn, Elias B.-1879 & Mary J.-1875 (HS)
2Brehaut, Charlotte-1860 (HS) Brehaut, Charlotte-1860 (HS)
3Campbell, Isabella-1837 (HS) Campbell, Isabella-1837 (HS)
4Carver, George E.-1920 & Martha E.-1924 (HS) Carver, George E.-1920 & Martha E.-1924 (HS)
5Clow George W.-1923 & Myrtle J.-1925 & Robert W.-1953 (HS) Clow George W.-1923 & Myrtle J.-1925 & Robert W.-1953 (HS)
6Clow, Alan D.-1954 & Wanda M.-1959 (HS) Clow, Alan D.-1954 & Wanda M.-1959 (HS)
7Clow, Alexander R.-1889 (HS) Clow, Alexander R.-1889 (HS)
8Clow, Annie R.-1840 (HS) Clow, Annie R.-1840 (HS)
9Clow, Benjamin-1798, Mary-1802 & Elizabeth-1811 (HS) Clow, Benjamin-1798, Mary-1802 & Elizabeth-1811 (HS)
10Clow, Benjamin-1839, Mary-1842 & John-1881 (HS) Clow, Benjamin-1839, Mary-1842 & John-1881 (HS)
11Clow, Benjamin-1859 & Katherine J.-1869 (HS) Clow, Benjamin-1859 & Katherine J.-1869 (HS)
12Clow, Charles E.-1915 (HS) Clow, Charles E.-1915 (HS)
13Clow, David V.-1927 & Beatrice J.-1927 (HS) Clow, David V.-1927 & Beatrice J.-1927 (HS)
14Clow, Edward A.-1910 (HS) Clow, Edward A.-1910 (HS)
15Clow, Everett R.-1917 & Margaret E.-1920 (HS) Clow, Everett R.-1917 & Margaret E.-1920 (HS)
16Clow, Frank F.-1934 & Shirley J.-1938 (HS) Clow, Frank F.-1934 & Shirley J.-1938 (HS)
17Clow, George M.-1907 & Mary E.-1911 (HS) Clow, George M.-1907 & Mary E.-1911 (HS)
18Clow, George W.-1864 & Jane B.-1874 (HS) Clow, George W.-1864 & Jane B.-1874 (HS)
19Clow, George Webster-1923 (FS) Clow, George Webster-1923 (FS)
20Clow, Hudson Lee-1892 (HS) Clow, Hudson Lee-1892 (HS)
21Clow, James A.-1905 & Margaret Jean-1911 (sister) (HS) Clow, James A.-1905 & Margaret Jean-1911 (sister) (HS)
22Clow, John G.-1901 & Daisy M.-1907 (HS) Clow, John G.-1901 & Daisy M.-1907 (HS)
23Clow, John G.C.-1896 & Georgie H.-1903 (HS) Clow, John G.C.-1896 & Georgie H.-1903 (HS)
24Clow, John W.-1892 & Matilda G.-1904 (HS) Clow, John W.-1892 & Matilda G.-1904 (HS)
25Clow, Kent D.-1963 (HS) Clow, Kent D.-1963 (HS)
26Clow, Laurie E.-1928 & Edith M.-1928 (HS) Clow, Laurie E.-1928 & Edith M.-1928 (HS)
27Clow, Stanley-1898 (HS) Clow, Stanley-1898 (HS)
28Clow, Thomas Lorne-1898 (HS) Clow, Thomas Lorne-1898 (HS)
29Clow, William B.-1862 & Mary E.-1859 (HS) Clow, William B.-1862 & Mary E.-1859 (HS)
30Clow, William-1834, Lucy-1833 & Thomas-1859 (HS) Clow, William-1834, Lucy-1833 & Thomas-1859 (HS)
31Collings, Walter R.-1889 & Hannah-1895 (HS) Collings, Walter R.-1889 & Hannah-1895 (HS)
32Davey, Cephas E.-1917 & Gladys W.-1915 (HS) Davey, Cephas E.-1917 & Gladys W.-1915 (HS)
33Davey, James Austin-1889 (HS) Davey, James Austin-1889 (HS)
34Davidson, James L.-1890 & Mary A.-1898 (HS) Davidson, James L.-1890 & Mary A.-1898 (HS)
35Davidson, John R.-1922 (HS) Davidson, John R.-1922 (HS)
36Davidson, William B.-1897 & Ella-1895 (HS) Davidson, William B.-1897 & Ella-1895 (HS)
37Dixon, Archibald-1926 & Lucy Ida-1932 (HS) Dixon, Archibald-1926 & Lucy Ida-1932 (HS)
38Dixon, Claude H.-1931 & Laura H.-1950 (HS) Dixon, Claude H.-1931 & Laura H.-1950 (HS)
39Dixon, Everett G.-1921 & Sadie M.-1929 (HS) Dixon, Everett G.-1921 & Sadie M.-1929 (HS)
40Dixon, Grant P.-1930 & Lillian B.-1932 (HS) Dixon, Grant P.-1930 & Lillian B.-1932 (HS)
41Dixon, Kelcie Jeanette-1989 (HS) Dixon, Kelcie Jeanette-1989 (HS)
42Dumville, Ernest B.-1930 & Georgina M.-1927 (HS) Dumville, Ernest B.-1930 & Georgina M.-1927 (HS)
43Dunbar, Janie L.-1876 (HS) Dunbar, Janie L.-1876 (HS)
44Graham, Adam-1854 & Janet-1857 & Children (HS) Graham, Adam-1854 & Janet-1857 & Children (HS)
45Graham, Albert E.-1867 & Margaret I.-1878 (HS) Graham, Albert E.-1867 & Margaret I.-1878 (HS)
46Graham, Andrew H.-1881 & Lillie A.-1886 & Sons (HS) Graham, Andrew H.-1881 & Lillie A.-1886 & Sons (HS)
47Graham, Benjamin A.-1861 & Mary-1864 (HS) Graham, Benjamin A.-1861 & Mary-1864 (HS)
48Graham, Benjamin-1799 & Jennet-1805 (HS) Graham, Benjamin-1799 & Jennet-1805 (HS)
49Graham, Benjamin-1812, Isabella-1814, William-1845 & Elizabeth-1857 (HS) Graham, Benjamin-1812, Isabella-1814, William-1845 & Elizabeth-1857 (HS)
50Graham, Carl J.-1968 (HS) Graham, Carl J.-1968 (HS)
51Graham, Carl S.-1919 (HS) Graham, Carl S.-1919 (HS)
52Graham, Charles G.-1948 & Elizabeth M.-1953 (HS) Graham, Charles G.-1948 & Elizabeth M.-1953 (HS)
53Graham, Charles-1872 & Lillian E.-1875 (HS) Graham, Charles-1872 & Lillian E.-1875 (HS)
54Graham, David G.-1960 & Bernadette E.-1960 Graham, David G.-1960 & Bernadette E.-1960
55Graham, Ernest S. B.-1875 (HS) Graham, Ernest S. B.-1875 (HS)
56Graham, Garfield G.-1941 & Kathleen-1941 (HS) Graham, Garfield G.-1941 & Kathleen-1941 (HS)
57Graham, George A.-1889 & Annie C.-1894 (HS) Graham, George A.-1889 & Annie C.-1894 (HS)
58Graham, George B.-1839 & Charlotte-1845 (HS) Graham, George B.-1839 & Charlotte-1845 (HS)
59Graham, George D.-1912 (HS) Graham, George D.-1912 (HS)
60Graham, George Dunbar-1912 (HS) Graham, George Dunbar-1912 (HS)
61Graham, George G.-1907 (HS) Graham, George G.-1907 (HS)
62Graham, George-1811 (HS) Graham, George-1811 (HS)
63Graham, George-1863 & Elizabeth J.-1876 (HS) Graham, George-1863 & Elizabeth J.-1876 (HS)
64Graham, Gerald M.-1921 & Alice M.-1923 (HS) Graham, Gerald M.-1921 & Alice M.-1923 (HS)
65Graham, Gerald M.-1921 (FS) Graham, Gerald M.-1921 (FS)
66Graham, Gerald M.-1959 (HS) Graham, Gerald M.-1959 (HS)
67Graham, Gordon G.-1920 & Mary E.-1926 (HS) Graham, Gordon G.-1920 & Mary E.-1926 (HS)
68Graham, Henry Earle-1925 (HS) Graham, Henry Earle-1925 (HS)
69Graham, Horatio N.-1864 & Mary-1870 & Elizabeth B.C. (sister) (HS) Graham, Horatio N.-1864 & Mary-1870 & Elizabeth B.C. (sister) (HS)
70Graham, Horatio Urban-1910 (HS) Graham, Horatio Urban-1910 (HS)
71Graham, James M.-1887 & Ethel M.-1890 (HS) Graham, James M.-1887 & Ethel M.-1890 (HS)
72Graham, John E.-1903 (HS) Graham, John E.-1903 (HS)
73Graham, John M.1868 & Mary C.-1878 (HS) Graham, John M.1868 & Mary C.-1878 (HS)
74Graham, John S.-1883 & Ernest K.-1894 (HS) Graham, John S.-1883 & Ernest K.-1894 (HS)
75Graham, John-1847 & Isabella-1852 (HS) Graham, John-1847 & Isabella-1852 (HS)
76Graham, Joyce I.-1952 (HS) Graham, Joyce I.-1952 (HS)
77Graham, Leith-1885 & Irving, James-1898 (HS) Graham, Leith-1885 & Irving, James-1898 (HS)
78Graham, Lester B.-1908 & Margaret I.-1916 (HS) Graham, Lester B.-1908 & Margaret I.-1916 (HS)
79Graham, Leverett F.-1924 & Shirley K.-1929 (HS) Graham, Leverett F.-1924 & Shirley K.-1929 (HS)
80Graham, Mary-1847 (HS) Graham, Mary-1847 (HS)
81Graham, Robert L.B.-1911 (HS) Graham, Robert L.B.-1911 (HS)
82Graham, Roy B.-1923 & Reta V.-1926 (HS) Graham, Roy B.-1923 & Reta V.-1926 (HS)
83Graham, Roy B.-1923 (HS) Graham, Roy B.-1923 (HS)
84Graham, Wallace E.-1861 & Catherine A.-1887 (HS) Graham, Wallace E.-1861 & Catherine A.-1887 (HS)
85Graham, Wendell-1896 & Jane B.-1896 Graham, Wendell-1896 & Jane B.-1896
86Graham, Wilbert L.-1913 & Lucy A.-1918 (HS) Graham, Wilbert L.-1913 & Lucy A.-1918 (HS)
87Graham, William B.-1824, Lidia-1815 & Elizabeth-1855 (HS) Graham, William B.-1824, Lidia-1815 & Elizabeth-1855 (HS)
88Graham, William B.-1939 & Louise D.-1940 (HS) Graham, William B.-1939 & Louise D.-1940 (HS)
89Graham, William C.-1907 & Lulu Eileen-1911 (HS) Graham, William C.-1907 & Lulu Eileen-1911 (HS)
90Graham, William H.-1899 & Bertha L.-1910 (HS) Graham, William H.-1899 & Bertha L.-1910 (HS)
91Graham, William M.-1885 & Elizabeth M.-1889 (HS) Graham, William M.-1885 & Elizabeth M.-1889 (HS)
92Graham, William R.-1909 & Mary I.-1914 (HS) Graham, William R.-1909 & Mary I.-1914 (HS)
93Graham, William W.-1832 & Mary B.-1855 (HS) Graham, William W.-1832 & Mary B.-1855 (HS)
94Graham, William-1775 (HS) Graham, William-1775 (HS)
95Graham, William-1807 (HS) Graham, William-1807 (HS)
96Graham, William-1870 & Susanna V.-1869 (HS) Graham, William-1870 & Susanna V.-1869 (HS)
97Henderson, Benjamin T.-1880 & Jessie A.-1884 (HS) Henderson, Benjamin T.-1880 & Jessie A.-1884 (HS)
98Henderson, James C.-1874 & Margaret E.-1880 (HS) Henderson, James C.-1874 & Margaret E.-1880 (HS)
99Heymann, Heinz F.J.-1936 & Minnie L.-1933 (HS) Heymann, Heinz F.J.-1936 & Minnie L.-1933 (HS)
100Hicken, Gavin R.-1888 & Emma C.-1891 (HS) Hicken, Gavin R.-1888 & Emma C.-1891 (HS)
101Hicken, George A.-1877 & Selina-1879 (HS) Hicken, George A.-1877 & Selina-1879 (HS)
102Hicken, Harold M.-1917 & Reta-1920 (HS) Hicken, Harold M.-1917 & Reta-1920 (HS)
103Hicken, Isabelle Stewart-1897 (HS) Hicken, Isabelle Stewart-1897 (HS)
104Hicken, Newton H.-1890 & Dimple M.-1898 (HS) Hicken, Newton H.-1890 & Dimple M.-1898 (HS)
105Hicken, Newton H.-1890 & Dimple M.-1898 (HS) Hicken, Newton H.-1890 & Dimple M.-1898 (HS)
106Hicken, Phoebe-1835 & William H. Graham (son)-1859 (HS) Hicken, Phoebe-1835 & William H. Graham (son)-1859 (HS)
107Hicken, Stanley E.-1898 & Alice E.-1901 (HS) Hicken, Stanley E.-1898 & Alice E.-1901 (HS)
108Hicken, William David-1894 (HS) Hicken, William David-1894 (HS)
109Irving, David-1888 & Ethel B.-1897 (HS) Irving, David-1888 & Ethel B.-1897 (HS)
110Irving, Elizabeth-1854 (HS) Irving, Elizabeth-1854 (HS)
111Irving, George-1853 & Sophia-1835 (HS) Irving, George-1853 & Sophia-1835 (HS)
112Irving, Harry-1920 & Ella A.-1916 (HS) Irving, Harry-1920 & Ella A.-1916 (HS)
113Irving, Jennie-1860 & James-1898 (HS) Irving, Jennie-1860 & James-1898 (HS)
114Irving, Sidney G.-1884 (HS) Irving, Sidney G.-1884 (HS)
115Irving, William H.-1882 & Annie M.-1881 (HS) Irving, William H.-1882 & Annie M.-1881 (HS)
116Irving, William-1897 (HS) Irving, William-1897 (HS)
117Jackson, Gordon M.-1942 & Virginia L.-1962 (HS) Jackson, Gordon M.-1942 & Virginia L.-1962 (HS)
118Jackson, Mae Justine-1931 (HS) Jackson, Mae Justine-1931 (HS)
119Jackson, Mark A.-1899 & Stella P.-1905 (HS) Jackson, Mark A.-1899 & Stella P.-1905 (HS)
120Jackson, Myron B.-1925 & Esther M.-1933 (HS) Jackson, Myron B.-1925 & Esther M.-1933 (HS)
121Jackson, Myron Brenton-1925 (FS) Jackson, Myron Brenton-1925 (FS)
122Jackson, Ruth-1927 (HS) Jackson, Ruth-1927 (HS)
123Johnston, Frederick E.-1955 & Judy L.-1955 (HS) Johnston, Frederick E.-1955 & Judy L.-1955 (HS)
124Johnston, Frederick G.-1885 & Mayburn E.-1888 (HS) Johnston, Frederick G.-1885 & Mayburn E.-1888 (HS)
125Johnston, Harry-1917 & Elizabeth W.-1926 (HS) Johnston, Harry-1917 & Elizabeth W.-1926 (HS)
126Johnston, Isabelle May-1878 (HS) Johnston, Isabelle May-1878 (HS)
127Johnston, John M.-1874 & Caroline M.-1874 (HS) Johnston, John M.-1874 & Caroline M.-1874 (HS)
128Johnston, John-1857 (HS) Johnston, John-1857 (HS)
129Johnston, Lowell S.-1926 & Mary E.-1925 (HS) Johnston, Lowell S.-1926 & Mary E.-1925 (HS)
130Johnston, Samuel-1847 & Jane-1849 (HS) Johnston, Samuel-1847 & Jane-1849 (HS)
131Johnston, Vernon M.-1904 & Florence C.-1908 (HS) Johnston, Vernon M.-1904 & Florence C.-1908 (HS)
132Johnston, William D.-1893 & Ida Blanche-1893 (HS) Johnston, William D.-1893 & Ida Blanche-1893 (HS)
133Johnston, William J.-1878 & Isabel-1880 (HS) Johnston, William J.-1878 & Isabel-1880 (HS)
134Johnston, William W.-1921 & Amanda J.-1921 (HS) Johnston, William W.-1921 & Amanda J.-1921 (HS)
135Jordan, Nettie Jane-1898 (HS) Jordan, Nettie Jane-1898 (HS)
136Kemp, Elliott S.-1911 & Hazel-1912 (HS) Kemp, Elliott S.-1911 & Hazel-1912 (HS)
137Kemp, James L.-1940 & Yvonne-1943 (HS) Kemp, James L.-1940 & Yvonne-1943 (HS)
138Kennedy, Alexander R.-1888 & Annie J.-1893 (HS) Kennedy, Alexander R.-1888 & Annie J.-1893 (HS)
139Kennedy, Donovan Gray-1924 (HS) Kennedy, Donovan Gray-1924 (HS)
140Kennedy, James R.-1912 & Alice A.-1918 (HS) Kennedy, James R.-1912 & Alice A.-1918 (HS)
141Kennedy, William-1880 & Mary A.-1878 (HS) Kennedy, William-1880 & Mary A.-1878 (HS)
142King, Percy L.-1901 & Phoebe L.-1902 & Margaret I.-1934 (daughter) (HS) King, Percy L.-1901 & Phoebe L.-1902 & Margaret I.-1934 (daughter) (HS)
143Leeco, Phillip-1826 (HS) Leeco, Phillip-1826 (HS)
144Llewellyn, Alexander R.-1846, Sarah-1849 & Charles A.-1882 (HS) Llewellyn, Alexander R.-1846, Sarah-1849 & Charles A.-1882 (HS)
145Llewellyn, Atwood J.-1914 & Janet R.-1921 (HS) Llewellyn, Atwood J.-1914 & Janet R.-1921 (HS)
146Llewellyn, Atwood J.-1914 (FS) Llewellyn, Atwood J.-1914 (FS)
147Llewellyn, Bryer K.-1925 (HS) Llewellyn, Bryer K.-1925 (HS)
148Llewellyn, Douglas E.-1943 & Infant Daughter-1949 (HS) Llewellyn, Douglas E.-1943 & Infant Daughter-1949 (HS)
149Llewellyn, Eldon R.-1921 (HS) Llewellyn, Eldon R.-1921 (HS)
150Llewellyn, Harland Inman-1947 (HS) Llewellyn, Harland Inman-1947 (HS)
151Llewellyn, Henry J.-1865 & Christina A.-1865 (HS) Llewellyn, Henry J.-1865 & Christina A.-1865 (HS)
152Llewellyn, Herbert H.-1887 & Ellen S.-1883 (HS) Llewellyn, Herbert H.-1887 & Ellen S.-1883 (HS)
153Llewellyn, Irving C.-1919 (HS) Llewellyn, Irving C.-1919 (HS)
154Llewellyn, James H.-1890 & Anne F.-1893 (HS) Llewellyn, James H.-1890 & Anne F.-1893 (HS)
155Llewellyn, James M.-1912 & Nellie B.-1921 (HS) Llewellyn, James M.-1912 & Nellie B.-1921 (HS)
156Llewellyn, James-1862 & Alice H.-1879 (HS) Llewellyn, James-1862 & Alice H.-1879 (HS)
157Llewellyn, John-1834 (HS) Llewellyn, John-1834 (HS)
158Llewellyn, Kenneth S.-1939 (HS) Llewellyn, Kenneth S.-1939 (HS)
159Llewellyn, Malcolm C.-1947 & Benjamin R.-1980 (HS) Llewellyn, Malcolm C.-1947 & Benjamin R.-1980 (HS)
160Llewellyn, Milton H.-1916 (HS) Llewellyn, Milton H.-1916 (HS)
161Llewellyn, Reich-1907 & Charlotte I.-1902 (HS) Llewellyn, Reich-1907 & Charlotte I.-1902 (HS)
162Llewellyn, Samuel-1848 & Sarah-1837 )HS) Llewellyn, Samuel-1848 & Sarah-1837 )HS)
163Llewellyn, Stanley H.-1922 & Ella J.-1929 (HS) Llewellyn, Stanley H.-1922 & Ella J.-1929 (HS)
164Llewellyn, Susan W.-1844 & Sarah S.-1847 (HS) Llewellyn, Susan W.-1844 & Sarah S.-1847 (HS)
165Llewellyn, Susanna V.-1870 & Mary Ada-1875 (HS) Llewellyn, Susanna V.-1870 & Mary Ada-1875 (HS)
166McDonald, Annie M.-1853 (HS) McDonald, Annie M.-1853 (HS)
167McHerron, John J.-1866 & Lettie E.-1874 & George M.-1894 (son) (HS) McHerron, John J.-1866 & Lettie E.-1874 & George M.-1894 (son) (HS)
168McHerron, Sterling Keir-1970 (HS) McHerron, Sterling Keir-1970 (HS)
169McHerron, William L.-1904 & Cephenia I.-1904 (HS) McHerron, William L.-1904 & Cephenia I.-1904 (HS)
170McKay, Barbara-1836 McKay, Barbara-1836
171McKay, William N.-1866 & Lucy A.-1865 (HS) McKay, William N.-1866 & Lucy A.-1865 (HS)
172McKeeman, Ivan E.-1912 (HS) McKeeman, Ivan E.-1912 (HS)
173McKenzie, Wilson-1893 & Margaret A.-1883 & Atwood-1942(HS) McKenzie, Wilson-1893 & Margaret A.-1883 & Atwood-1942(HS)
174McLeod, Albert R.-1914 & Myrtle B.-1918 (HS) McLeod, Albert R.-1914 & Myrtle B.-1918 (HS)
175McLeod, Basil R.-1926 & Barbara H.-1934 (HS) McLeod, Basil R.-1926 & Barbara H.-1934 (HS)
176McLeod, Laurie E.-1935 & Devona L.-1940 & Hal J.-1960 (son) (HS) McLeod, Laurie E.-1935 & Devona L.-1940 & Hal J.-1960 (son) (HS)
177McLeod, Maudy F.-1880 (HS) McLeod, Maudy F.-1880 (HS)
178McLure, Andrew J.-1884 (HS) McLure, Andrew J.-1884 (HS)
179McLure, Andrew-1822 (HS) McLure, Andrew-1822 (HS)
Headstone in very poor condition. 
180McLure, Carl-1899 (HS) McLure, Carl-1899 (HS)
181McLure, Cartney D.-1856 & Margaret-1858 (HS) McLure, Cartney D.-1856 & Margaret-1858 (HS)
182McLure, Cartney J.-1875 & Florence-1880 (HS) McLure, Cartney J.-1875 & Florence-1880 (HS)
183McLure, Chester G.-1899 & Agnes L.-1901 (HS) McLure, Chester G.-1899 & Agnes L.-1901 (HS)
184McLure, David-1821 & Margaret-1826 (HS) McLure, David-1821 & Margaret-1826 (HS)
185McLure, Elizabeth-1824 (HS) McLure, Elizabeth-1824 (HS)
186McLure, Gavin A.-1862 & David L.-1864 (HS) McLure, Gavin A.-1862 & David L.-1864 (HS)
187McLure, Gavin-1869 & Daisy E.-1873 (HS) McLure, Gavin-1869 & Daisy E.-1873 (HS)
188McLure, George T.-1882 & Emma J.-1880 (HS) McLure, George T.-1882 & Emma J.-1880 (HS)
189McLure, James D.-1921 & Ruth I.-1923 (HS) McLure, James D.-1921 & Ruth I.-1923 (HS)
190McLure, James-1819 & Mary (dtr.)-1868 (HS) McLure, James-1819 & Mary (dtr.)-1868 (HS)
191McLure, Lucy I.-1880 (HS) McLure, Lucy I.-1880 (HS)
192McLure, Olive Irene-1924 (HS) McLure, Olive Irene-1924 (HS)
193McLure, Preston D.-1913 & Margaret J.-1915 (HS) McLure, Preston D.-1913 & Margaret J.-1915 (HS)
194McLure, Wilfred L.-1900 & Lois M.-1905 (HS) McLure, Wilfred L.-1900 & Lois M.-1905 (HS)
195McLure, Willard-1899 & Velma L.-1900 (HS) McLure, Willard-1899 & Velma L.-1900 (HS)
196McLure, William D.-1890 (HS) McLure, William D.-1890 (HS)
197McLure, William H.-1857 (HS) McLure, William H.-1857 (HS)
In memory of Last and much lamented son of David & Jane McLure, AEt. 31. 
198McLure, William Hazen-1916 & Son-1948 (HS) McLure, William Hazen-1916 & Son-1948 (HS)
199McLure, William-1824, Margaret-1835 & Mary J.-1872 (HS) McLure, William-1824, Margaret-1835 & Mary J.-1872 (HS)
200McLure, William-1854 & Sarah J.A.-1855 (HS) McLure, William-1854 & Sarah J.A.-1855 (HS)
201McLure, William-1867 & Elizabeth-1867 (HS) McLure, William-1867 & Elizabeth-1867 (HS)
202McPherson, John R.-1914 & Irene E.-1915 (HS) McPherson, John R.-1914 & Irene E.-1915 (HS)
203Millar, Andrew K.-1861 (HS) Millar, Andrew K.-1861 (HS)
204Millar, Christina-1845 (HS) Millar, Christina-1845 (HS)
Poor condition of stone where death date is unreadable. Best guess has been used. 
205Millar, David W.-1885, Nettie J.-1898 & David N.-1936 (HS) Millar, David W.-1885, Nettie J.-1898 & David N.-1936 (HS)
206Millar, Edward W.-1893 & Leah Z.-1901 (HS) Millar, Edward W.-1893 & Leah Z.-1901 (HS)
207Millar, Elmer H.-1894 & Isabel M.-1906 & Beverly I.-1940 (daughter) (HS) Millar, Elmer H.-1894 & Isabel M.-1906 & Beverly I.-1940 (daughter) (HS)
208Millar, Elva B.-1906 & George T.-1911 (HS) Millar, Elva B.-1906 & George T.-1911 (HS)
209Millar, Frederick D.-1879 (HS) Millar, Frederick D.-1879 (HS)
210Millar, George E.-1913 & Nettie Mae-1918 (HS) Millar, George E.-1913 & Nettie Mae-1918 (HS)
211Millar, Henry D.-1903 & Mabel B.-1904 (HS) Millar, Henry D.-1903 & Mabel B.-1904 (HS)
212Millar, James R.-1882, Ella M.-1877 & James G.-1910 (HS) Millar, James R.-1882, Ella M.-1877 & James G.-1910 (HS)
213Millar, Jane-1833 (HS) Millar, Jane-1833 (HS)
214Millar, John I.-1882 & Matilda J.-1888 (HS) Millar, John I.-1882 & Matilda J.-1888 (HS)
215Millar, Minnie B.-1876 & Lucy M.-1874 (HS) Millar, Minnie B.-1876 & Lucy M.-1874 (HS)
216Millar, Neil-1839, Margaret-1841, Lemuel E.-1882 & Percival E.-1884 (HS) Millar, Neil-1839, Margaret-1841, Lemuel E.-1882 & Percival E.-1884 (HS)
217Millar, Thomas A.-1869, Elizabeth C.-1876 & Etta L.-1907 (HS) Millar, Thomas A.-1869, Elizabeth C.-1876 & Etta L.-1907 (HS)
218Millar, Walter-1799 & Mary-1815 (HS) Millar, Walter-1799 & Mary-1815 (HS)
219Millar, Warren W.-1927 & Flossie-1924 (HS) Millar, Warren W.-1927 & Flossie-1924 (HS)
220Millar, William A.-1832 & Jane-1832 (HS) Millar, William A.-1832 & Jane-1832 (HS)
221Millar, William E.-1820 & Mary-1831 (HS) Millar, William E.-1820 & Mary-1831 (HS)
222Millar, William E.-1933 & Lulu M.-1932 (HS) Millar, William E.-1933 & Lulu M.-1932 (HS)
223Millar, William M.-1877 (HS) Millar, William M.-1877 (HS)
224Millar, William W.-1843 & Margaret-1854 (HS) Millar, William W.-1843 & Margaret-1854 (HS)
225Reid Children-Wilmuth-1884, William M.-1887, Edith-1889, William L.-1894 (HS) Reid Children-Wilmuth-1884, William M.-1887, Edith-1889, William L.-1894 (HS)
226Reid, Annie M.-1933 (HS) Reid, Annie M.-1933 (HS)
227Reid, Barrie C.-1951 & Barbara A.-1950 (HS) Reid, Barrie C.-1951 & Barbara A.-1950 (HS)
228Reid, David C.-1949 & Angela-1966 (HS) Reid, David C.-1949 & Angela-1966 (HS)
229Reid, David W.-1872 & Mary E.-1871 (HS) Reid, David W.-1872 & Mary E.-1871 (HS)
230Reid, Harry G.-1891 & Isabella R.-1894 (HS) Reid, Harry G.-1891 & Isabella R.-1894 (HS)
231Reid, Harry S.-1935 (HS) Reid, Harry S.-1935 (HS)
232Reid, Ivan W.-1923 & Freda M.-1926 (HS) Reid, Ivan W.-1923 & Freda M.-1926 (HS)
233Reid, Jami D.-1980 (HS) Reid, Jami D.-1980 (HS)
234Reid, John-1777 & Elizabeth-1777 (HS) Reid, John-1777 & Elizabeth-1777 (HS)
235Reid, Lamira L.-1881 (HS) Reid, Lamira L.-1881 (HS)
236Reid, Lloyd R.-1917 & Frances E.-1920 (HS) Reid, Lloyd R.-1917 & Frances E.-1920 (HS)
237Reid, Margaret K.-1846 (HS) Reid, Margaret K.-1846 (HS)
238Reid, Norman L.-1948 (HS) Reid, Norman L.-1948 (HS)
239Reid, Sanford C.-1896 & Isabell R.-1895 (HS) Reid, Sanford C.-1896 & Isabell R.-1895 (HS)
240Reid, William H.-1921, Emma F.-1920 & Diane J.-1953 (HS) Reid, William H.-1921, Emma F.-1920 & Diane J.-1953 (HS)
241Reid, William M.-1848, Priscilla H.-1851, Tomkins, Robert & Annie (HS) Reid, William M.-1848, Priscilla H.-1851, Tomkins, Robert & Annie (HS)
242Reilly, Arthur B.-1957 & Shirley A.-1947 (HS) Reilly, Arthur B.-1957 & Shirley A.-1947 (HS)
243Reilly, Catherine-1820 & Gavin-1858 (HS) Reilly, Catherine-1820 & Gavin-1858 (HS)
244Reilly, Ella A.-1902 (HS) Reilly, Ella A.-1902 (HS)
245Reilly, James H.-1872 & Mary M.-1875 (HS) Reilly, James H.-1872 & Mary M.-1875 (HS)
246Reilly, James R.-1915 (HS) Reilly, James R.-1915 (HS)
247Reynolds, Arthur F.-1885 & Barbara M.-1884 (HS) Reynolds, Arthur F.-1885 & Barbara M.-1884 (HS)
248Sencabaugh, David L.-1832, M. Catherine-1846 & Margaret J.-1875 (HS) Sencabaugh, David L.-1832, M. Catherine-1846 & Margaret J.-1875 (HS)
249Sencabaugh, David L.-1873 & wives (HS) Sencabaugh, David L.-1873 & wives (HS)
250Sencabaugh, David L.-1873, Matilda M.-1879, Mary A.-1870 & A. Garfield-1881 (HS) Sencabaugh, David L.-1873, Matilda M.-1879, Mary A.-1870 & A. Garfield-1881 (HS)
251Sencabaugh, Grant E.-1916 & Florence A.-1914 (HS) Sencabaugh, Grant E.-1916 & Florence A.-1914 (HS)
252Sencabaugh, Grant E.-1916 (HS) Sencabaugh, Grant E.-1916 (HS)
253Sencabaugh, Jane-1835 & Catherine C.-1840 (HS) Sencabaugh, Jane-1835 & Catherine C.-1840 (HS)
254Sencabaugh, John H.-1866 & Mary J.-1871 (HS) Sencabaugh, John H.-1866 & Mary J.-1871 (HS)
255Sencabaugh, John-1878 & Mary-1882 (HS) Sencabaugh, John-1878 & Mary-1882 (HS)
256Sencabaugh, Lewis R.C.-1900 & Annie L.-1903 (HS) Sencabaugh, Lewis R.C.-1900 & Annie L.-1903 (HS)
257Sencabaugh, Wilbert-1884 & Mary-1892 (HS) Sencabaugh, Wilbert-1884 & Mary-1892 (HS)
258Sencabaugh, William H.-1871 & Jessie-1878 (HS) Sencabaugh, William H.-1871 & Jessie-1878 (HS)
259Thomas, Edward-1805 & Janet-1789 (HS) Thomas, Edward-1805 & Janet-1789 (HS)
260VanIderstine, Pearl-1889 (HS) VanIderstine, Pearl-1889 (HS)
261White, George H.-1895 & Frieda M.-1903 (HS) White, George H.-1895 & Frieda M.-1903 (HS)
262White, Lucy C.-1898 (HS) White, Lucy C.-1898 (HS)
263World Wars Monument-MHN-PEI World Wars Monument-MHN-PEI
To The Memory Of The Fallen Heroes Of The Great Wars 1914-1918, 1939-1945
Headstone Description
We are the dead short days ago we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow loved and were loved and now we lie in Flanders Fields 

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