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Campbell, Arthur L.-1918 (HS)

File nameCampbell, Arthur L.-1918 (HS).jpg
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Dimensions576 x 288
Linked toArthur Lorne CAMPBELL

Peters Road Presbyterian Cemetery, Peters Road, Kings, P.E.I., Canada

Peters Road Presbyterian Cemetery

Cemetery Photos

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1Acorn, Leslie S.-1921 (HS) Acorn, Leslie S.-1921 (HS)
2Acorn, Leverett J.-1874, Catherine-1874, Archibald M.-1901 & Baby Rhodes-1927 (HS) Acorn, Leverett J.-1874, Catherine-1874, Archibald M.-1901 & Baby Rhodes-1927 (HS)
3Acorn, Otis W.-1903 & Amelia E.-1908 (HS) Acorn, Otis W.-1903 & Amelia E.-1908 (HS)
4Acorn, Samuel W.-1897 & Winnifred M.-1905 (HS) Acorn, Samuel W.-1897 & Winnifred M.-1905 (HS)
5Acorn, Vernon G.-1946 & Mildred S.-1922 (HS) Acorn, Vernon G.-1946 & Mildred S.-1922 (HS)
6Acorn, William R.-1887 & Alexina-1895 (HS) Acorn, William R.-1887 & Alexina-1895 (HS)
7Beaton, Malcolm A.-1866, Winnifred-1880, Forrest A.-1902 & Sibyl E.-1906 (HS) Beaton, Malcolm A.-1866, Winnifred-1880, Forrest A.-1902 & Sibyl E.-1906 (HS)
8Beaton, Preston L.-1907 (HS) Beaton, Preston L.-1907 (HS)
Reverse side of parents headstone. 
9Butler, Edward L.-1918 & F. Elizabeth-1927 (HS) Butler, Edward L.-1918 & F. Elizabeth-1927 (HS)
10Butler, Merrill G.-1926 & Lucy H.-1931 (HS) Butler, Merrill G.-1926 & Lucy H.-1931 (HS)
11Campbell, Arthur L.-1918 (HS) Campbell, Arthur L.-1918 (HS)
12Campbell, Arthur L.-1918, Emma G.-1924 & Gregory M.-1953 (HS) Campbell, Arthur L.-1918, Emma G.-1924 & Gregory M.-1953 (HS)
13Campbell, Evelyn B.-1919 (HS) Campbell, Evelyn B.-1919 (HS)
14Campbell, John R.-1923 & Alta M.-1926 (HS) Campbell, John R.-1923 & Alta M.-1926 (HS)
15Carver, William J.-1892 & Mary H.-1900 (HS) Carver, William J.-1892 & Mary H.-1900 (HS)
16Clow, Alexander D.-1900 & Stella B.-1909 (HS) Clow, Alexander D.-1900 & Stella B.-1909 (HS)
17Finley, James R.-1890 & Lillian I.-1891 (HS) Finley, James R.-1890 & Lillian I.-1891 (HS)
18Graham, Oswald W.-1877 & Elizabeth A.-1878 (HS) Graham, Oswald W.-1877 & Elizabeth A.-1878 (HS)
19Graham, Paul William-1951 (HS) Graham, Paul William-1951 (HS)
20Graham, Ralph-1914 & Filomena E.-1921 (HS) Graham, Ralph-1914 & Filomena E.-1921 (HS)
21Graham, Roulston W.-1916 & Hazel B.-1922 (HS) Graham, Roulston W.-1916 & Hazel B.-1922 (HS)
22Graham, Russell-1908, Annie L.-1909 & Infant Son-1946 (HS) Graham, Russell-1908, Annie L.-1909 & Infant Son-1946 (HS)
23Henderson, Edward L.-1906, Mary E.-1913 & Ernest B.-1934 (HS) Henderson, Edward L.-1906, Mary E.-1913 & Ernest B.-1934 (HS)
24Henderson, Seymour C.-1905 & Lucy A.-1914 (HS) Henderson, Seymour C.-1905 & Lucy A.-1914 (HS)
25Hicken, Bertha M.-1927 (HS) Hicken, Bertha M.-1927 (HS)
26Hicken, Thomas A,-1906 & Laura J.-1905 (HS) Hicken, Thomas A,-1906 & Laura J.-1905 (HS)
27Higginbotham, Gladstone D.-1911 & Martha E.-1912 (HS) Higginbotham, Gladstone D.-1911 & Martha E.-1912 (HS)
28Higginbotham, Gladstone E.-1880 & Ida May-1885 (HS) Higginbotham, Gladstone E.-1880 & Ida May-1885 (HS)
29Irving, Alexander K.-1894 & Frances M Irving, Alexander K.-1894 & Frances M
30Irving, Archibald M.-1924 (HS) Irving, Archibald M.-1924 (HS)
31Irving, Cameron D.-1937 (HS) Irving, Cameron D.-1937 (HS)
32Irving, Everett J.-1914 (HS) Irving, Everett J.-1914 (HS)
33Irving, John H.-1899, Olive-1913 & Ethel B.-1938 (HS) Irving, John H.-1899, Olive-1913 & Ethel B.-1938 (HS)
34Irving, John W.-1915 & Leticia M.-1915 (HS) Irving, John W.-1915 & Leticia M.-1915 (HS)
35Irving, Mary E.-1918 (HS) Irving, Mary E.-1918 (HS)
36Irving, Samuel S.L.-1905 & Catherine J.-1914 (HS) Irving, Samuel S.L.-1905 & Catherine J.-1914 (HS)
37Irving, William L.-1892 & Lucy M.-1897 (HS) Irving, William L.-1892 & Lucy M.-1897 (HS)
38Jenkins, Benjamin T.-1864, Hannah R.-1880 & Foster W.-1908 (HS) Jenkins, Benjamin T.-1864, Hannah R.-1880 & Foster W.-1908 (HS)
39Jenkins, Joseph G.-1868 & Mary C.-1875 (HS) Jenkins, Joseph G.-1868 & Mary C.-1875 (HS)
40Johnston, A. Florence-1889 (HS) Johnston, A. Florence-1889 (HS)
On reverse side of parents headstone. 
41Johnston, Anne E. C.-1934 (HS) Johnston, Anne E. C.-1934 (HS)
After suffering comes Peace and Strength. Amazing Grace 
42Johnston, Archibald M.-1859 & Isabel R.-1861 (HS) Johnston, Archibald M.-1859 & Isabel R.-1861 (HS)
43Johnston, Carol Ann-1952 (HS) Johnston, Carol Ann-1952 (HS)
44Johnston, Clair-1894 & Lottie M.-1895 (HS) Johnston, Clair-1894 & Lottie M.-1895 (HS)
45Johnston, Donald R.-1936 (HS) Johnston, Donald R.-1936 (HS)
46Johnston, Earle E.-1942 (HS) Johnston, Earle E.-1942 (HS)
47Johnston, George-1908 & Marion E.-1907 (HS) Johnston, George-1908 & Marion E.-1907 (HS)
48Johnston, Gerald G.-1913, Ruth J.-1914, Edward G.-1939 & Mary J.-1940 (HS) Johnston, Gerald G.-1913, Ruth J.-1914, Edward G.-1939 & Mary J.-1940 (HS)
49Johnston, Glen K.-1924 & Alice C.-1929 (HS) Johnston, Glen K.-1924 & Alice C.-1929 (HS)
50Johnston, Glendon R.-1902 & Mary E.-1903 (HS) Johnston, Glendon R.-1902 & Mary E.-1903 (HS)
51Johnston, James G.-1881 & Mary M.-1884 (HS) Johnston, James G.-1881 & Mary M.-1884 (HS)
52Johnston, John H.-1897 & Ethel L.-1894 (HS) Johnston, John H.-1897 & Ethel L.-1894 (HS)
53Johnston, John M.-1914 & Gladys E.-1917 (HS) Johnston, John M.-1914 & Gladys E.-1917 (HS)
54Johnston, John R.-1909 (HS) Johnston, John R.-1909 (HS)
55Johnston, Lester C.-1891 & Bernice J.-1902 (HS) Johnston, Lester C.-1891 & Bernice J.-1902 (HS)
56Johnston, Lorne S.-1904 & A. Irene-1914 (HS) Johnston, Lorne S.-1904 & A. Irene-1914 (HS)
57Johnston, Lucy C.-1876 (HS) Johnston, Lucy C.-1876 (HS)
58Johnston, Neil B.-1851 & Mary A.-1855 (HS) Johnston, Neil B.-1851 & Mary A.-1855 (HS)
59Johnston, Percy D.-1886 & Myrtle M.-1887 (HS) Johnston, Percy D.-1886 & Myrtle M.-1887 (HS)
60Johnston, Raulston A.-1888 & Agnes E.-1897 (HS) Johnston, Raulston A.-1888 & Agnes E.-1897 (HS)
61Johnston, Russell B.-1931 & Vivian J.-1929 (HS) Johnston, Russell B.-1931 & Vivian J.-1929 (HS)
62Johnston, William A. Jr.-1910 (HS) Johnston, William A. Jr.-1910 (HS)
63Kerwin, Clyde S.-1905 & Janet M.-1910 (HS) Kerwin, Clyde S.-1905 & Janet M.-1910 (HS)
64Laybolt, Shirley A.-1947 (HS) Laybolt, Shirley A.-1947 (HS)
65Leeco, Hiram F.-1894 & Minnie-1898 (HS) Leeco, Hiram F.-1894 & Minnie-1898 (HS)
66Leeco, John P.-1903 & Lilian E.-1910 (HS) Leeco, John P.-1903 & Lilian E.-1910 (HS)
67Leeco, Lawrence W.-1901 & Laura-1910 (HS) Leeco, Lawrence W.-1901 & Laura-1910 (HS)
68Leeco, William T.-1876 & Catherine M.-1881 (HS) Leeco, William T.-1876 & Catherine M.-1881 (HS)
69McDonald, Artemas D.-1906 & Alice M.-1914 (HS) McDonald, Artemas D.-1906 & Alice M.-1914 (HS)
70McDonald, Daphne M.-1895 (HS) McDonald, Daphne M.-1895 (HS)
71McDonald, Edward H.-1902 & Alexia J.-1912 (HS) McDonald, Edward H.-1902 & Alexia J.-1912 (HS)
72McDonald, John A.-1871 & Florence I.-1873 (HS) McDonald, John A.-1871 & Florence I.-1873 (HS)
73McDonald, John L.-1869 & Irene J.-1871 (HS) McDonald, John L.-1869 & Irene J.-1871 (HS)
74McLean, John J.-1939 & Myrtle B.-1941 (HS) McLean, John J.-1939 & Myrtle B.-1941 (HS)
75McLean, John-1878 & Beatrice A.-1883 (HS) McLean, John-1878 & Beatrice A.-1883 (HS)
76McLeod, Archibald N.-1909 & Gertrude J.-1911 (HS) McLeod, Archibald N.-1909 & Gertrude J.-1911 (HS)
77McPhee, Hugh A.-1894 & Gertrude G.-1889 (HS) McPhee, Hugh A.-1894 & Gertrude G.-1889 (HS)
78McSwain, Blair L.-1922 & Ruth L.-1931 (HS) McSwain, Blair L.-1922 & Ruth L.-1931 (HS)
79McSwain, Chester A.-1893 & Effie-1890 (HS) McSwain, Chester A.-1893 & Effie-1890 (HS)
80McSwain, Malcolm-1887 & Eliza-1892 (HS) McSwain, Malcolm-1887 & Eliza-1892 (HS)
81Munn, Borden-1912 & Minnie M.-1908 (HS) Munn, Borden-1912 & Minnie M.-1908 (HS)
82Munn, Edward A.-1868 & Christy A.-1871 (HS) Munn, Edward A.-1868 & Christy A.-1871 (HS)
83Munn, George-1878, Margaret E.-1878, Gertrude V.-1907 & Gladys E.-1909 (HS) Munn, George-1878, Margaret E.-1878, Gertrude V.-1907 & Gladys E.-1909 (HS)
84Reid, David G.-1924 & Muriel B.-1925 (HS) Reid, David G.-1924 & Muriel B.-1925 (HS)
85Richards, Clarence-1927 & Bernice I.-1928 (HS) Richards, Clarence-1927 & Bernice I.-1928 (HS)

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