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Date of Last GEDCOM Import: 6 Jul 2020 20:11:08

After several false starts, I finally was able to get this site up and online in March 2011. My greatest challenge currently is upgrading all our living relatives. Please see my "Help Needed" message space to review what this entails.

I'm also slowly going through the 35,000+ different localities and placing them on a Google map which will show up when you view the card for a single individual. It will show the localities of that person's birth, baptism, immigration, marriage, death, burial and several other locations important to that person. This, of course, is predicated on me having these facts in the first place, which takes us back full circle to my "Help Needed" section.

"Help Needed" — A plea to all family members.

This family is huge and simple mathematics would dictate that it is changing daily with births and deaths being an unstoppable constant. This site can be just as dynamic as this family with a little help and input from the family. Please look through your section of the family with whom your have personal knowledge and do the following:

1)  Check my entries for full and correct names. Nicknames are generally listed in parentheses. If they chose to be known by one of their middle names, that name will be surrounded by single quote marks to set it off.

2)  Check all dates. Are they correct? If you know of a different date (for birth or marriage, e.g.) please send it to me and why you know your date is correct. I generally have citations for my dates, but not all of them are necessarily correct. I have found many number reversal errors (e.g.-31 instead of 13).

3)  Event locations - These are harder to come by. In some cases, I only know a person was born in Oregon. If you can supply more detail, please do; especially locations like hospitals, churches and cemeteries.

4)  Do you know of any new births or deaths that should be added? Send me as much complete information as you can. If you have any obituaries for deaths, this is very valuable information.

5)  PICTURES — This is the pièce de résistance for this web site. My goal is this:

     a)  to have a wedding picture for all married couples. This, after all, generally marks the beginning of a new family unit. If a couple has chosen to simply live together without a marriage, that's OK, just send a picture of the two of you from the time frame of the beginning of your relationship (and date the photo, please).

     b)  current pictures of everyone as they are today. If you don't see a picture of yourself on your individual card (page), then I need a current, dated, frontal picture of you so the rest of the family can see who you are. For kids still in school, the most recent school photo generally makes a great choice.

     c)  send all photos to me in digital format via email, zipped (so the servers can't mangle them), and I'll do the rest on this end and get them placed appropriately.

6)  Contact information - please supply me with updated addresses, phone numbers and emails so people can contact you. Remember, only family members are going to be able to have access to this information. If someone just stumbles onto this web site because of a search they did on a name, they will only be able to have access to information on those ancestors who have already died. No information on living people would be available without proper User ID and Password.


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born   Location   Last Modified 
UTZ, Dale Allen 
b. 11 Dec 1960  Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas  6 Jul 2020
UTZ, Douglas Edward 
b. 22 Feb 1957  Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas  6 Jul 2020
PAULS, Hannah Rachel 
b. 24 Oct 1930  Corn, Washita, Oklahoma  3 Jul 2020
JACKSON, Gordon Cory 
b. 1 Jul 1971   19 Jun 2020
JACKSON, Lyman Harold 
b. 6 Aug 1935  Kings Co., P.E.I., Canada  19 Jun 2020
LYNK, Carol Ann 
b. 21 Mar 1949  Sydney, Cape Breton, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada  19 Jun 2020
POOLE, George Raymond 
b. Abt 1933  Montague, Lot 59, Kings, P.E.I., Canada  19 Jun 2020
WILLIAMS, Kenneth Elliot Oliver 
b. Abt 1945  Beach Point, Lot 64, Kings, P.E.I., Canada  19 Jun 2020

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I35604  Donald Edward UTZ  I27955  Hannah Rachel PAULS  6 Nov 1954  6 Jul 2020
 I13360  Raymond Albert POOLE  I13872  Alice Gertrude MCLAREN  4 Feb 1925  19 Jun 2020
 I10050  John Elliot WILLIAMS  I10051  Annie Mabel Lillian GIDDINGS  11 Sep 1940  19 Jun 2020
 I63084  Kenneth Elliot Oliver WILLIAMS  I63085  Carol Ann LYNK  4 Aug 1965  19 Jun 2020